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  • I am feeling much better thanks so much!
  • Thanks for the info!!! I hope you did an ab workout. Laundry is the worst lol
  • I am glad to see so many people struggle with the same things! Following all of these fitness accounts on Instagram has me thinking weight lose is easy.... Well after two days of the flu I can tell you i did not work out except for cleaning and a bit of walking and all I ate were bagels and bread lol! Still tomorrow is a…
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  • I am going to start a group tomorrow! Let me know if anyone is interested in joining!
  • You got this!! I binge too. Try not to keep any trigger foods around and just move more!
  • Moderation really, each time I have tried in the past I have always reached for a quick fix. I would get frustrated if I screwed up one time and let it affect the rest of my week. This time around if I eat a piece of cake so be it. I just won't eat more cake and more cake :)
  • We will get there! Let's all plan on starting 2016 already on track! If we fall off for a minute no big deal!
  • I have been doing really good the last few days as far as tracking and exercise. Last night we watched the latest episode of the walking dead and my husband brought out the peanut butter ice cream again, half of me wanted to kill him. The other half stole his spoon....
  • Well it's easier said than done! I woke up and ate a delicious egg and bagel sandwich, packed my lunch and my gym bag and am going to reach my water goals. we can do this!! I have just decided that moderation is key. One pound at a time, or one belt loop, less tight fitting pants whatever works.
  • Hello everyone! My name is Kat I am 29 years old and have a 4 year old son. I started JMBR three days ago and have had trouble already staying motivated. My plan is to try to get in shape by my 30th birthday which is in April. My husband has been very motivating and has my back 100% The problem I am finding so far is the…