I'm 28 years old and just ran my first mile...

Joreanasaurous Posts: 1,384 Member
... and second mile.

Yeah. I just had to share. I am so proud of myself and have no one to tell and I literally started crying after mile one I was so proud of myself.

I have a very mild form of cerebral palsy that among other things makes me fatigue very fast and running was just never ever something I did. I didn't do much of anything active to be fair.

Well I decided to to c25k and just finished week 6 day 3. I'm doing a distance version instead of a timed version and so today I had to run 2 miles nonstop. My first ever and second mile. Go me.


  • EndOfCycle
    EndOfCycle Posts: 12
    That's awesome! Very happy for you...keep up the tremendous work. I'm looking forward to being able to report the same. :)
  • angelams1019
    angelams1019 Posts: 1,102 Member
    Ahh!! Two miles straight is my next goal!! Still getting comfortable with one. Good job!! :drinker:
  • snowmaniac
    snowmaniac Posts: 600 Member
    Way to go! C25K is a great program. Keep at it! :smile:
  • Joannesmith2818
    Joannesmith2818 Posts: 438 Member
    Great achievement! I would like to do this too!
  • BrainOnAStick
    BrainOnAStick Posts: 126 Member
    Fabulous! Way to put in the work and time to make it happen! That is just great.
  • fShaw86
    fShaw86 Posts: 878 Member
    Wow props to you!

    I don't have anything, and struggle to do 1/2 miles straight lol. I usually alternate between running and jogging. Your story totally inspires me to push myself.
  • maryannelk
    maryannelk Posts: 707 Member
    Having shed some tears on the treadmill myself, CONGRATS! You are a runner! Go you!!
  • ruby1387
    ruby1387 Posts: 77 Member
    What a great NSV!
  • murphey21
    murphey21 Posts: 126 Member
    That is awesome! You should be very proud of yourself!
  • NHoughton13
    NHoughton13 Posts: 303
    Way to go! Congrats :drinker:
  • hkmurphy83
    hkmurphy83 Posts: 262 Member
    That is SO amazing, and it made me tear up a little for you. I, too, just recently ran my first mile nonstop. I actually did it 2 weeks before my 30th birthday, and I don't have near the health issues that you do. Good for you for pushing through!
  • coliema
    coliema Posts: 7,646 Member
    Great job! You should be so proud of yourself, keep up the great work. :flowerforyou:
  • That is GREATTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!:flowerforyou: we are your friends you can share your GOOD NEWS ANY TIME KEEP RUNNING AND SMILING :smile:
  • Well done you! You should be very proud. Keep up the great work.
  • Joreanasaurous
    Joreanasaurous Posts: 1,384 Member
    Thanks everyone. I am normally a total quittter. I have tried and quit c25k more than once, so I haven't told anyone what I have been up to.... So you all are the only people I can share it with! But its kinda better that way since so many of you get it.

    I feel like ait punching and playing eye of the tiger.
  • debra6590
    debra6590 Posts: 25 Member
    Yay go you! Awesome - ness all the way
  • nhouse3417
    nhouse3417 Posts: 105
    That is so great!! Congrats!
  • sleepingtodream
    sleepingtodream Posts: 304 Member
    Great job! Keep up the great work and keep making yourself proud:)
  • msjames1999
    msjames1999 Posts: 528 Member
    Awesome!! Congratulations!!
  • apf2013
    apf2013 Posts: 53 Member
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