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  • Good morning, everyone. We have had three good days in a row with Kathy. Her appetite and mood are better. Hoping for a good stretch for her now. I'm hanging in there. Fighting some depression when I wake up. My mood usually gets better once I'm up and moving, so I'm going to try to get up immediately upon waking. Not lay…
  • If she don't like Firefly.
  • To add friends on MFP on the desktop app: 1) Click on the username in the left sidebar. A window showing the username will open. 2) Click on the username again. The user's profile will open. 3) Click on the "Add Friend" button on the user's profile page. Formerly, there was an option to send a message along with the…
  • Sending positive vibes for good news for you, @anawake13.
  • Thanks, everyone. Woke up in a funk this morning but I'm trying to shake that off. Then I checked in here and found all these replies. You guys are a great online support group. I appreciate all of you that take a moment to write a note. Got a smile on now! 😁
  • Things are looking up at Casa Steve. They changed my wife's pain meds and her pain is better controlled, but still not gone. She's in better spirits, though. She helped cook dinner a couple of days ago. Everyone has been sleeping through the night. That is a welcome relief. Easier to deal with all this when I am well…
  • Yeah - the request feature works - the notes do not.
  • You're probably right - I know they do not work on the desktop app. I sent this last request using the phone app. Apparently they don't work there, either. ☹☹☹
  • @MargaretYakoda - I'm curious. I sent you a friend request - I know you got it. Did the message come through with it?
  • Margaret - is this method done on the phone app? I did not see the "Invite Friends" option on the desktop. It would be great to able to send a message along with the request. Edited - DOH! Now I see the phone keyboard in the last screenshot. Will try this method on the phone.
  • This method works to add friends in MFP on the desktop app: 1) Click on the username in the left sidebar. A window showing the username will open. 2) Click on the username again. The user's profile will open. 3) Click on the "Add Friend" button on the user's profile page. Formerly, there was an option to send a message…
  • Welcome to all the new folks in this group! @anawake13 - Love your ELMM diet acronym. Very simple but it works! @NC_Girl - Wear what makes you feel good. No one else's opinion is important in this regard. Got away to Seattle last weekend. Slept for ten uninterrupted hours Friday night. Went to the Museum of Flight on…
  • Margaret, I'm glad that you found something that helps your husband and you deal with his issues. That calming effect is noted by lots of users. I find I'm still able to do normal things around the house - chores, prepare meals, etc. I find that it makes me more active - can't sit still - need things to do. A win-win for…
  • Thanks for the suggestions, Ann. She is taking an antidepressant (and has taken various types for years). But that was combined with excessive drinking at times - not a good situation - led to some erratic behavior. No drinking now, though, so that's one less contributor to depression. She was also a daily marijuana user,…
  • Thank you. I respect you for dealing with these issues long term. I'm only 5 months in and I'm already feeling burned out. I have three adult children who are all helping out in various ways, so I am not alone in this battle. I hope you are right that a chemotherapy break for her will help. Past experience makes me think…
  • Drive by check in. Cutting the calories a bit - trying to eat more protein - and being diligent about logging everything. Got a little whoosh going on right now. I'll take it!
  • Drive-by check-in. Met with the oncologist yesterday. Wife's blood chemistry is good/normal now, but she is not fighting to get stronger. She said to the doctor, "This old gal is wearing out." I'm concerned that she is just going to give up. She is not doing the needed physical therapy. She's not long for this earth if she…
  • Drive by check in. Some good days, some bad days at my house. Chemo is on hold for a week or two, but Kathy's appetite still comes and goes (mostly goes). She sleeps more than she is awake. We see the oncologist tomorrow and we will find out what is in the long term plan. Holding the line weight wise - losing very slowly.…
  • Just checking in. Love seeing the beach pictures. Maybe the Oregon coast for me before winter. 🤞😎
  • Heard that, Karl! I like to eat when I'm happy. When I'm sad. When I'm bored. 😁
  • Checking in. Weight is on a downward trend. Been walking more - eating less - it's like magic. 😁
  • Just checking in. Trying to keep this thread active. Finally some good news on the home front. My wife has an appetite. Requested a steak for dinner yesterday. Ate a 6 ounce steak and some vegetables. Made her bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning. She said that her sense of taste has returned. (She missed…
  • Checking in. Wifey is back home. All that hassle checking in and out of the hospital for one day. AARRGGHH! She's feeling better, though, and was alert and fairly coherent this morning. I appreciate the kind thoughts and words, everyone. The frustration is overwhelming sometimes, and I let it show. Back to working on my…
  • Thanks for the good wishes, all. Unfortunately, wife's potassium levels were very low, even though she was not dehydrated. Oncologist sent her to the ER. They administered potassium intravenously and she was admitted to hospital for two or three days (I hope that's all) for observation. Now we will be monitoring her fluid…
  • Drive by check in. Hot as hell in Idaho - nine straight days over 100. I'm in and out so I get some relief, but it is still tiring. Wifey has an appointment with the oncologist today. Hoping for some good news. Hanging in there trying to stay sane.
  • Drive by check in. Just trying to stay sane here. Looks like I made it through the weekend. Haha!😂 Have an awesome week, everyone!
  • Hi, Jae. I got your note and tried to reply by way of messages. Stupid MFP software won't let me reply - it does not recognize your username. I'm going to send a friend request. Let's try that. Take care, Steve
  • Stopping in here. Glad to see this thread active again. Thanks, @IslandGal3 for reviving it. Been dealing with my wife who has multiple myeloma. Got this news in May after a couple of months of trying to chase down the source of her back pain. Life has gone sideways on me. Gained a few pounds, but have reversed that trend.…
  • Good to see you back, my friend. You're in the right place to get on track!