Hi I want to have some friends :D

Hi, I'm new here. My name is gate and I'm Thai.

My old BF told me that I'm fat and ugly and go die.

I'm so upset and lose weight is one of my goal :D

so, pls be my friends.

Thank you


  • Tishia11
    Tishia11 Posts: 57 Member
    Hi Gate -

    You are far from ugly, and the "ugly" comment made by your ex BF, says a lot about his character. Because of this, his comment ,or opinion, shouldn't be of any importance to you. Lose weight because you want to, and because you want to live a healthy lifestyle, not because of a person who doesn't value you for you. Beauty starts from the inside first. Remember that. Good luck on your journey, and I wish you much success!
  • glamourgurl
    glamourgurl Posts: 12 Member
    that wasn't very nice! but if you wanna join my group it is calles the sushi diet and it is about losing weight eating asian food. any tips, recipes or other comments are always welcome. and don't let them get you down. :)