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  • I made this :blush:
  • @Bridgie3 I like that speedboat analogy! That captures what I meant perfectly! :D And no-man's-land is the literal woooorst :s @CoachDee77 Thank you for your encouragement :blush: And of course, there's 'seasons'; seasons of good fitness and nutrition choices come easy, and seasons of struggling or priorities lying…
  • Yes! You are welcome :blush: :blush: It's not all or nothing. I think we need a poster that says that!
  • Thank you all for sharing your NSVs, reading these always makes my day 1000% better! The week before last week, I took a recovery week after finishing a 60-day routine. Woo hoo! But last week, I got back to it. However! I went really hard: I did the video workouts super intense, ran a 5K, and completed my regular running…
  • I know I just posted literally yesterday but I have another one! Today was the last day of mine and my husband's two month workout plan and WE FINISHED!!! No skipped at all, and even did doubles on some days!! I am so proud of us for sticking through this. I think I am going to take a week now for recovery, and he is…
  • Hey all! I love reading these NSVs :blush: Yesterday was, without a doubt, a bad day. I couldn't even remember all of the things I ate, and I was so so uncomfortable when I was in bed. Rolling around in pain, wishing for a massive fart or vomit or something to take away the pain. Where's the NSV?? I realized today that…
  • I got notification that my job application is still in the running! Haven't been rejected yet!
  • These are all so inspiring! To be able to do my whole run route without slowing down to walk. Almost there, after today's run!
  • My NSV today is that my husband and I have completed week 7 of an 8 week program! With no missed days, no injuries, and even doing doubles some days!! 💪💪 It was so hard to work out today, I am hitting a motivation wall lately! My husband has had to drag me kicking and screaming (not literally, but close - he is truly a…
  • Thank you all for your input here! I've been looking locally and finding mostly large-scale catering services, so I will have to keep hunting. Factor has been popping up recently a lot for me and it looks appealing. And @Xellercin , ngl that's a good solution too...I know what I like and what works, I just don't like the…
  • I just finished my third and final planned run for the week! And I feel pretty good! Maybe I can do this after all 🤔
  • Of all the NSV's and SV's and other things I see on these message boards, loose undies will always be, by far, the funniest and most surprising effect of weight loss. Whenever someone posts a loose undies NSV, I lose it 🤣🤣🤣 Perhaps its the cartoonish images I have, or the vulnerability we share here, or that it's one of…
  • Lol that's happened to me quite recently! It's funny to me when they slide down ~inside~ my workout pants and I have to do some wigglin' around!
  • @cwolfman13 I would love to support small and local - great idea, checking out gyms and stuff! And congrats to your sister's friend for having a successful business :) That's a lot of it for me, is that sometimes I don't mind cooking but some nights I just don't have it in me. Thank you for your time and suggestion, I will…
  • @COGypsy Thanks! They look interesting, their smoothies look so good! The "on-demand" option makes me want to give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  • Go for a run 2x this week :)
  • Lol a spite-fueled personal best! :lol: We got this!
  • Got back out there for a run again!
  • I am a slow runner too! I run on and off, and am just getting back into it after about a year and a half hiatus. I have about a 15 minute mile, 13 is pushing it and probably the fastest I can go right now. My fastest mile ever was 9:04, 25 pounds ago when I was running very regularly for races. I used to get frustrated…
  • @MeganD1704, how's LIIFT4? I've been kicking around the idea of getting On Demand for a lil while because of that program. I don't like the idea of renting programs though, I'd really much rather own them (that's why I haven't gotten On Demand)
  • @tgillies003 , It's on the discs, I don't know about On Demand. I have never used On Demand so I can't provide any insight. Can anyone else here answer?
  • Right now I am doing P90X3, but am substituting the workouts that I don't like with ones from other programs (like I really dislike Triometrics so instead I do 21 Day Fix's leg day). My partner is doing it with me and our workouts are much better when we're together! I also really like 21 Day Fix and will squeeze in a week…
  • Guess what y'all.......they have a "Mute Tony" button!! When you start the video, choose "Music and Cues". There's music (obvs), and all that comes out of his mouth is the exercise and a start count! I just finished the best workout I've had in weeks :smiley:
  • Thank you all, for your insights and personal stories. Of course, it's not only losing weight-related goals, but these are some great life concepts. @KrissCanDoThis, I deeply understand what you are saying! my goals are there, sometimes contained and sometimes overflowing. But I really like what @NovusDies and others are…
  • Not too much affected. My state and city are leading the panic, but I go to school online and work from home anyways! No kids, and my husband's work is super secluded also. I'm just irritated that all the stores here are out of chicken wings! Yesterday, though, the travel ban for military families means I am stuck in this…
  • dem eyebrows...give em to me strong and thick 🤤
  • To exercise four of the five next weekdays! I have gotten to where I can work out three of the five weekdays consistently, and am ready to add another day!
  • Hey all! My energy level is soaring! I went to work, and after I got home I did some chores, straightened up my living and dining rooms, cooked a real dinner, and even did the dishes! Normally I'd get home from work and lay on the couch for an hour or two, then microwave a sad unsatisfying dinner before laying on the couch…
  • Thanks!! 😄 It's so interesting to me how my tastes change so rapidly during this health journey. When I am not focused or I am struggling, all that lard and fat and greasy foods look so appealing and it takes so much of it to satisfy me and it's never gross. But it's like, only after just a few days or a week or so of…
  • Totally resisted the siren call of pancakes, bacon, hashbrowns, and eggs cooked in basically lard the other day from a breakfast chain restaurant near me. Opted for a home-made egg white scramble with turkey sausage and an apple. The call was quite strong, I'm still feeling pretty proud from that!