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    Thanks, camtosh!
  • lifeofheart
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    By the way, I admire your willpower for keeping low carb in the midst of a rice culture! I am glad that your resolve has met with such success. Good luck with your journey.
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    Thanks, you too. ganbarimashoo (let's keep at it)!
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    Hi, I'm Jenn. I'm 47, and a road warrior. I fly out for work on monday morning, and fly home on friday afternoon. T2 diabetic, chronic fatigue, chronic thyroiditis/hashi's, and the newest addition to the family is a mast cell disease - mastocytosis....most of these touch/harbor on autoimmune disorders, all of which I attribute to overly processed nasty bad food and the SAD. LCHF / Ketosis has been a life changer for me. I was running into the ground with chronic inflammation and pain, and lc has really helped me with that. I've been lchf since the end of August. I've not dropped a lot of scale weight, but for me that is secondary, and i know it will come as the other issues level out and my body calms down. Its a slow process for me. I love MFP and reading about everyone's successes and suggestions, tossing in a few of my own now and again. Glad to be here....glad you all are here :)
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    And...it's so awesome to see this forum active!

    Isn't it though!
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    Hi I am Anna, I have been in nutritional ketosis since October 2, 2014, have lost 41 lbs so far, and still plan to lose another 89. I am only 5'2" tall. I do DDP YOGA everyday, most of the time I do more than one workout at a time, and I also participate in spin classes and swimming.
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    camtosh wrote: »
    I am new to Myfitness Pal and to the lowcarb, high fat, mod protein lifestyle. I would love some support and don't mind sharing ideas and sending encouraging words to those involved in the struggle to go low carb and stay there! Please let me know how I can be added to this group.

    Hi Life! you are already in this group if you read along! It is not such a formal process.

    I am Cheryl and I have been low carbing since about March 2013. Not VLC though, as I live in Japan and am surrounded by rice... ;) So I eat between 50-80 grams of carbs per day, mostly from vegs. Stopped sugar and processed carbage mainly, and I am feeling much better. I started out at 82 kg, now down to 70-71 (gained some water weight over the holidays) kg. The nice thing is that my blood markers have all improved since starting this way of eating, and I feel much less achy and tired. I love reading the forum, so will be here forever, probably! Feel free to friend me. My diary is open.

    love term "carbage"
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    Super excited to read everyone who is an active LCer!

    I am Mary-- I started MFP October of 2013 about ten pounds lighter than my heaviest weight of 220 just 3 months prior! I had kicked around on a couple of different apps and websites but wasn't finding anything that suited my needs!

    Started Keto/LCHF in November after not really staying committed through the first part of 2014. Fell in love and gained 15 pounds BACK. Now thanks to Lowcarb I am back down to my pre boyfriend(now fiance) weight.

    Short term goal is to hit 165 long term goal is to see 125 (whether I stay that weight or not I would like to see how it feels to be that weight again!)

    Goal now is to get as close to 140 for my wedding date as possible-- I really want to hear the "holy hell you look amazing" from friends and family I haven't seen in a while :p:D;)

    feel free to add me! My diary is always open- so call me out when I slip up or feel free to ask questions-- my parents had HUGE success doing Atkins when it first came out and lost a combined 175 lbs! So I know this WOE WORKS!
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    I don't check the forums much anymore, but I'm around from time to time.

    I'll be 52 in a couple weeks. I've been low carbing for over a year, since around Aug '13. I started it to sort of reset my weight loss, which had stalled. I was originally 280lbs @ 6'1" tall, a former competitive powerlifter who stopped lifting but kept eating like I was training. I dieted down to 230, and got stuck. Low carb got me down to 200 which was my goal weight. I maintained that weight for most of 2014, but started letting it go, a couple lbs came back on and I was around 205-208. Around the holidays I scrapped low carb completely, eating what I wanted. Of course I put weight back on, and my last weigh in I was back up to 218! I knew I had to get back on the wagon.

