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    I am New to this Group..but not Low Carb
    I first tried low carb when I attempted p90x in the Summer of 2010. I couldn't believe how good I felt and how much weight I lost. The phase one of that program is pretty strict and most days I was under 35% for carbs. I worked out A LOT, and maintained my weight for almost 4 years, like many I wasn't overly strict at that point, just avoided bread, rice, potatoes, sugar. Occasionally I would indulge in Pizza or Tortilla chips, and I mean like once a month at most.
    Fast forward to the fall of 2013, I took a dive into the world of carbs..sandwiches with bread, drinking soda, french fries EVERY TIME I ordered fast food, eating the tortilla on burritos, making rice and past a weekly thing at dinner. It wasn't long before I put on 15lbs, from that "small" change.
    I have kept that 15lbs for the past year, an albatross that reminds me that Spaghetti and bread are NOT my friends.
    But rather than go on some Crazy protein binge this time I am gliding into low carb this time. I try to stay under 40% carbs.
    Over the Holidays I mostly bid farewell to flour. I ate cakes, cookies, drank wine, and soda knowing that the day after Christmas we would pack it all up and I would send it away. I knew that pizza wasn't going to be a main stay, and if i did drink wine, it would be much more rarely than before . If I had pasta, it would be because I was doing a big work out the next day..that sort of thing. I would be the person again who ordered two grilled chicken sandwiches and throws the bun away.
    This month my goal is to focus on fruit and vegetables. I eat only one serving of fruit a day, generally in the morning. I snack on small handfuls of nuts. Lunch and dinner have a vegetable/protein focus. I have received multitudes of compliments about my lunches at work.
    However, instead of trying to become a bikini body....I am working on a weight loss goal of 3-4lbs per month until November of this year. I will have lost between 33 and 44lbs. If I hit anywhere within that range, I will feel accomplished.
    My fitness goals are simple, work on averaging 70000 steps per week, increase my flexibility by joining Yoga, run 3 5K runs this year...RUN...not walk. Re-up my interest in hula hooping..it used to be so much fun for me.
    Oh and might Finish P90X or Hiphop Abs. LOL.

    I am a big fan of "Mongolian or Hibachi restaurants that allow you to make a bowl of food raw, and they cook it for you.
    My back up food, will always be grilled chicken Cesar salad, with Cesar "vinaigrette"...basically thin out one tablespoon of real Cesar dressing with enough vinegar to dress 3 cups of romain lettuce.

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    Well I am sort of a low-ish carber right now, as I am trying to break bigger bad habits (dairy for possible allergy, and junk food, fried like potato chips and fires mostly). But I am still around and I still try and sway people a bit when possible.
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    H, I'm Julia and I have been DIY Low Carb for a while now. I don't enjoy most carby foods (I don't eat potatoes, and havent eaten bread since Xmas). The most carby food I eat is cereal. I have my macros set at 50% protein and 25% each fats and carbs and am planning on starting the 5:2 diet next week with no or low carbs on my fast days, and with low carbs on my feast days.

    Low carb is not really helping me reduce my weight right now (I make up for it by overeating cheese and pate :smile: ) but am hoping the 5:2 will kickstart that and help me burn some fat.
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    I have decided to not weigh for several weeks . During that time I am going back to tracking foods because it is very easy to get carb creep, increasing my fat to protein ratio, reading good posts here in the community of people who all struggle and most important feeling so much better physically; aches and joint pain gone, brain sharper, energy level up. Emotions on an even keel. Best I can ask of myself.
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    Wow, this is just the kind of group I've been looking for! No lectures or 'advice' to try another diet, just people all in the same boat! I'm loving the fact there there are low carbers all in one place, all great weight loss stories on here, very motivational, well done to everyone!
    I have been on Atkins before and lost about a stone (before gall bladder removal) but that was when I was a lot thinner and less to lose.
    I'm currently on day 5 of VLC and feeling great. I'm 5'3 and weight 13 stone 7 lbs.
    This diet suits me well.

