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  • I couldn’t sit through reading the entire article, but have personal/health reasons to disagree. I am “very diabetic,” if that makes sense, so even looking at something containing carbs (be it otherwise “healthy” or not) will kill me pretty quickly, if not instantly.
  • I have nothing to add, but just clicked through and gave 1-click Hugs to those who steal from their children, whether for safety or (especially) self-gratification (get a shrink and maybe turn yourself into the local cops if that’s you, for kittens’ sake!) or have been the victim of such atrocities (if that's you and your…
  • This may become one for me, but we’ll see. The only rule: he will not even think about/ask to touch any body part except my back, and he will only use his hands-none of the R-rated or gross discipline-based methods-for a skin-to-clothes (at first, but we’d evolve until comfortable showing skin-to-skin union) gentle…
  • My pros would tell me “if it’s time and you don’t feel well, medicate (either for diabetes or random pain/whatever)! If it’s time and you do feel well, medicate!...but assess-if you wish you hadn’t taken that dose (because you’re now shaking and dying due to low sugar or whatever), don’t take it tomorrow.
  • That reflects what a hospital nurse I had said. Once diabetic, always diabetic. Ironically, that doesn’t reflect Mom’s story. I gave her gestational diabetes and she would develop T2 later, but now her battle is to keep her energy/sugars up, not down, due to unscheduled weight loss.
  • Zero hygiene On that note, apathy towards his health (which shows via obesity, acne and markings indicating skin cancer/failed attempts at tanning, among other things I can’t remember right now)-I want him to be there for me through decades of pleasure and pain alike. “Unequally yoked” beliefs/faith (I’m sorry, I have a…
  • Ahh yes. As a natural born listener, if you (again, and this time exclusively, general you) don’t give me words to listen to, you’ll “help” me to feel unwanted. (My disability already comes with plenty of that-thanks anyway!)
  • Ladies hiding our emotions-don’t, just don’t! I’m a lady myself and I personally value honest yet respectful communication, so that is what I will give and expect unless and until doing so has been clearly stated as a safety threat (such as in the “I’ll give you something to cry about!” threat). You (general you, but…
  • Exactly. Removal from insulin chains is part of the reward. I’ve heard that reversal is all about living for BGs/A1cs that are consistently (not just once, but forever) as good or better than those of a child (well, a child who isn’t born with T1D, which would bring its own reasons to avoid food and drink). (Am I correct,…
  • Yay, we can have a guardian (moderator) who believes! I’m sure there are more, I understand that groups should self-moderate and am thankful that we of course get to honor God above all in this corner (though, as you know, there is a guideline about being careful where/how you mention faith elsewhere on MyFitnessPal), but…
  • Don’t know. Bacon Mac ‘n’ Cheese?