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  • Please get yourself into individual counseling, even if he refuses marital counseling (#redflag). Staying with him is your choice; but for all that is holy, do not procreate with this *kitten*. If he so easily says these horrible things to you, be very sure that any children you have will be subject to the same abuse.
  • If you did a mile in 9:20, I say you can call it whatever the heck you want. Next to me you'd look like you were flying. Good job!
  • You might want to get your iron levels checked; cold + fatigue were my chief symptoms when I was anemic.
  • I think kids generally don't like their parents to change. Or at least like to have some advance warning about what that change will entail. Maybe it's just my kids... But I know my 6 year old in particular is mildly unsettled even when I get my hair cut or colored. Like others said, I bet your daughter is just curious and…
  • Thanks! Fiddled with my fiber and protein settings and feel better now. :)