NOVEMBER 2014 - Move Your @ss Challenge

hkristine1 Posts: 950 Member
Okay *kitten* movers, here's the new thread for the November 2014 Move Your *kitten* Challenge!

PLEASE READ the directions below.

Welcome to the newbies and welcome back to the oldies!

"Rules of the Challenge"
1. Set your goal and post it to the thread....distance ONLY (Miles or KMs) - NO minutes, NO # of workouts, , NO # of calories, NO # of steps - DISTANCE ONLY.
2. Make your ticker if you want to use one (see directions below or in the FAQ thread) or add your goal to the thread.
3. Get moving your @ss starting Saturday, November 1st.
4. Post as often as you can to the thread so we can keep the sheet (see link below) up to date. You are welcome to report what you are moving each time BUT please make sure you post the TOTAL miles moved each time you update.

Please don't post any October miles here. We will update the October spreadsheet once everyone has reported their October miles to the October thread - Please add only your NOVEMBER goals/miles to this thread.

The purpose is to set a distance goal (KM or Miles) and track your distance for the month - please only do one or the other...if you are doing KM just report in KM - we have a formula in the spreadsheet that will convert it to miles for us. You are challenging yourself, not competing against anyone else.....the distance can be on a treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, bike, roller blades, walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming (if you can measure).....just set a distance goal and do the work. Sorry, but we will not be tracking number of workouts or minutes moved in this challenge - ONLY DISTANCE.

Report to the thread often to keep us updated because we track our info on a spreadsheet (see link below) so you can see how you are doing compared to the group but not to openly compete with them. (Whatever goes on inside your own brain is your own business. :wink: ) The idea is to set your goal and reach it before the end of the month.

Once the thread hits 500 posts it will roll to a 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th part. Click the link on the last post that says <continued at this topic> to post your update. The main MYAC Group page will always list the current thread though.

Welcome to all - new and old.....have a great month challenging yourself!

Link to the Google spreadsheet where you can view (but not edit). The Challenge Admins will update it for you at mostly random times....:laugh: ....but typically at least once a day. Don't hold us to that though.

Directions for making a ticker:
Go to and create a weight loss/fitness ticker (link is lower left side of page). Then copy the "BB code" and paste it into your posts on this thread each time you do an update. (More detailed info is located in the FAQ thread on the MYAC Group page.)

Welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay and that you find this helpful in realizing your fitness goals!


  • hkristine1
    hkristine1 Posts: 950 Member
    I'm in for 300 miles in November, again.
  • scarfe9991
    scarfe9991 Posts: 778 Member
    I will go with 140 please!
  • 2essie
    2essie Posts: 2,867 Member
    Just going with 80 this month as I am going on a cruise for two weeks so not sure how many miles I will walk.

    No internet access either (certainly not at their prices) so will it be òk to book my miles all in one go when I get back please?
  • k80flec
    k80flec Posts: 1,623 Member
    I'm shooting for 150 again
  • kar328
    kar328 Posts: 4,159 Member
    80 miles please. And thanks to the mods for another great month.
  • rockann16
    rockann16 Posts: 885 Member
    Sign me up for November. Keeping that goal at 100 miles.
  • Manderin1973
    Manderin1973 Posts: 214 Member
    I'm in! Goal is month I WILL meet this goal :)

    Thank you administrators!
  • moneil25
    moneil25 Posts: 311 Member
    It's a long time since I have been here but going to try again. My goal 100k
  • accountingchickMEM
    accountingchickMEM Posts: 23 Member
    I'm in for 65 miles... as soon as this pesky ankle sprain heals :neutral_face:
  • tialynn1
    tialynn1 Posts: 884 Member
    My walking goal is 75 miles.

    I am changing my activities to do some more strength training and starting a new job on Monday with new work hours. So, I am not sure how things are going to pan out. I don't want to commit to anymore than that right now.
  • JTH11706
    JTH11706 Posts: 2,965 Member
    I'm in for 100. Thanks!
  • Lisah8969
    Lisah8969 Posts: 1,247 Member
    Due to some vacation time this month, I will go with 125 again.
  • spikesmom
    spikesmom Posts: 441 Member
    I promise to do better this month. I'm in for 200.
  • jennwhite34
    jennwhite34 Posts: 534 Member
    I am going with 200 miles for November. Thanks
  • Calliope610
    Calliope610 Posts: 3,775 Member
    150 total miles for November - 100 cycling miles, 40 walking/hiking miles, 10 running miles
  • Just_Ceci
    Just_Ceci Posts: 5,926 Member
    I'm only going for 100 miles in November. Cold weather, more running and less cycling, and family visits will cut into my mileage.
  • wtw0n
    wtw0n Posts: 1,083 Member
    In for 220km.

  • vhuber
    vhuber Posts: 8,779 Member
    I will pledge what Calliope610 is doing! That looks awesome to me.
    100 miles on ex bike, 40 walking & 10 running for a total of 150.
  • queenegreene
    queenegreene Posts: 1,376 Member
    Goal in November is 180 miles walking/bike and/or elliptical
    11/1 - ___
    Total to date: ____ of 180 miles

    I will not be posting for awhile- my husband is having back surgery on Monday and my home computer mostly doesn't work. I'll check in whan I can, but I'll be keeping track every day. I picked a lower goal because I'm not sure what the next few weeks will bring regarding time to exercise, but if need be, I will increase my goal once I have that figured out. Have a great month everyone and THANKS to all the moderators for all your efforts! This is such a great group of people and you moderators keep everything going so smoothly <3 !
  • 319Sara
    319Sara Posts: 302 Member
    Sign me up for a goal of 100 again for November. Good thing I have the stationary bike at home for the coming winter months.
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