    I just want to ask, has anyone stayed in Phase 1 of Atkins for 6 months or longer with similar stats to me? Was just wondering how the weight loss steadied after the initial shock and drop in pounds after the first couple of weeks?

    Any input is welcomed!

    : )
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    Good Morning, I am Tricia. Ive done low carb low fat high protein in the past. and lost a bit with that. Coming back I did research and loved the logic of LCHF. Started on January 5. Have only lost a few pounds, but still figuring out my macros and how to stick to it and feed my family. Last year I was diagnosed with PCOS, I also regularly get migraines. I usually read the forums on a daily basis to keep me motivated....so thank you to all that post! My diary is open to friends, if in need of friends please send request!

    I have a super long way to go, current weight 272 and would like to have goal of 160 but right now small goal just to get below 250 again!
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    JimmyH95 wrote: »
    I'm 5'3 and weight 13 stone 7 lbs.
    This diet suits me well.

    I just want to ask, has anyone stayed in Phase 1 of Atkins for 6 months or longer with similar stats to me? Was just wondering how the weight loss steadied after the initial shock and drop in pounds after the first couple of weeks?

    I am 5'4" and male... Not sure of your age. I started at a heavier weight (92.5 kg... Like 14 stone 7). I lost over 20 kg (3 stone 2) and my diet has been similar to induction the whole time. Been at it for well over a year.
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    Thanks guys, nice to talk to people without them telling me 'this is not the diet to do'!!!

    I'm female and 26.

    I really want to lose 3 stone in 6 months. I have a big event coming up, May 30th and really want to shock people with my new look. Not only this but I was unhappy for a long time due to relationship problems and my confidence hit the floor. I moved 250 miles away to start a new life and when I overheard someone calling me 'the new fat girl', I remembered that I was happiest when I was skinny but healthy and needed to lose some weight so started on this weight loss journey 2 years ago.

    I have been to the gym for a steady 18 months now and lost 2 stone from exercising 4/5 mornings a week (sometime with a trainer) and low calorie 1200 a day or less.

    I stopped losing weight in November, had my body become used to the 1200 calorie a day diet and plateaued?

    I was exercising more, eating the same and couldn't see why I wasn't losing?

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    Great thread...so nice to "meet" everyone. I learned about and implemented low carb about 15 or 16 years ago, via Atkins. All I can say is low carb is the only thing that works for me for overall well being and weight control WHEN I WORK IT. ;-) It's when I get into "I don't care" mode that my body suffers and pays the price with weight gain, lethargy, depression, joint aches, skin problems, mood swings, and so many more negatives. I know this is the way of eating for me, what puzzles me is how I allow self destructive and self sabotaging habits to sneak back in again and put me right back in the overweight and unhealthy place that I find myself in right now. :-( I liken it to a relapsing addict, the old "one hit/drink/fill in the blank won't hurt...I can control it." Well no, I can't...and I've proven it time and again.

    So here I am, back to square one again, and ready to recapture the lean-ness and good health that I've managed to squander over the last 5 or so years. At 5'10", my first goal is -40 pounds which puts me back into one-derland and is about the range where my body can move easily again and the full length mirror in my bedroom is not my enemy. ;-) For now, I'm focusing only on carb count and keeping fat % high to eliminate cravings and brain fog. I'm recuperating from a major foot surgery at the moment, so intentional exercise is taking a back seat until everything is healed, but increased physical activity is part of the plan down the road a bit. I've eliminated alcohol for now (oh, Chardonnay!) because it does not help me when it comes to "walking my talk." My food choices don't tend to reflect what I really believe to be best for me when made through a wine buzz. ;-)

    Anyway, I look forward to reading and posting on a more regular basis and am happy to see so many more members jumping on the low carb/keto bandwagon. There's something about the mindset/personalities of those who choose this WOE that is welcoming and appealing to me. Maybe it's all the enhanced, positive brain activity from the proper supply of fat in the diet that allows more of a self advocate mentality than a "sheeple" approach, I don't know, but I do very much appreciate the wisdom and support that can be found on these boards.

    Good luck to all and I'll be seeing you around! :-)

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    Hi LC friends!!

