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  • I am beyond excited today! I went for my first run in close to a year. Banged out a 5k with no issues and no pain!!!!
  • That I got up early, texted my homie and he talked me into going surfing. Went, actually caught a few waves before it got big and And stayed in the water for over 2 hours. Forgot how much I love to surf. Must go more.
  • That I completed my goal this week of bringing weight lifting into my workouts and did it 3 times this week like I planned. Now the real challenge is to keep that 3 times a week goal that I am setting for myself here and now. Basically in telling someone, ie all of you, I force myself to be accountable.
  • Today it was getting laundry completed and a weight lifting session, then got my first dose of my covid vaccine. ( Super stoked about that) And now it's beautiful and warm outside so after this lunch of mine I am hitting up a bike session too. :smiley: All before work
  • For the first time in I don't wanna know how long, I am finally under 150lbs. I am stoked, I have lost 27lbs and 6.5 inches off my waist. And yes I did a happy dance in the bathroom this morning. I am so happy of all the hard work I have put in and how I am seeing the results. I am also happy that it is going slowly…
  • That I have finally, after being stuck for over 2 months, dropped 25lbs. I am now at 150lbs. Not my goal weight but getting there. Let the journey continue! :smiley:
  • I got my new snowboard bindings in the mail. Needed help, Ie the correct tools to switch them with my old ones. (thanks dad) But now I am all set to go today and I got my ticket and it's only 6:15am in the morning. Hill opens at
  • Today is day 200 of logging in this time round. Yay just keep
  • Today was get in the 10k hike just ahead of the crappy freezing rain that just started as we left for home. Winning.
  • Here's my NSV, I went swimming yesterday after only getting 4 hours sleep after working a night shift before. I felt like death but I went. It wasn't a great swim. Post night shift hangovers are real beasts. But more importantly I didn't wuss out and not go. Today I have one booked and this one will be way better, because…
  • I have stalled on the weight loss. But the thing that is motivating me right now is that I haven't gained back. Just been hanging out on one of those plateaus that happen. Although this one has been longer than I would have liked and I guess having two weeks off around my birthday didn't really help, but hey it's all good…
  • Headstands: I can hold them for about 5 seconds, yes I still have to use the wall to get into them, but I can do it.
  • I made it to Somedays that's all I got.
  • The other day doing yoga I managed to get to get into this arm balance called eight angle. Pretty excited about that, as I had seen the pose on Instagram and had no idea I would actually be able to do it.
  • Today it was the Russian Lifeguard at the pool asking me where I train out of. Well I actually only train for myself but I felt it was a total compliment to me that he noticed my coming there and thought I was on a swim team. Guess I don't suck after I know I don't suck...I kid because I can. :wink:
  • Basically after being an active kid, I become an inactive teenager and that followed me into adulthood. Then I said screw this and rediscovered my passion for all things active. Basically I want to continue to be active as long as I can. I love that I cross train, so I never get bored with my exercise routine. Right now…
  • Going to do yoga and go swimming today! Weeeeeee
  • Oh I absolutely love my green eyes! They so bright and I just don't see people with them like this. :smiley:
  • I am stoked. Today for the first time in months I could do jump back chaturanga with NO PAIN IN MY FOOT. Can you tell I am excited? And that no pain continued through my whole yoga practice today. Yay! :smiley:
  • So this isn't an actual before and after. It's a before and during. The blue is at 175lbs and the black is at 155lbs. Now I probably should have done them without as much clothing so I could see the loss better but hey I am a modest human
  • On 1200 I wanted to kill everyone, So hungry all the time. I am way too active for such a low calorie intake. But I realize that what doesn't work for one, can work for another. I would rather lose slower and feel human and not want to kill everyone so I will eat back workout calories here and there. I like happy, healthy…
  • I am looking to gain myself back. To not let my mental health plummet to the low that I reached at the end of 2020. So far it has been way better than it was. But I think re-committing to myself and my physical and mental health has made all the difference. So going to continue what I started back in August which is…
  • Just did a little decluttering today myself. Got rid of what I believe to be a person pretending to be someone else in my life. I attempted to get them to admit it, why you ask? Well they were pretending to quite a famous individual and I really was curious to know if they truly were that person. But after calling them out…
  • I finally did it today! I made it all the way across the pool on one breath underwater. Not only once but twice!!!!! Been working on that for a while now.
  • Good for you!!!! Your story should motivate everyone. :smiley:
  • That I signed up and completed 4 swims this week. And that I was legit only a few strokes from going the whole way underwater in the pool on one breath. I will do that soon!
  • Making some changes to my earlier no actual goals. Decided it would be a good idea to have some to motivate me. Mini goal, I have logged in for 140 days straight. When at day 10 I thought I can't do this and here I am still logging. Second mini goal, made it out of the holidays without gaining any weight. Didn't lose any…
  • Today it's knowing that 2020 is over as of tonight and I have decided 2021 is gonna be my b*tch. Meaning I will be working on myself. Which today meant booking myself into the pool for two swim sessions. Figure that's a great start to the new year. And maybe, just maybe my foot will have finally healed enough that I can…
  • Today it was getting up at 6:15am to hit the pool for the first time in a month. Our covid restrictions have been eased up again. Basically the gyms and pools are open again at reduced numbers. And even though I am totally not a morning person, I did it anyway because the idea of getting in that pool was way too important…
  • I finally have lost 20 lbs. This is my first actual mini goal, which was get back to the weight I had been for a while. Well thought I had been for a while anyway. Next, and we shall see how that goes, I don't plan on setting a weight loss goal right now. I think I will just see how the rest of the winter goes and where I…