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  • @Turbolinky83 It only is it POSSIBLE to Stretch your sleeve, but you will only know if your doctor orders an X-ray. I know this because My sleeve was performed in August 2015, and stretched my sleeve so that the radiologist could only tell I had a sleeve from the surgical incisions. This was in October 2018. Anyone who…
  • I’ve just had a revision of the tummy and an inner thigh lift. The surgery was yesterday and I’m still in the hospital. So far so good. I’ve got up and walked and only took pain meds twice.
  • Yes, the scar tissue was the culprit. I am much better now.
  • My thigh lift is looking like it will happen in March/April. Got pushed back because I need a tumor removed from my left calf in early January. I’m staying positive for that. Keep posting and showing each other and me advice and encouragement, please. Sometimes I feel so lonely and isolated on this journey.
  • Unfortunately, I have had complications and that is why I haven’t posted for a bit. I’m 158 lb now and some of that is a week long stay on an NPO diet. Then being put back to full liquids, when I should be on soft foods at this point. I appreciate all of your stories and input. Especially your advice to one another. Yes,…
  • Well, as a result of the conversion... I developed a bowel obstruction and spent a week (including Christmas) in the hospital. I’m not having reflux but I’m still on purées foods and omeprazole. But it’s feeling better. Thank you for your support and your story. I’m sorry it took so long for you to get relief
  • I’m three days post op and I’m in pain, but I’m doing well.
  • I only gained 40 lbs. I was 175 lbs at surgery. The revision was mostly for severe GERD.
  • Revision date 12/4. Currently on week three of pre-op liquid diet.
  • The skin removal was somewhat more painful than a c-section. It wasn’t too bad. Thank you. I’m currently on a liquid diet and my surgery is scheduled for 12/4
  • Clearly you do not understand how a reply to a quote works. You replied by quoting my statement, therefore everything you said was directed towards me. So, when you said that you believed that people shouldn’t eat processed foods and they won’t gain weight: you were directly applying that to my statement because you quoted…
  • My revision date is scheduled for November 20th. I have to do two weeks liquid before the surgery. This surgery is to correct a hiatal hernia and GERD that have become an issue since the sleeve. Although this should help with weight gain, it is not the reason for the surgery.
  • I’m not sure what part of my quote leads you to believe I’m eating processed foods. Don’t assume you know someone’s diet and then pass judgement. We are here to support each other and give helpful advice. So please, next time ask before you assume and chastise.
  • Revision to bypass should be happening in the next two months. Yay
  • I keep gaining weight no matter how healthy I eat and how much I exercise. This is so frustrating. I see my surgeon in two weeks to schedule revision. I’m hoping this fixes the gerd and helps stops the weight gain.
  • I learned from my primary care that there are different types or “sizes” of Bypass. I had never heard of this before he asked me what size was planned for the revision. So... I began looking into the bypass and it’s “sizes”. The surgeon can perform a bypass from 1in- 30ft without doing a duodenal switch. The most common…
  • I go in Wednesday 8/22 to have my pre-op endoscopy with Bravo placement. The Bravo device measures reflux for a few days after the endoscopy. Then I will be finding out when the revision will be scheduled. It’s awful right now because I cannot take anything for the reflux. I’m constantly regurgitating and throwing up and…
  • My skin removals are on hold for now. I am suffering from severe GERD (Reflux) and a new hiatal hernia. I am doing the pre-op for a revision from VSG to Bypass. I am currently at 176 lbs. I will likely lose more weight with the revision, which will cause more excess skin. The plan is to do the thigh contouring after the…
  • It’s been a long time since I’ve updated.
  • Long, slow, deep!!!
  • One down side of this surgery is the weight I’ve gained because I’ve been unable to exercise, other than walks. So, now I need to work on losing the extra pounds.
  • @ssflbelle2012 Congrats on losing 280lbs. That’s awesome.
  • I’m excited for summer.
  • @girlalmighty08 I had a scar from a burn that didn’t heal properly because of the badly stretched skin. I will attach a pic. This “scar” or lesion would break open, bruise and bleed. The only remedy for this lesion was skin grafts or removal. I also suffered from recurrent skin infections (known as SSTI’s, Skin and…
  • It’s been a rough February.
  • Two weeks post op: I still cannot drive. Stitches still in. Both drains still in. But, I’ve gone down and up the stairs four times today... and walked for about 20 min. Swelling is almost gone, but I’m still producing too much fluid in my drains: Goal: less than 30 ml/24 hrs Left drain: 110ml Right drain: 55ml
  • One week post OP: Still a lot of swelling. Dr said looks good. Drains have to stay in another week because the fluid output is still too high. She Said I’m doing too much and need to only get up to use bathroom and take my one walk a day. Is it me or does my new belly button looks like a heart... or the sign for…
  • I am not sure. That is going to be one of my questions on Monday when I have my post op/drain removal appointment. If I had to guess... I’d say my stomach alone was 5lbs. But that is just a guess @loveshoe