    I restarted low carb on 1/5 after my holiday gluttony. I'm losing the initial water weight and was 211 this morning. My wife got me a fitbit for Christmas so that is motivating me to get back on the cardio, and eventually I'll hit the weights again, which was a big part of my lifestyle when I was heavy.

    I love eating this way, and don't really miss much in the way of high carb food. I enjoyed pizza, pasta, bread, etc, but its pretty easy living without. I've always been a meat eater and love my veggies so it's no problem putting together a low carb meal with those ingredients. I target 50g of carbs per day. My biggest weakness is craft beer, which are typically 15g or more of carbs each. Hence, I end up going over my carb number on the weekends, but I try to allocate it in my diet and if I stay under 100g, that's fine. I figure on a weekly basis, I'm allowed 350 carbs, so if I can save some up during the week, I can treat myself to a couple good brews over the weekend! :)
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    Hi! I'm Delia and have been on Fitness Pal on and off for a few years but never used Groups or Forums. I'm determined to lose the 20 lbs I've gained over the past 2 years and think the social element of Fitness Pal will help. I'm 41 and weigh more than I've ever weighed--not what I was hoping for in my 40's. My big challenge is skipping the glass or two of wine at night and exercising regularly when my schedule gets busy.

    I've seen success with low carb in the past and just feel a lot better when I'm not eating so much sugar, bread, pasta etc. Excited to be part of this group and hear other people's tips! I follow the guidelines of the Dash Diet, which is really easy and sustainable as a lifestyle. I've seen others have great success with it.

    Feel free to friend me!
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    Hi, this thread is a good idea. I am Julie, 56, T2 as of July (insulin resistant for years prior to that). Started looking into reducing my carbs upon diagnosis. Been working on it for 42 days. I have lost weight and plan on continuing to do so.
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    Hello! I'm Diane, just turned 37. I started a low carb diet as part of a study called "One Diet Doesn't Fit All" through Stanford University. The purpose is to determine if our bodies' genotypes are predisposed to lose more weight with low carb or low fat diets.

    I was randomly placed into a low carb cohort and others were assigned to low fat. I started September 10, 2014 and have lost about 10 lbs since then, but didn't start exercising until recently. I was required to get down to 20 g of carbs (not including non-starchy vegetables like bell peppers, asparagus, lettuce, kale, etc) for the first 8 weeks. Then I titrated back up to a more sustainable level after. I think I'm close to 50 g without the vegetables.

    It's really tough for me. I grew up eating rice every day. I love sandwiches, pizza, pasta, pho, you name it. I won't know which diet is better for me until the next cohort is done in 2016. I figure either way, I'll lose weight since I'm not eating as much as I used to, and I'm keeping accountable through my cohort's regular meetings.
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    baconslave wrote: »
    I'm Jess. Or you can call me Bacon.
    I turned 36 today, Jan 1st. Ugh.
    I've been ketoing for 7mo. With exactly 2 cheats. And they are all done. I've lost 72lbs and have 30 to go. And they are being a bear to get rid of.

    At the end of May 2014, I ran into a progress pic online of a paleo/keto girl. My husband actually found it and sent it to me. So I found r/keto on Reddit, read up
    on it, joined a LC forum on another site. I had great success just counting carbs until about the 3rd month when I started to stall. So I joined MFP to log my calories as well.

    Low-carbing has been great for me. I have so much more energy, cravings disappeared, my ADD (induced by antidepressants-a big sarcastic 'thanks' to my dr...pfft) has improved greatly, my moderate Chronic Fatigue is much better as well, and this way of eating has been effortless for the most part. I really like eating like this way. After I ate my cheat meal last night, I was really wishing I ate a steak smothered in cheese and mushrooms and some creamy greens!!!

    Here's some advice: No matter what happens (scale stalls, life drama, the sky falling) take one day at a time (or even one meal at a time if you have to) and Keep Calm and Low-Carb On.
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    So, a question. Does my fitness pal count carbs for you like it does calories or do I need to do that myself. I tried playing with settings but am stumped. I would rather see carb counts than calories.

