• That's awesome! Very happy for you...keep up the tremendous work. I'm looking forward to being able to report the same. :)
  • It's a wonderful thing if YOU can control YOUR cravings. If I can't (or simply don't, as it seems to be your opinion), I'm not sure why that's an issue with which you should concern yourself. I say this with all due respect, although I'm afraid it will read as snippy. Not intended. :)
  • Are you are strict vegan, ethical vegan, or strict vegetarian, or other? --Strict vegan for ethical and other reasons. How has your health changed since your transition into veganism? Has it improved? --Not noticeable difference, to be honest. Is it ever difficult to stick to a vegan diet? --Never, truly. Are you reasons…
  • The only seafood I've ever had in my life was fish sticks growing up. I was always disgusted for some reason by seafood so I never wanted to try salmon, crab, shrimp, oysters, and so forth. But as a vegan, just no way. It's so easy to avoid it all...no guessing games, no gray area.
  • I'm a vegan. I don't ever eat anything containing any animal product. I don't use items containing animal ingredients. I don't use items tested on animals. I consider myself a strict vegan. I do feel there is a massive difference in a vegan diet and vegan lifestyle.
  • Enell is amazing. Amazing, I tell you! I have bought two direct from the company and two from eBay...Enell has very high quality standards so if there is one tiny snag which you honestly wouldn't notice, it's packaged to sell for very cheap...I bought two for less than the price of one. I cannot praise them enough.
  • Wow! You look like what could be your daughter in the current photo. Amazing!
  • Awesome! I am happy for you beyond words that you have made these changes now (opposed to later in life like, ahem, some people). ;)
  • Just joined...hope this group become more active again. :)