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  • Hi Everyone Just an update. I was down 4 pounds for my first week and that's without exercise. It wasn't terribly hard. I picked 7 to 8 to have my meal as that's when the family usually eats dinner. I really look forward to it and I know my snack with the meal is much smaller then it would be if I was trying something…
  • Thanks for the welcome everyone. So should I find out how many calories I'm suppose to have in order to lose weight? I'm afraid I will put too many calories on my plate.
  • your name Nancy ...your weight....174 ...your height....5ft 6inch ...any past struggles you've faced or are facing. I Just really love eating, I guess I'm an emotional eater and feel like everything is improved if your eating at the same time. The only emotion that makes me not want to eat is anger and if I have planned to…
  • Does the 1 plate have to be all good for you stuff. I think I could do this if I could make it a mix of good for you stuff and what I consider junk food. If my plate could be fruit, cheese, pepperoni, chicken with the skin and say 2 or 3 Oreo cookies, I think I would be good until my next plate of 4 oz beef, small salad,…
  • Hey Terresa, I'm 47 but our other numbers are close. I started,,,again,,, at about 170 and am about 159. I also want to get to 140 so lets see how we can help each other out.
  • Hey TS3G, I tend to get on and off the Horse from time to time as well. I to am trying to get back on and stay on so I understand what you're talking about. Lets give each other a shot. Honestly, I have found this site works really well when you are willing to commit to it tracking food and responding to friends. Here's a…
  • Hi Everyone, I'm Nancy from PA. I'm 163 pounds, 47 on Saturday and about 5 ft 6 inches. I'm lucky I carry my weight pretty well but I am so much more comfortable and happy at 140.00 I tend to go into things "extreme" so I'm either really being good and exercising regularly or I'm eating everything in sight and not getting…
  • i don't look at it as playing games. I look at it as what will work for me. There is more then one right way to do things.
  • I understand what everyone is saying about the shakes, but sometimes you need something like that just to get you started. I'm someone who needs to see result quick at first so i usually do a week of original Atkins, not new atkins with veggies. Obviously that isn't a sustainable diet but it gets me in the right frame of…
  • I know how you feel. I either get on every day or not at all. I think I need to get on it every other day, if I go longer then 2 days then I'm actually scared to get on and I don't and by the time I do my weight is not what it should be. I think I need to get on every other day to keep myself in check. Sometimes I don't…
  • If it's ok, I would like you to add me. I only have about 20 to 25 to lose but it feel like 100 and believe me I have the same struggles with food and exercise as anyone else.