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  • Tuesday, my husband was taken to the hospital from work with tightness in his chest. His heart is good. It’s been determined that he has blood clots in both lungs, that have apparently traveled from his left knee area. He’s being given blood thinners to try to dissolve clots. No family (or personal) history of blood clots.…
  • Raw veggies. A lot of chewing, few calories and filling.
  • I eat what some consider junk food every day. I lost 1/2 my body weight, so it works for me. I just work it into my calorie allotment, and keep track of nutrition numbers.
  • I’d keep doing what you had success with. After losing 90 pounds, my dr told me how I should be doing it. She also told me to stay away from bananas. I gained 5 pounds the first month doing it her way. Went back to what I’d been doing originally and went on to lose a total of 140 pounds. Next appointment she congratulated…
  • I agree it’s devastating and extremely sad. People are dying because of oxygen shortages. Just yesterday, my daughter said her boss thinks she has covid. My daughter told her to get tested. She said no, it’s probably just a cold🤷🏻‍♀️How many people think this way? Her boss won’t get the vaccine either.
  • I didn’t make it political. That was someone who didn’t, or wouldn’t, listen to experts, or advisors, who didn’t agree with him. Fact is, comparing US vs India, 572,000 vs 192,000 deaths. Population of India is over one billion more than the population of the US. And, a lot of experts say a lot of the US deaths could have…
  • All I meant to point out is that the US, has had more cases and deaths from covid, in a much bigger, area wise, country, with a much smaller total population. I’m not saying one is better or worse than the other. IMHO, it’s because of poor, ineffective leadership in the US in 2020. With better leadership decisions, many US…
  • I’m a voracious reader as well. Also have prime. I’ve reread some books (GWTW many times), but, now with free books, I very seldom buy a book, or reread. I glance through the monthly free Amazon books, but seldom choose one. Between the library and Amazon, my queue is long. I watched the first season of Virgin River on…
  • Area wise, the size of the US is much bigger than India. Population of India is almost one billion more than the US. Even though India’s cases are spiking now, the US has had almost twice as many cases, and almost twice as many deaths, as India.
  • Exercise to lose weight It’s harder to lose weight over 40 Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Best to check with your doctor first. It’s not recommended to get vaccines close to each other and my husbands doctor told him to get the covid vaccine first. We had our 2nd Moderna shot two weeks ago, and now have the full effect. 94%. He’s getting the shingles vaccine in May.
  • I am kind of concerned about this happening. I hope your father’s case is mild. Did your mother get tested as well? Wishing you and your family the best possible outcome.
  • Very good point. My dd just got off quarantine last Thursday. She does not have one. Her birthday is coming up 4/30. We can visit with her starting 4/22, which is two weeks after our 2nd covid shot. She’s getting a thermometer in her birthday gift box. We have one, it’s never been opened, so I’ll have to check it to see if…
  • Well, we’re inundated with pharmaceutical prescription ads on tv daily. It seems they spend a good chunk of the ad listing the possible side affects that may occur. Nothing is totally risk free, or 100% effective. I received my second shot last Thursday. We had Moderna, but if I could have chosen, it would have been J & J.…
  • There’s no certain amount you have to drink. Weather and activity level may increase need for water. You get water from many things you eat and drink. Pale yellow urine color indicates good hydration. Thirst let’s you know when to drink.
  • At our family gatherings, we have a green salad that has cool whip, crushed pineapple, pistachio pudding mix and mini marshmallows. No cottage cheese though. It’s really good!
  • Thanks for asking. ❤️ She’s feeling much better, off quarantine yesterday. She lost her sense of smell and taste. She had a teleconference with her doctor on Tuesday. Her doctor told her that’s a common side effect, but there’s no way of telling how long it will last. Some people are regaining taste and smell after…
  • I had the second Moderna shot yesterday. Slight tenderness after the first shot. From the second one, my arm is sore and aches. A slight headache, low energy and no appetite (could be a good thing).
  • This thread inspired me. I sprinkled some of my skittles I got for Easter on my salad today. Romaine, assorted veggies, grilled chicken and poppyseed dressing. Not bad at all.
  • I’m getting my 2nd Moderna shot this morning. Will continue to mask up and follow basic protocols. Just an observation, I don’t know anyone that’s had a common cold this year. Perhaps an extra benefit of masks, social distancing, and hand washing.
  • I always have hot sauce on my taco salad. It’s yummy.
  • The disagree trolls are on this thread🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Calorie deficit is the way weight is lost. If you’re under your calorie goal, it works. Your body doesn’t know where, or care, where the calories come from. A professor of nutrition lost weight eating only Twinkies, and other junk food. Seems like you did well moderating total calorie intake. It works. Not recommended long…
  • Meat/fish of choice. Seasoning and/or marinade of choice. George Foreman grill. Quick, easy, versatile and delicious.
  • My daughter has covid. She woke up last Monday with runny nose and head achy. She was tested Monday afternoon. The state department of health interviewed her yesterday for contact encounters, etc. She visited us last Saturday and at the time she had no symptoms. She has not been around people for 15 minutes or more except…
  • You may want to check out built bars. I think they are whey. Pretty low calorie per bar 130-140 for some. Kind of a candy bar consistency, chewy, chocolate covered. I’ve been getting them for two years now. I think you can buy them from Amazon now, but I buy direct from the company. Protein count is good too.
  • I mentioned yesterday that my daughter woke up with a sore throat and runny nose. She tested yesterday. She called me at 8 am today to let me know her test was positive. She visited us Saturday and had no symptoms. We went in for tests at noon today. The National Guard was administering the tests at the site we went to.…
  • I just got a phone call from my daughter. She visits us most Saturdays, and was here a couple days ago. She woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, achy. She has a covid test scheduled for 4:30 today. My husband and I have had our first Moderna shot, and we’re scheduled for the second one next week. We’ve been careful,…
  • Our governor (Minnesota) just announced that, beginning Tuesday (3/30) all Minnesotans, 16 and older, are eligible for covid vaccine.