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  • Weekend plans are to work today and get caught up on laundry and stuff tomorrow.
  • Is this due to the pandemic? I work for a manufacturing company and we are having trouble with getting one of our raw materials because of Russia... so it isn't always the pandemic.
  • I use distilled water for my CPAP and need to get more... Hopefully I can find it.
  • Here is the difference between most women on dating apps and most men... Here is a video where someone reviewed Tinder data between men and women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPuQ1Wjd2Rk&ab_channel=BetterBachelor
  • I would prefer someone IRL.
  • Yes, meeting in a public place is important... believe it or not, it is really common for men to get attacked when they meet women. Or at least when they think they are going to meet a woman. This is a way that other people (men, women, sometimes a team of both) rob men - they pretend to be someone really attractive on a…
  • I am not convinced. The reality is that, in general, women are much more choosy than men on dating apps. There is a YouTuber who does data analysis about this exact topic. Overall, most women are swiping right on a very small percentage of men. OTOH men swip right at much higher rates. Having said that, there is a lot of…
  • Interesting data.
  • No, just busy these days. Maybe someday I'll find a relationship.
  • I happen to work at a brand new decent sized building in Texas also. Large for normal standards, small to mid-sized for a manufacturing plant. Our corporate office has made a mask requirement at all facilities. Where we have issues is when the CEO visits, and when the Regional Director is here (more often), they walk…
  • At this point, the unvaccinated will not change their minds. They have access to that same knowledge and ignore it. What I want to know is when we need a 4th shot. Has anyone heard if it is a booster every 6 months?
  • As to the computer chip shortage, remember how Tesla figured out how to reprogram old chips and reuse them to get production back in August 2021? It took a couple weeks for Tesla, but no other aufo manufacturer has figured this out by now after months?! I know first hand that automotive parts manufacturers selling to…
  • On cars... I bought my car new in 2016 and was putting a lot fewer miles on it starting in Mar. 2020. I've only got 110K miles, so I can keep it several more years at this rate. It's a Prius, so I get 50 mpg and that helps with fuel inflation too.
  • I think the point made was that Reagan was elected so that he would raise interest rates. Ridiculously high inflation began under Ford. Carter didn't solve it, so Reagan was elected with the idea that he would solve the inflation problem. He tried to do that by raising interest rates, though he also reduced taxes to offset…
  • The primary cause of climate change is overpopulation, and the most effective solution for climate change is to have fewer children. Individual person's may be good or bad for society, but additional population overall will destroy us. The government shouldn't reward reproduction and punish those of us doing the right…
  • Yes, and the reason interest rates had to be raised was because of the high level of inflation. Raising interest rates is the fix. Unfortunately, I am in the process of building a new house... I am trying to lock in my rate soon. The part that really bugs me is that I am single and childfree. I received very little of the…
  • Inflation is happening in every area and it is mostly because of what the Federal government did with handing out lots of cash. So now inflation is the highest it has been in 40 years... At levels that most of us have not seen in our lifetimes (assume everyone under 50 is too young to remember inflation 40 years ago, that…
  • Mine came yesterday 2/3 here in TX. They came from a distribution site in San Antonio. It seems like the location of the distribution site and the post office it goes through would make a difference. For example, late 2020 when I lived in west TN, my packages were delayed going through the Memphis USPS. This was one of the…
  • Discussion on medical ethics of delisting anti-vaxxers from transplant lists: https://twitter.com/EMIMDoc/status/1486432110583980033?t=5bAnuU0xaicP03332qlc8A&s=09
  • Yes, I found it easy and took only a minute. It says they ship late January, which is basically now (how did it already become LATE January?!).
  • No, I guess I will have to navigate how to do that. I've been so busy that I hadn't even thought about this.
  • Yes, and empty them of unvaccinated patients too.
  • Yes, my sister is an RN and has had symptoms for the last week. She thought she maybe something else, but was going to go in to work again last night despite still feeling sick (but not bad enough to stay home, I guess). Anyway, she got a rapid test and came up positive... So now they tell her she can go back to work on…
  • Yes, I heard this on Sun. and thought that was crazy.
  • Here's something that I do not understand... An employee where I work was sick and took a home test on Fri., Came up positive. He was very sick on Mon. and went to the Dr. where he tested positive and was given a note saying he can go back to work in 3 days. When did the standard become 3 days?! It is 5 days for positive…
  • They refuse alcoholics a liver transplant unless they stop drinking, right? Hospitals have been turning away patients anyway after they are full. It's just a question of which patients are turned away... The last to arrive or the unvaccinated? Edit to add what it looks like when they just take every patient until full:
  • My suggestion is that hospital administrators make a policy that no unvaccinated Covid patients are accepted once the ICU or the hospital as a whole are at 90% capacity. That's generous, tbh... Probably should just be no unvaccinated patients at all (even non-Covid patients). Edit: Is that specific enough?!
  • Yes, it does seem as though people have thought everything was an emergency for decades. Luckily, my only issue since covid was when I was just sick... I couldn't get an appt with my Dr. and ended up going to urgent care. Turned out it was just e. coli. If I couldn't get into urgent care, I would have just hoped it went…
  • This remains frustrating to me... I honestly think these people should go to the back of the line for care. When a hospital is >90% capacity in Covid wing, they stop taking unvaccinated patients and keep the space for vaccinated patients. Similar to how smokers go to the back of the line for lung transplants and alcoholics…
  • I don't plan to hire her anyway, but for reasons unrelated to the vaccine. We have no vaccine requirement where I work.