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  • I have started here and keep returning here after hitting rock bottom again. I have recently purchased a fitbit but haven't used it yet. I've used some app on my phone when hiking though. I had knee surgery in October 2019 but still kinda iffy on it but ik still gonna hike. Have been sick a lot this year already and have…
  • I had knee surgery in October 2019 and still trying to get back into the swing of things!! It scares me but I love to hike
  • The guy I am dating now tells me every morning "Good morning beautiful" and it makes me feel so good. I also have very low self esteem. Badly! And it affects every thing I do.
  • Just the other day my mom poked me in the belly and said you need to lose this! Hearing things like that will never make anyone feel better. My ex husband told me that if I cared what I looked like then I wouldn't be fat. And he told me once that he didn't want to have sex with me because I was fat. Some people can be so…
  • Glad I can vent here. I need to vent somewhere. And I have slept so much this week but feel like I haven't hardly slept at all. I am not getting better. So boyfriend says to me just now "you look sick". really?? i didn't know that.
  • still feel like crap and things at home just freaking suck! at this point i am hating everything everywhere!!!!! nothing ever goes my way and i'm sick of it all!
  • Ok so I have been taking my medicine and I spent from 5pm yesterday until 11am this morning in bed and still don't feel any better. So I may go back here soon. Hope all is well here.
  • I finally got my muscle relaxers so maybe now I can get a good nights sleep. I could sure use it that's for sure. Wish me luck later on with that one. I ate lunch with the boyfriend and got my pills and have done nothing else. I am still so worn out too. Gosh I feel like such a slacker!!!
  • Hey Ladies! Its officially been a week and I'm still sick. I am so hating this. Friday I went to the dr too. Here's my update: I have a lot of fluid in my left ear. A little bit of fluid in my right ear. Lymph node on the left side of my neck is causing the neck and back pain, cramps, that I have that are keeping me from…
  • Hello Ladies! I'm still sick and I called the doctor's office today and they are closed on Thursdays. WTC?? That's nuts! Anyway so I am still doping up on Nyquil and Dayquil to get me thru the days but it sucks. I feel like I might be getting better and once I am up and moving around my whole body feels like it is in pain.…
  • hey ladies! im still sick and i hate it. idk what it is really. havent been to the dr yet. may go to the nurse at work tomorrow. love you all and miss you too
  • Double post for me! How awesome am I?
  • I have a friend that is a masseuse so I'm not too worried about the nakedness and you get to leave your panties on! LOL Guess what! Oh Christy I worked today but I'm getting sick. Woke up with a sore throat and a deep cough that makes my chest hurt like hell and burn! And then started to feel a little achy. So I now have…
  • Hey Ladies! Well I've had a slightly busy weekend trying to clean house and stuff while they kids are away. I still have more to do but I did quite a bit yesterday before he wanted to go to Walmart because he wanted to get out of the house. So we got home 4 hours later. I put away all the groceries and cleaning supplies I…
  • Hey little piggy!! We miss you Lady!!! What pirate thing on FB? I always miss everything. :sad:
  • I had garlic bread for lunch. How great is that? And a couple of french fries baked in the oven. Thats the only way BF eats them. Anyway, that and a cup of coffee and a cup of Dr. Pepper. But enough about that. Chrissy I suppose I am in too. 10 a day right? That's not too bad. I think I can handle that for now. I used to…
  • well my mom belly has been here for way too long and it doesnt go away too easily! i had it pretty much slimmer 4 years ago, well almost 5, but after my surgeries and stuff i let it all come back majorly! it sucks!!!!!
  • Nessa you are doing great and looking great and Chrissy you look great too! And you both are doing way better than I am since I'm not doing anything. I have actually started adding water back to my intake this week. First time in forever too! It makes me pee so dang much! But it's all good. I know it's not much but I have…
  • Hey Ladies! I'm dropping in tonight to say Hey! Im being lazy and sitting on the couch watching tv. Usually I'm sitting on a bar chair in the kitchen peaking around the corner to see whats on tv while trying to scarf down something to eat before we head off to bed. Tonight I'm just plain old lazy!!! And loving it too! Hope…
  • Hey everyone! Jesse is sick with the flu today now too. I texted her this morning to ask about the kids but she told me they were good but she hurt so bad she couldn't even get out of bed, That is so not good!!! I don't want what everyone has! Hope you are doing ok! Im waiting on something to eat for dinner. Catch you all…
  • I'm hoping mine doesn't end up with it too. What are the signs? Skylar wasn't showing any when I took her to her dads tonight so that is a plus.
  • I donate to the Ronald McDonald house through work and I do it every year. It is so worth it! And a lady I work with has a grandchild that is very sick & her son and his family stayed there while their child went thru their complications. It's nice knowing someone that has actually been there and you know that the Ronald…
  • Dropping in to say Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't claim to be normal and I know for a fact that I'm so not normal and I love it!!!!
  • I bought a Shirt at the Goodwill that says that! How You Doin? LOL I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bigsmile:
  • Yes I have Twang too but now my daughter..... she has some major twang!!!! Too Funny! :laugh: Oh and I'm kinky too!:wink:
  • Hey Ladies! I forgot what I was gonna even type right now. What the heck is wrong with me?? LOL Oh yea, Nessa I started taking some One a Day vitamins a while back and they actually made me sick on my stomach so I didn't take them anymore. I couldn't believe that. It didn't matter if I ate first or not I was still so sick…