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  • I'd be interested, but I am out of town until the 3rd - so if a late start is okay, I'd be very interested :)
  • Hi Yolanda - First of all - great job on your weight loss and kudos for catching it before you regained it all back. For the workout issue - I have to get my workouts in either before work or at lunch or else I won't do them. Maybe try doing a tougher workout before work (so you can shower) and then a walk at lunch or…
  • Depends on if they are active or not.
  • Click on their profile pic and after the little window pops open, click their pic again and it should take you to their "Home" page - from there you should see the "Add Friend" button.
  • Are you talking a lingering soreness or just the normal day after you kicked butt at the gym? Personally - if I feel that I really went over the top and I can barely type or hold a pen (fun times) I use ice packs on the area or (when I trashed my legs) I did the ice bath thing (not for the faint of heart but then I'm a…
  • So you sound like you work in an office - so I'll tell you what I've found that works for me. On the weekends, I shop and prep meals ahead (breakfast, lunch and a snack) for the week. That helps me - and for the weekend, I tend to ease up on Saturday because the buying and prepping starts again. Another thing - I don't buy…
  • That's kind of hard - you'd need to know how long you're actually carrying the bags for. I would google it and come up with something that you feel is close and then underestimate that to make sure. Here's something that might help:
  • you don't need to keep your Fitbit map open. I'd use Map My Walk (or Map My Run) You start it up when you walk and it will show your pace and your course and it doesn't eat up the battery (just make sure you have your apps set to only work when you have them open - that includes the Fitbit app - that thing will drain your…
  • I splurged and went to a running store and got fitted. After that I hunted sales until they finally discontinued the shoe. But thanks to getting fitted, I know I need stability and it's helped me to be able to pick out new shoes.
  • Feel free to send me a friend invite (or message me and I can send you one - I know the app sometimes likes to be difficult!).
  • Great job! You are positively glowing!
  • You can do this! Feel free to add me as well if you're looking for motivational cheering :)
  • Hello! Feel free to add me as well! I'm working getting my weight down (I'd like to lose 60+) What kilara21 said was spot on. No guessing and log everything - no matter how bad it is and little things add up to big results. I'd be glad to help cheer you on!
  • I'm not a new mom, but I never really lost the weight after my 2nd (who will be 26 this year). I just started back up with MFP and have 60 pounds to lose. I'll send you a request :)
  • Hi Christine - I've been a member here for a while and was only sporadic, until I finally got it into my head that I need to track my food and water and not just my exercise.
  • Hi Jaci! I am looking for other people to be accountable as well! I'll send you a message.
  • Oh boy - I've been doing the same exact thing but haven't been tracking anything after 3pm. But now I am (started just this week), and have been making it a goal to be brutally honest with myself and put everything down. I'll send a request your way :)
  • I had the same thing - I work out in the morning and I'm not really a breakfast person. What works for me is that I make a smoothie (banana, berries, a couple handfuls of spinach, water, and maybe a date or honey) and drink half on my way to the gym and then have the rest when I'm done working out. Maybe try something like…
  • Oh.. boy. Sure I'm game for 5 days. I'll have to avoid looking at the displays while I wait to get checked out :p
  • Make sure that when you are squatting that you are keeping your hips squared (facing forward) that may be throwing you off - most people look at the area the pain is in, instead of looking at the joint above (learned that from my chiropractor). If you can air squat with out trouble, then watch your hips and I would try to…
  • Hello from Wisconsin! My name is Annette, I'm 48. I've had MFP on my phone for a while but didn't use it, even though a co-worker had lost a lot of weight using it. Anyway - I ended up trying it a bit ago and love it!! I have about 50 pounds to lose - but really - i just want to be healthy and active (and get off the BP…