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  • I love this thread. I am 46. 5'3.5" after shrinking from 5'4". After losing 30 lbs I am now maintaining at 123-125 for over a year. I stopped logging or weighing my food but I watch the scale carefully. I have no idea of my body fat percentage. I guess I eat anywhere between 1500 and 2200 cal. I try to walk, swim or do the…
  • I too have stopped logging after reaching and exceeding my goal. I am maintaining my weight. It is 4 months now. I stopped logging about a month ago. I weigh myself at least once a day. If the scale goes up, I cut back. Will this work or am I doomed to gain it all back?
  • If you don't overdo it before and after the fast, the fast day is a little bonus as far as weight loss goes.
  • I admire you for your strengh honesty and your farming lifestyle. I am also 5-4 but there the similarity ends. My original goal was 135 and I still felt fat. Now I am down to 122 and I feel like it is the ideal weight for me. So just goes to show everyone is different. I am eating about 18-1900 cal. I have no idea how I…
  • I find the differences fascinating. Emy, are you surprised that I do more out of the house activities with my younger kids than I did with my older ones? When I had younger kids I could hardly do anything extra (swimming was about it) but now that there are no babies my younger ones who are in elementary school are reaping…
  • Also, now that my younger children are doing activities I use that to my advantage. This week I walked and went to the gym during my sons' evening activities.
  • This is mostly in response to emy r's post from yesterday. Obviously everyone's life is different, but I found your observations interesting in light of my own experience. I am the same age as you but there the similarity ends. I find I have more time to exercise and prepare healthy foods for myself now that my children…
  • The point in going back and putting in how much you actually ate is so you can look back over time and see how much you can eat to lose or maintain. Even if it's more on weekends.
  • When I was new at it I always prelogged and even printed it out. I found it very helpful. I did not always stick to the plan and would edit after Shabbos. Now that I've been doing this for over a year and I can estimate and add up a day's calories in my head I sometimes just put down a total after Shabbos. As for…
  • LOL. I made wacky mac for the kids tonight but purposely made myself meaty so as not to be tempted.
  • Greek Yogurt Cheese Snack sounds interesting and yummy. What brand? Truth is, my favorite flavor of Greek Yogurt is lime. It's so yummy it's almost as good as cheesecake. If it was just me, I would skip the cheesecake, but I have a family who likes it, so of course once it is there in front of me, I'll have some.
  • I will be 45 next month. I joined MFP 13 months ago. I was thin in my teens. Then over the next 2 decades, while I was busy raising my kids, I did not focus on healthy foods, just mostly foods that the kids would eat rice, pasta, pizza. I was a carb addict and I told myself I do not have time to prepare salads that only I…
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  • I was also scared of maintenance but now I'm liking it. When I got down to 125 I said that's it. Now it's really time for maintenance. Three months later I was down another 3 lbs and now I am fluctuating between 122 & 125. I have my cals set too low but I don't worry if I go over. I can indulge on the weekends or other…
  • why cant you get rimonim? my 7 yr old happens to be into them. weve been getting really nice big ones
  • I stopped eating my exercise calories for a while and broke a plateau of about a month.
  • In the beginning I tried to eat little for breakfast and lunch to save for a nice dinner but that did not work as it just caused me to be hungry and snack during the day. So don't be afraid to eat a nice healthy breakfast.
  • I'm a walker and a swimmer and I just started Body Pump.
  • I don't think eating extra helps. But whatever you do eat should be good quality and maybe not too salty. The key especially in Summer is to drink a lot and have stuff like grapes and watermelon that hold water and some people swear by Gatorade. I make sure to drink a coffee right before the fast starts instead of my…
  • Personally I only eat meat about 1 or 2 times a week.
  • I'll be missing the pool.
  • How's it going?
  • I'm baking cinnamon buns. I can have 4 or 5 and still be well under my calorie goal. I'll probably be full after 2, though.
  • Do you know how to enter recipes on MFP? You go to recipes and enter each ingredient and how many servings and it will calculate the calories per serving. With Challah it can be tricky because how do you figure out how many servings if you make several challahs, all different sizes like I do and who counts the slices?
  • My calcium supplements.
  • I think if you kill yourself for 6 months with unrealistic dieting, you're in danger of gaining it right back. Maybe aim for 25 lbs in 6 months and then continue slowly with good eating habits so you keep it off and eventually reach your desired weight. I wish you lots of luck.
  • raw red pepper
  • How motivated are you and do you have any experience losing this amount in this time?
  • spinach pancakes for breakfast, spinach salad for lunch, spinach lasagne for dinner YUM