    As was explained above, be sure your settings are ok and MFP will indeed "count" (track) carbs for you (as "total carbs"). You can add an extension which will calculate and display "net" carbs if you like - I don't ("like"), some others do, choice is yours.

    The one thing that you do need to be aware of though (especially if you record "exercise" calories (which I also don't recommend for a number of reasons), MFP will "adjust" your macro numbers (increase cals/carbs/protein/fat) in absolute terms (grams) in order to maintain the same ratio.

    This is NOT what you want to do though since carbs and proteins are generally considered to be "fixed" maximums (i.e. 20 or 50 or whatever is your numerical "target". So if you do add exercise numbers, stick to the goal targets, NOT what MFP "adjusts".

    Deansdad, I can not figure out how to count net carbs. Is there FAQ answer out there?
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    Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber will equal net carbs. I do not do this calculation. To me a carb is a carb is a carb.
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    I started low carb (again) this week. I've done it in the past with tremendous success and kept 75 pounds off for several years. But, a lot of "life" happening over the past 2 and half years and I've put about 60 pounds back on. I'm keeping my carbs (total carbs) below 20, getting in exercise, and desperately trying to give up alcohol also.
    I'm looking for friends and support!
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    I'm Angela, I was diagnosed with pcos in my early 20s and did keto for about a year after that, losing about 40lbs. Despite keto and because of my medical issues, I couldn't lose the last 20 or so pounds. To keep this brief, I'll give the very short version ;) because I couldn't reach my expectations I fell back into bad habits, of starvation and a full blown eating disorder. To balance weightloss and mental health my weight has fluctuated over the years.

    I've been recently diagnosed with a couple other medical issues. I eat low carb for my PCOS but then I also have eliminated, gluten, yeast, night shades, and legumes from my diet (was determined by blood tests these foods create an inflammatory response in my body) to combat some of my other medical issues.

    My diet is complicated to say the least, I most closely follow paleo diet with a few additional restrictions.

    I've currently lost about 35 pounds since September being diligent with my food, and exercise. I no longer do keto but keep my carbs below 100 grams per day.

    My overall health is much better since being diligent to keep out the foods that make me ill. For some of you low carb is a choice, for me it's a life line to health.
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    What are NET carbs and how to I calculate them?
    The NET carbs for a food are
    - Example: 100g of avocado contains 9g carbs.
    - 7g of these are from insoluble fiber and don't elicit a strong insulin response;
    - you don't count them.
    - 9g - 7g = 2g NET carbs per 100g avocado.
    hi I am Ava from Ontario Canada
    I am prediabetic
    I set my food calculator for 67 carbs and 27 fiber
    so my net carbs should be 40
    I set my sugar to 15 as Dr Mercola remanded on his webpage
    to bust insulin and leptin hormones
    this would be a really challenge for me as I love fruits, fresh buns and fresh bread
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    I'm Amber. I followed Atkins about 4 years ago and lost about 60 lbs, life got crazy I went back to my old ways packed on about 80 lbs and I am miserable! I started back to Atkins this past Monday and I am down 7 lbs already. My hubby and I are going to the Bahamas in July and I would like to lose at least 60 lbs by then. I recently had a hip replacement so my activities are limited, but I do plan to get to the gym at least 3 times a week and get in some cardio and strength training.
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    I'm Sabine. I'm NOT a low carber. I just like you guys. :smile: I do try to eat "slow carb" most of the time.

    Love that! Slow carb, I guess that's more what I do as well :smiley:
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    hello all- i started low carb/keto before thanksgiving and have been off & on all through the holidays

    i am 40 year old mother of 4(12, 4, 3, 1) and feel great doing this way of eating
    my highest weight not pregnant is 206
    i am down to my last 20 lbs or so to get to 145-
    and finding it tough to get back on track since the holidays

    feel free to add me