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  • I am feeling a tad whiney, but I am flinging that off to get back in the groove. February and March of this year one bizzare issue after another. The supposed spider bite, then getting MRSP, and trying to get rid of it. I have had a number of tel…
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    Almond flour does not have the same shelf life as say white flour or whole wheat flour. On average almond flour is really best if used in 6 months and kept in the refrigerator. I have put in freezer before, and something happens …
  • I have done this exactly twice. And I pretty much did what you did one of the times. The other time I literally set my alarm for 4 hours after I went to bed. Reason was at that time my dosage for my long acting which is lantus was I thought prett…
  • I have started walking again. I do around 10PM at night, kind of with a neighbor, we stay about 10 feet apart or so back to front, and back again is 3.5 miles. Doing three times a week, is goal. For now going halfway so getting in 1.75 miles this…
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    Good Evening, well I am a type 2 diabetic. And while I was pregnant 27 years ago, I did have gestational Diabetest which I did control through the rest of the pregnancy through diet.
    I kind of remember that the carbs were se…
  • Drink 3 quarts of water every day. Done
    Work on hamstring stretches, dang they are painful. Seems to be the tight hamstrings are tied to the knee pain, well some of it.
    Get 30 min walk in. Done
    Get 30 min in on bike will do this…

  • I too decided nope not getting the special permit. And I consistently park my SUV out far away from the store door. For a long time most of my friends just assumed I was being overly paranoid about getting the doors scratched, or little bum…
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    I totally get your comment. The key and we all read it over and over, and I have found it to be very true. Is to find something you are willing to do long term. So even if you never are totally passionate it about, still somethi…
  • The sweet and good and what I refer to the funny memories we have of those who have passed away. Are so often what can make life tolerable for us. Sometimes sharing good memories with others that knew that person, can make you feel renewed. I am s…
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    I am trying to remember who posted about this on main threads. Someone with thousands of posts. Not Pav8888 who is very knowledgeable, but may have been involved on the post. I think it was someone who does a lot of running, and…
  • If you find a food eating plan that works for you long term, and you are happy with it. Then hooray, all is good. And what works for you, there are others that will say yes, me too. And lots of others that will say nope not for me.

  • The fear, and panic to me is truly being whipped to a frenzy by the media. The facts are every single year, take any state in the USA. Old people die in Nursing homes, this is not something new. But the media is making this out to be the plague o…
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    So you say you are an expert, goody for you. But unless you have actually been in someone's shoes, and done a journey of losing substantial weight. And then maintained that weight at a reasonable daily calorie amount,…
  • I kind of had a pleasant shocker of one earlier today. I have been doing lots of sorting, and today it was jewelry. Next week, we are having quite a few windows replaced. So all furniture must be moved a certain distance away from windows.
  • Goals for Tuesday 3/3/2020
    Drink 72 oz water
    Eat a light breakfast
    Eat a light lunch/snack
    Enjoy dinner at Beachwood Seafood Kitchen and Bar with
    Stay reasonably close to calorie/carbs. If I go over, then on Wednesday …
  • In reading so many different discussions here on larger losers, it has really helped me get through a phase I will call it. Yes, I do become scale obsessed no other word for it.
    But what my issue has been is not losing any weight, it was how …
  • I had updated my face picture on FB, about 3 weeks ago as my new photo. And for whatever reason. Even though I have been on FB since I never went and looked at comments or anything relating to that picture. So today I got brave and did so.
  • Well is end of day, but am going to write in what my goals were today.
    Drink, drink and be merry, water that is. Got my 64 oz of pure water down. And some cocoa, and coffee as well so made to 90oz.

    Have some out of state family co…
  • None, I eat carbs but not bread, pasta, rice. They do hoirrible things to my blood sugar numbers. Type 2 diabetic. I use alternate flours instead.
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    WOW, I just read both of them, and all the links that were attached to them as well.
    And I feel so much better now. I was to the point of thinking oh no, have I sunk in a rut or what.
    I was semi cruising along and then…
  • Remember even with the scale, to figure out how many calories per day you should be eating. Because based on what you feel you need to lose before surgery. You are going to need a large daily deficit. For women, MFP will suggest 1200 as the low e…
  • Dean Jacobs Tuscany Bread Dipping mix, in a grinder bottle. I grind up and use in all sorts of dishes. Order via Amazon.
  • Did you remember to add in how many servings it was for? When adding the ingredients, how sure are you that the ones you grabbed were correct?
    Remember many of the food items/ingredients on the database are user entered so they may not be acc…
  • The one time I was denied it was Mortgage Insurance after we refinanced, it was weight related so to speak, it was due to my A1C number, diabetes. It was too high, and it was at the time.

    And I agree with bmeadows380, both my Primary ca…
  • Focus on Hydration, Yesterday all I drank was water and hot tea and easily hit my 96 oz.
    Do some walking again, some cycling, and of course stretching
    Make a point to get to WholeFoods last day of Halibut on sale.
    Log Everything
  • So true, this has been a known issue for well over a year. I find once in awhile I can sneak one in but not often.
    A way around this annoying situation. Is create a recipe on another platform, spark has an easy one, then you can literally br…
  • Review the reasons I am wanting to lose Weight, spend time thinking about this.
    Log all food
    Make sure to get in 64oz of water, other 32 oz can come in a variety of drinks but every day 64 oz of water this week. FOCUS!
    Prep for on…
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    The mini eggs, I will be buying them but not for me. Will be sending to my daughter in S Korea it is a candy she cannot get over there, along with the Reeces peanut butter cups, ok eggs at this time of year. I think she said they…
  • First I will admit to not being terribly religious. But for a number of years, I happen to have a friend who is, and eventually she calls me and keeps asking me to pair with her and give something up. Being that we have been doing this for oh abou…
  • Original starting weight -305, May 2018
    Restart Weight 250.6 September 2019
    February starting weight - 224
    February goal - 219
    First big goal, then will decide how much more 190
    Age 61
    Height 5'9
    I weigh in …