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  • I already lost two pounds!!
  • Hi, my name is Esty and I am 33 years old. I currently weigh 250 and hope to bring it down this year. I have a good plan and hope to stick to it. After a long life searching for something that will work I hope that myfitnesspal works to track my calories. Fun facts, I have a cat named Lucy and I live in the country.
  • that sounds good, is it precooked? or what type of packaging does it come in? it sounds good. I like brown rice in the morning for breakfast with some soymilk and vanilla. it is almost like a rice pudding.
  • that wasn't very nice! but if you wanna join my group it is calles the sushi diet and it is about losing weight eating asian food. any tips, recipes or other comments are always welcome. and don't let them get you down. :)
  • It was supposed to snow last night, but thankfully it didn't. I was able to take a hour walk today. It was good to get out and strech my legs. Just work out, you can relax after, with no guilt. =)