    I'm Julia and I started getting into LCHF in October, but didn't really stick with it. I'm back in full force and started 1/12/15 and just joined this group. I am 34, married, 2 kids, recently finished my bachelors degree, full-time desk job and I also have a side business making cakes/cupcakes (not very LC friendly..lol) I am amazed at how I feel eating this way. I have energy, I'm not hungry and stuffing my face every few hours! I have well over 50lbs to lose, but I'm doing 10lb increment goals. I don't want to get overwhelmed by how much I have to lose. I'm focusing on 1 day at a time.
    Hugs to all!!
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    I'm Liz and started low carb a week ago. I was already keeping my carbs low-ish (under 100 grams usually) so I haven't had any keto flu (yay). I lost 35 pounds last year in the first 6 months by counting calories. Then I started being always hungry. I'd try to eat lower calorie food to maintain my calorie deficit which led to eating more carbs which made me hungrier. Finally came to my senses and dropped the carbs and upped the fat. I'm so much happier this way. I was able to take my a1c from 7.2 to 5.5 by keeping my carbs around 100 but I need real LCHF to lose the pounds.
    Glad I found this group!
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    Right, no one here debates the fact that you can starve yourself to lose weight. We're just saying that it tends to be miserable. You're hungry all the time and have all kinds of other not fun effects. Welcome Liz.
  • lizpitts
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    Exactly. The first couple of months were OK, then the misery set in.
  • I'm Chris...I've fallen off the wagon too many times to count. Here I am at it again rounding out week two. Week one I lost 10 lbs and I'll weigh again Monday morning. Fingers crossed. Best of luck to you all :smile:
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    Hi I'm MzT. I'm going to be 25 in two weeks and a student (trying to become a barrister) from London, England. My bf introduced me to LCHF diet/keto and I dedicated myself to it wholly a couple of days ago on return from holiday. I'm trying to shift about 15kgs of fat this year. I used to be extremely active in secondary school but since I went to uni the weight piled on. This way of eating is a struggle for me coming from a Ghanaian diet high in carbohydrates combined with the fact I'm a serial snacker (the cravings are REAL I tell you, just after a couple of days). I'm looking forward to the results so I'm praying that's enough to keep me dedicated. It's my turn to have an amazing before and after!
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    what happens when you cannot eat enough of the prescribed fat and protein in a day?

  • annieboomboom
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    Chris_1974 wrote: »
    I'm Chris...I've fallen off the wagon too many times to count. Here I am at it again rounding out week two. Week one I lost 10 lbs and I'll weigh again Monday morning. Fingers crossed. Best of luck to you all :smile:

    whooo hoo. 10 is grand.
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    what happens when you cannot eat enough of the prescribed fat and protein in a day?

    If this is just a one day thing, or a once a week thing, it's not a big deal. Your body is capable of handling that without negative consequences. If it is a continuous, daily thing then you're going to eventually end up losing muscle mass as well as fat mass. You'll also be at a higher risk for hormonal disruptions, fatigue, hunger, and possible nutrient deficiencies. Worst of all, there's almost no upside. Yes, you'll lose weight slightly faster but you'll end up with a lower muscle mass, lower TDEE, higher appetite, less energy, and possible health complications (gallstones for example). Many of these make it more likely and much easier to put the weight back on.

    tl;dr? Missing your goals on one day is not a big deal, but they're goals for a reason. Make it a point to eat enough food to fuel your body.
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    Hi! I'm Maggie. I just joined. My doctor just put me on a high protein/lower carb meal plan. I'm looking forward to learning from everyone!
  • Hi Everyone
    My name is Melody ... I have been doing LC for a few years and always fall off the wagon .. I am hoping to get to my first goal weight of 149 before I turn 45 the end of April ..I've lost 8 pounds since I started Jan 1st ..I'm 189 right now please feel free to add me as a friend .. I post my food diary daily and I try to do some type of cardio 5 days a week ... I got really into exercising but then got lazy ... So I'm trying back to get into the swing ...
    Hope to meet some new low carb friends :smile: