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  • I'm just finishing week 1 and about to start week 2 of FMD. I found myself struggling with phase 2. I was getting tired of eating only protein & veg all day.
  • I just signed up too. I feel the same I crazy, 4% in 4 weeks?!?! I've been putting this off for a long time but Now is a better time to start than never. A 4-week commitment is not so bad. Have you planned out your workouts and/or diet?
  • I've been drinking Bulletproof Coffee every morning for the past couple weeks. I was definitely a skeptic at first but now I'm a believer. It keeps me full and energized until 12pm (or later). I work out at 5am, have my protein shake, get ready for work, and blend up my Bulletproof coffee for my commute to the office. I…
  • I have the Fitbit Flex and loved it until it died after 6 weeks...replacement is on its way. I linked it to MFP and I make updates using my iPhone. I like how my activity is synced to MFP. I also track my calories on MFP. When I am over my calorie allotment, I force myself to work it off by walking/jogging off the extra…
  • I agree, the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred got more weight off quicker in 1st 2 weeks than these 2 weeks of P90x3. I just started P90x3 so i don't have a final result yet. I think that doing the 30-day Shred has helped me prepare for P90x3 so I'm hopeful to see change in Block 2.
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