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  • I sometimes have tuna, salad, and a dollop of low cal hummus on top. Some cracked pepper and sea salt to taste. Or, tuna, salad and a homemade dressing. eg, a squeeze of lemon, dash soy sauce, pepper.
  • Hi! Can I join too? I just restarted healthy living, this week, MFP today. My diet is not good so need the visual reminder of the calories. Week # 1 – March 31st -- Goal 200 minutes: Mon: 60 Min Netball Tue: 30 Min Digging/Gardening Wed: Thur: Fri: Sat: Sun: Total / min left: 90 / 110
  • Hi, I just moved to the Grantham area of Lincolnshire. Don't know my way around yet! Would be nice to chat with some locals. I'm 32 year old SAHM to a toddler. I like walking, running and being out and about. Anyone in area is free to friend me. :)
  • I try not to weigh myself everyday because more often than not it leads to disappointment. Having said that when I do weigh in before bed then again in the morning I always weigh either the same or less than the night before. I have never weighed more. I don't drink anything during the night. Maybe it is water that is…
  • Week 3, Day 2. I had to take a week off because of shin splints so I'm redoing week 3.
  • Pull ups or press ups. I can't do either, yet. If I saw another woman doing them I would stare in awe.
  • Thanks for the reply. To be honest I was just guessing the weight of my portion. Next time I have the muesli I'll weigh it!!! I have a really sweet tooth that needs to be curbed a bit. It sounds like this is not an 'everyday' breakfast, maybe a weekend treat.
  • :ohwell: That's a shame. I was hoping it was healthy. It tastes so good.