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  • 3000m 1000m before masters swim 2x100 free with fins 200m IM 200m free build 6x50m - odd free/even back 6x100m - odd kick/even free 2x200m free build 100m cooldown The kick workout was surprisingly not torture. And also surprisingly, the free portions were 5 seconds faster than normal.
  • 2900m 1000m before masters swim 200m kick 3x100m fast free 4x100m odd IM/even fast free 2x200m choice strong (surpise surprise I chose to do free) 1x400m free DPS 100m cooldown I started StrongLifts a week and a half ago, and I'm not sure if my legs actually are feeling heavier and thus I'm slower, or if I'm expecting them…
  • 3100m 1300m before master swim 200m kick with fin 3x100m free fast Ladder:* 25/50/75/100/125/150/175 alternating breast/back * 150/125/100/75/50/25 free 75m cooldown
  • 3300m. Made it through almost the entire masters workout - skipped over a 200m fast and 50 easy between the 300/500, but other than that got it all. 1300m before masters swim 200m kick 3x100m fast free 4x50m kick 25 dolphin/25 flutter 6x50m drill (odd free, even non free) 300m steady free 500m free race pace 200m cool down
  • Just got an email from WaterFi for their new Swimcast - - and being a gadget geek I had to get it. I already have their ipod shuffle, but always have trouble getting it to play podcasts. Now I can stream podcasts in the pool!…
  • 3150m 1200m before masters 200m kick - half with fins, trying to work on my kick, which apparently sucks 3x100 free fast 4x50 - 25 drill/25 free 4x50 - 25 no breath (ahahahaha, no, 3 breathes)/25 swim) Ladder:* 50 fast back stroke * 100 fast free * 150 back 50 moderate/50 fast/50 moderate * 200 free breathe 3,5,3,5 * 250…
  • I do triathlons. I started because I wanted to push myself physically but didn't feel like I had what it takes talent-wise to be "good" in any one sport. So instead, why not be mediocre in three sports and crazy enough to put them all together at once? The tri community is pretty friendly with a wide variety of talent and…
  • Forgot this was the last swim of the month so time to check in on my distance goal of swimming 100 miles in 2018. Might try to stretch it to be 150 miles if I can keep up this momentum! March total: 22050m Year to date: 50,844m/31.6 miles
  • 3000m 1300 free before masters swim 10x50 - even free/odd alternate between breast and back Ladder:* 50 free fast * 100 IM * 150 kick * 200 free distance per stroke * 150 strong free * 100 IM * 50 free fast 2x200 free focusing on kicks
  • 2700m 900m before masters swim 100m kick 3x100m free 2 times through:* 75m free * 50m drill/25m free * 50m drill/25m non free * 75m non free 3x100m descend free 2x200m IM 100m cooldown
  • 3250m - 2 miles woooo! 1400m before masters swim 8x50 IMO 1-4 kick, 1-4 swim 3x through:* 6x25 sprint free * 100 IM * 200 free, focus on distance per stroke 100m cool down
  • 2900m 1100m before masters swim 100 kick 3x100 fast free 8x50 25 drill/25 swim - odds free, evens IMO 2x(3x100)* 50 fly/50 back * 50 back/50 breast * 50 breast/50 free 4x50 free descend 200 cool down
  • 2800m 900m before masters swim 150m kick 3x100 m fast free 4x75 IMO 25 kick/50 swim 4x100 odd IM, even free 3x200 free build 150m cooldown Faced my final swim fear today - circle swim. I've come a long way from that time a few years back when I walked out of the locker room, saw all the lanes were occupied and noped right…
  • Holy cats @emmab0902 , I am super jealous! Sure beats the pool!
  • Had to duck out of the masters swim early to get into work, boooo 2000m 1000m free 100m kick 3x100 fast free 50/100/200 free build 4x50 sprint free 50 cool down
  • Got up early to shovel half a foot of snow and then off to the gym. Didn't get there as early to put in more laps before masters swim. 700m free 200m IM 200m free 2x through, first time back, second time free* 4x50 odds kick, evens sprint stroke * 2x100 build * 200 lsc total 2300m
  • 3100m 1300m free before masters swim 100m kick 3x100 fast free 100m sprint free 200m IM 300m IMO 50 drill/25 swim 500m free 100m free sprint 200m free cool down Feb total: 15400m (9.6 miles) Year to date: 28794m (19.9 miles) Year goal: 100 miles
  • 3000m - my longest swim ever! Goal for the year is a 2.4 mile open water swim in August. Almost there, but open water is a whole 'nother beast. 1000m free 200m kick 150m pull 4x50 free (regular breath/3 stroke breath/5 stroke breath/7 stroke breath) 6x100 odd IM/even fast free 3x200 build free 250m cool down
  • I love triathlons and recommend them to almost everyone. They're lots of fun, the tri community is pretty welcoming and all around it's addictive. But, do you have at least a base level of swim/bike/run? Heck, can you swim? You could probably make through a sprint tri but it might not be much fun. If this tri were in…
  • Meh, I don't think there are many swimmers on MFP in general, and what there are are in that group :)
  • masters swim 1150 free before class 150 kick 3x100 fast choice (I chose free, always. cuz triathlon) 4x50 drill/swim free 4x50 drill/swim non free 8x50 sprint odd free/even IMO 50 easy 6x25 free sprint 200 cool down 2800m total
  • I think most swim people hang out here -
  • 2500m masters swim 700m free 200m pull 3x100 build by 100 4x75 IM 50 kick/25 swim 4x25 sprint kick 3x50 fast free 2x100 build 200 free 3x50 fast free 200 easy
  • Didn't get up early enough to get to the pool before masters swim 1800m 300m free 200m IM 200m free build 4x200* 200 free * 200 kick build (only did 100 cuz I'm slow and didn't want to spend another 4 min kicking) * 200 free * 200 free build 300m (50 modified fly/50 free/50 back/50 free/50 breast/50 free) 100m free cool…
  • There's no substitute for an amazing donut. I used to buy a gas station donut every time I filled up the car. Stale, not very tasty and yet I ate wolfed it down. Empty, unfullilling calories. Now I get one super amazing donut a week - fresh from the local bakery on the weekend coming home from the gym. Rather than instant…
  • Get a heart rate monitor + garmin device and voila, calories burned calculated.
  • Started my running 10k training plan on monday, which kicks me up from avoiding running to running 4 days a week. Thursday is my overlap day of swimming in the morning and running in the evening and of course today is the day the masters coach decided to go all out on kicking. I'm a (pathetic) triathlete, darn it, I don't…
  • 2550m 800m free 150m kick 3x100 free fast 8x50 25 drill/25 swim 8x25 backstroke 1-4 build/5-8 sprint + 50 easy 8x25 free 1-4 build/5-8 sprint + 50 easy 200 free build 200 IM
  • 2650m 1000m free 100m kick 100m free 4x25 IM kick 3x200 free - focus on stroke length 3x100 - breast/back/free 2x200 free - focus on stroke power 50 easy January total - 15,488 yards (8.8 miles) Year to date - 15,488 yards (8.8 miles) On track to hitting my 2018 goal of 100 miles. If I actually step it up and swim 3x a…
  • I ride year round in Minnesota and there's no way in heck my spring/summer/fall bikes are out in the winter. Beater bike all the way. I ride an old 90s mountain bike with studded tires. It's a different kind of riding than on my regular commuter or my road bike, but it's challenging and exciting. Plus, it's an excuse to…