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  • would love to have some people on there!
  • i usually just cut them..always way too long (I'm 5.1'). Or buy 3/4. Sometimes I buy children ones too!
  • I'm starting tomorrow :-) - I watched it and it looks fairly "easy" (I know I'll regret saying this though..!
  • where did you buy it? it's not available for Uk yet..
  • East London - feel free to add me, could do with a bit more support!
  • you need to get a HR monitor
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  • that is such a silly argument and disrespectful. I am a size 0 sometimes 00 and I am 120 lbs. I am only 5.1 and have always been a small size. I am curvy and not skinny at all in fact many people wouldn't even guess my size. it's all down to proportions and lean body mass. I have shopped in children's clothes and bought 12…
  • I was more or less your same weight and exactly the same happened to fact I put on 6 lbs. I am now about 5 lbs total loss but a lot smaller so decided to ditch the scales..lovehandles could be your obliques getting bigger and also retaining fluids. mine got massive (s I lost weight on hips underneath they stick out…
  • MFP adjusts it automatically i believe. (I know it definitely does if you have a fitbit synced as well)
  • I have seen gains of 5 lbs and got demoralised and then realised it was exercise, PMS and a whole bunch of other stuff I still weigh next day but try not to let it get to me as inches are going down. Scales are EVIL
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  • This..I'm white european with very curly hair. Always used to straighten it but with Insanity it's just not going to happen..I'm drenched by the time I get to first stretch..Now I just keep it up!
  • I workout even harder and usually it helps (no fun I know..) but it works! And drink lots of green tea
  • I've lost a few friends too as they have deleted their accounts..! I have 2 cats :-). had a look at your diary (hope you don't mind) as only just been diagnosed with IBS and don't know what to eat..It all started when I added brown rice to my diet and after reading your profile I figured maybe that's what makes it…
  • I dropped from around 23% to 16.5% with HIIT work (Insanity) and now I do a lot of cardio and started weights but the cardio seemed to do the trick..I also eat low carb as I have PCOS
  • I was able to do pushups before but I used to suffer after a few, now I can keep up with the videos (in month 2 you do 16 in a row in a full body drill). I definitely lost a lot of inches everywhere but very little weight, around 5 lbs. don't get discouraged and forget the scales. There are many reasons your weight will go…
  • You obviously need to find a better take away..I very rarely eat take away pizza but when I do I love it as I buy from a very good restaurant and it's not greasy at all. I struggle with this concept of Evil food. All there is in pizza is flour, water, tomatoes, olive oil and yeast and whatever toppings you want. Now I…
  • interesting post. I've been a low carber for many years and lately was following Dukan. When I then got onto MFP I started to incorporate carbs as I really wanted to get a fuller macro mix. Guess what? I am booked to go into hospital for a small op to check my gut/colon as I've been having serious issues (they think IBS or…
  • i do it with cross trainers and when I jump I put a sheep skin rug underneath!! or my knees would kill me..what used to ache were my quads..
  • I disagree. I will always have big legs. i've seen many people overweight with skinny legs and the other way around. I'm afraid its genetic :-( learn to love for body and be healthy!
  • first couple of weeks I put on weight but lost total I only lost around 6 lbs I think but massive amount of inches (down 2 sizes). very toned and a lot of stamina. got big muscles on my tummy and obliques and lost back fat as well as bum getting more toned! Thinking of doing round 2 but at the moment doing…
  • good morning, lovely day in east london! :-)
  • excellent results i lost lots of inches rather than weight and have abs now! :-) T25 is supposed to be the same as insanity but only 5 days a week 25 minutes.. look here stick with insanity the best result is the fitness level you will get to
  • add me, I log in every day!
  • Shaun T is launching T25 at the end of June which I plan to do. i finished Insanity a week ago and started Turbo Fire and I'll throw in some insanity workouts (month 1) when I feel like it - i think you need to give your body a rest from that for a while. I also do some classes and kettle bell
  • can't wait for it, just finished insanity, saw the ad and it looks great!
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  • this is so clever. always wondered how to eat eggs and bacon at work..!
  • sounds amazing..might try it tonight!
  • I would honestly start again, month 2 is such a shock to the system that you will not get through it unless you are phisically prepared. Also saw an interview with Shaun T and he said if you miss a week start again..It will make the transition to month 2 so much easier!
  • I have 3 days left. I didnt buy Shakeology (BTW you can get on ebay if you want) - i just make sure i eat well and fuel my body. Sometimes I'll have a choc milk after workout..or you can buy a recovery drink elsewhere. Good luck!