• yeah we were out riding our ATV's and I witnessed a guy going about 45 mph on a 3-wheeler and then i saw a cloud of dust, and the atv in the air and then no one got up. when i got to him he was unconsious. he had no gear of any kind. no helmet nothing. I called 911 and it took them 45 min to stabliize him enough to…
  • I am 171 and so out of shape and I just started Insanity. It is crazy hard but if you push through and don't focus on all the other people in the video you will do great. just give YOUR 100% and take breaks when you need to you will do fine. Good Luck
  • If you are up for it. i would see if you can't borrow or buy a copy of Insanity. I love this workout. when I am done i feel like i just had an amazing workout in 45 min.
  • I saw on pinterest some healthy game day recipes. like buffalo cauliflower instead of buffalo wings and stuff like that.
  • I finish week 1 tonight. It is brutal but I am sleeping better, feeling less bloated, and just overall feel better. You can do it!
  • WAY to go!!! I just finished week 1 and dont' feel like i have lost anything so this gives me some encouragement to keep going. Thank you for posting this
  • ok that makes me feel better. I am using a HRM so I know it is more accurate then what MFP is and the other people that burn more are using the same HRM so I was a little worried I just wasn't doing as much. Thank you
  • I am 5'2 and wanting to lose aobut 50 lbs. I finish week one of insanity tonight. Add me I am always looking for support
  • I just started Insanity this week. I can't wait to see my results and changes. Good Job!
  • I think I am eating to less. But i am not having issues finsishing the workout other then being out of shape. How do you figure out how many calories you should eat a day?
  • sometimes keep it simple, just season with salt and pepper, a little basil and some rosemary. really simple and tasty
  • I just started Insanity yesterday. The fit test was hard so i can only imagine what the workouts will be like. but like they said above. go at your own pace. Push yourself but don't over do it. Good Luck!
  • Pork Roast 1 onion 1 tbs dijon mustard 1/2 cup chicken broth 1 jar of apricot preserves. low 6-8 hours when done you can take some of the extra juices and make it into an apricot gravy and put over the roast and make some mashed potatoes. i like to do Red potatoes with skin so you get the extra nutrients. it is one of my…
  • can you start eating an early dinner before you go to work, and then get some almonds, or fruit, veggies, some healthy snack foods that you can eat on the way home. also maybe look into some protien shakes or meal replacement bars that you can do quickly when you get to work on a break or somekind.. Advocare has some great…
  • You can do most anything camping that you would do at home.. one of my favorites is take some chicken breats with a small bit of lemon herb marinade, add some red potatoes, onions, mushrooms, broccoli and wrap it all in tinfoil adn throw in the fire and let it just cook in the coals.. you can also do pork, ground turkey,…
  • I feel you on that.. I am on day 2 with no Pepsi.. I was drinking 2-3 a day.. and no it is only water. Good Luck. P.S. one thing that helped me was getting a waterbottle and keeping it filled and when i get the craving i grab my water. it also has saved money cause instead of stopping and buying a pop i just grabe my water…
  • I Will and still working on giving up Pepsi.. it is my biggest addiction. and i would say i have given up snacking.. i was big snacker when i got off work. so those two have been the hardest for me.