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  • Made a lot of progress here a few years ago, but in the last year dropped out of MFP and gained back a lot of the weight I lost. Just spoke to a dietician yesterday & concluded that its the MFP accountability and community that gives me what I need to succeed. So, I'm also back again, and ready to get serious. Here's to…
  • Gale, I cut and pasted your reply above into my list of motivations for LCHF. Thanks for your thoughts!
  • How is it that folks have enough calories in their food budgets to afford eating fat bombs?
  • Really - its a "milk" warning in general. When I'm trying to get down to keto levels, I switch to Fairlife milk, which has half the carbs of regular milk.
  • An alternate to Halotop is Bryers low carb ice cream. Has perhaps 1 gram more carb/serving than Halotop, but in my opinion, has much better texture, and easier to find.
  • I'm not on any meds (yet). When I screw up, eat too many carbs and my blood glucose is too high - I pop 500mg of Berberine, and the numbers correct themselves. I'll also take a berberine at meal-time if I know the carbs are going to be high. It results in less of a spike.
  • You are an inspiration. Your story comes at a good time for me, when I need a good kick in the pants. Thanks for sharing!
  • Fantastic post - thanks for sharing. For me, this is worth saving to my "motivation" folder!
  • Harmony9, just used your suggestions to get my Samsung Gear S3 connected to MFP. Got my fingers crossed!
  • Congrats! What is your method?
  • Can't start my day without my home-made morning cappuccino made with my burr grinder and Breville espresso machine.
  • I use the Trader Joe's coconut cream it in both curries, and chia pudding. Great taste, but pretty calorie dense.
  • I aim to be under 100 total grams/day. I try to save regular bread, pizza, pasta, rice only for special occasions. I'm pre-T2D, and I find these foods spike my blood glucose. To make matters worse, these foods (as well as cookies, cake, etc) are trigger foods for me and its hard for me to regulate portions. I'm able to eat…
  • Those LDL targets sound very low to me. Are type-2's supposed to have extra-low LDL? Since starting a LCHF diet & losing ~40 lbs, my LDL has gone up significantly, but my Trig/HDL ratio is less than 1. After reading Dr. Stephen Sinatra's book, "The Great Cholesterol Myth", I would look into taking CoQ10 if you're on a…
  • Amazing transformation! Very inspirational!
  • I've had good luck with chia seed pudding, and have made it multiple times. I use ~1/3 cup of chia seeds, and fill the rest of a 2-cup container with liquid (almond milk, coconut cream, canned pumpkin, etc) and flavoring (sucralose, cinnamon/nutmeg, cocoa, or coconut extract, etc). Texture varies with seed-to-liquid ratio,…
  • This is a staple for me. So many variations you can do with quiche. To make it even easier and less calories (no need to oil a pan), I use this - works great!
  • That's a =>HUGE<= accomplishment - and very inspirational for the rest of us! Congratulations!!!
  • This was my first Thanksgiving on LCHF. Went to my wife's relatives, and brought no food of my own. Carbs were no problem for me until...... the dreaded dessert. I wish that stuff made me sick to look at - but instead I just salivated & rationalized it. Had about half as much as I ordinarily would. More holiday eating the…
  • Thanks Doug - I guess I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself. I've already shown from my July numbers that LCHF does the job regarding A1C. What I guess I didn't fully accept was the "forever-ness" of this WOE and the ease at which one's victories can be reversed with just a bit of regular indulgence. Certainly there…
  • Losing weight becomes tough as one approaches goal weight. Seems to me - only a very small change (if at all) is needed during maintenance.
  • Great number, especially with your increased carb level. What is your carb level now? I'm getting my A1C measured tomorrow, fingers crossed!
  • I never found that cravings ever went away completely. Perhaps a bit easier at 50 grams than at 100, but not enough to get excited about. I never tried very low carbs - but that just seemed too tough for me. Greatest weight loss rate was with intermittent fasting and ~2000 calories of exercise per week.
  • In 7 months (Feb-Sept of this year), I lost 33 lbs. In the last 2 months, I've been holding steady. I'm still ~3 lbs short of my goal weight.
  • With 2 lbs left till goal, I started maintenance 2 months ago. I must stay away from my main triggers (baked goods & pasta), but let my daily carbs drift up to ~100 grams total. Last two months, I've been able to eat occasional beans, oatmeal, fruit etc. When I get lazy & weight drifts up a few lbs, a few days back at 50…
  • The loss of water weight at the beginning feels great - but that doesn't last long. Weight will fluctuate, you're only 4 weeks in - keep it up and your body will catch up. There's a wide range of carb goals that folks use, and your carb level seems OK to me. However, I second the muffin/creamer advice. I'd say if you're…
  • Instead of bacon in the morning - you might try some sausage made from chicken or turkey. There are some very tasty options out there.
  • Two shots of espresso is the key. In cold weather - I order a "wet cappuccino" - which is not as milky as a latte, but the foam is not as stiff as in a regular cappuccino. In hot weather - just espresso over ice with cream.
  • My LDL & HDL went up over my first few months of LCHF, my Total/HDL ratio remained about the same. Then by month 6, my LDL went down, and now my Total/HDL ratio is the lowest its been in over 10 years.
  • I've experimented with xantham gum, and I agree - the texture is so bad, I threw out the whole container! I know some hard core low-carbers may disagree - but I find that using plain ol' wheat flour to thicken cheese sauce really does not result is so much carbs per serving. If I use 2 tablespoons of flour, and be sure to…