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    I'm Richard, 38 y/o T2 diabetic, I have been doing keto since January 2014. I've been reading the keto MFP group for awhile but only recently discovered this low carb group, I joined this one at some point in December. I lost a little over 60 pounds in 2014 on keto. I'm 6'4" and currently 258 (350 at my worst a few years ago, 323 when I started keto). My "initial" goal is to get to 220, and I'll adjust from there as needed. For the first half of 2014 I wasn't exercising any, I joined a gym in June and have been consistent about going 3 times a week. I expect to hit my goal weight in 2015, am working on eating better still (I could really use more veggies than I get I imagine), and I am slowly working on increasing my activity level as well.

    I've been setting my goal to 20 or 25g net carbs every day, and while I may go over my calorie goals once or twice a week, I've been very, very good about the carbs. I may experiment with a bit higher carb count once I hit my goal weight to better learn exactly what my body can handle, but as a diabetic I feel so much better eating this way, I don't expect to change much at all down the road.
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    Oh, Wow. I didn't know so many people were reading the forum. B) It's great.

    I'm Vicki, 48, and I'm an Aussie pining to live in England. But that's another story. ;) I want to travel some more and I need to be smaller and fitter just to be more comfortable and achieve what I want to do.

    I haunt Imgur and in Jan 2014 I saw a whole lot of people post before and after pics showing major weight losses. I thought that if they could do it, I could too. I have pretty much half my body weight to lose so I started slowly. I increased my activity, developed an interest in gardening and spent more time outside moving around. I already ate a "healthy diet" with lots of home cooked fruits, veges and meats. After tracking everything I ate for a while I discovered I was eating at about a 20% deficit. By November I felt better, had improved my fitness but hadn't lost any size at all.

    Then I discovered Keto and reddit. Taking into account that my Dad progressed from diet regulated diabetes to insulin dependent diabetes I thought this could be the key so I'd give it a go. It was the key. I aim for <20g a day which I've found pretty easy to do. The Christmas/New Year week has been a little higher but still mostly under 50g. I've gained about 3kg but my waist measurement is the same so I'm anticipating that most of it is water weight and will shift again and going back on track today.

    I started low carb (keto) on Nov 9. I still eat pretty much the same calories and to date my waist is 30cm smaller and I'm 6kg lighter (taking into account the 3kg gained over Christmas).

    I like the forum. I check it almost every day. Having people to share and interact with is what keeps me going. If I ever stop interacting it's because I've lost my way. Feel free to send me a message and tell me to get back into it.

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    Sajyana wrote: »
    Oh, Wow. I didn't know so many people were reading the forum. B) It's great.

    That's part of why I wanted to start this thread. There are tons of people here, most of them silent. They just need an opportunity to introduce themselves and have everyone say, "Hi." Keep in mind, some of our more active members (the other mods for example) haven't even posted in this thread yet. There's a ton of active people on here. I'm happy to see so many. I know there are more. I can't wait to see how many people eventually post on here.
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    OK, checkin' in - DD, deansdad, - whatever's your pleasure, (just not late for....)
    As you've probably guessed, the moniker refers to our Son and is my email addy at just about anyplace, been roaming the web since long before it was the web (do you have a TRS80 in your attic?<g>)

    Other than our Son, the other "bestest" accomplishment in my life I hold dear is my "first wife" (of 42+years). First in so many ways, 5 time Who's Who Teacher, 6 time HS Graduation Marshall (nominated by kids she had in Elementary School). I'm biased of course but don't need to blow her horn - her "kiddos" and their parents, some still from over 40 years ago, do it for me on a regular basis.

    41 years behind the desk (during which she actually "sat" at her desk probably 10 hours total) was all the body could take though and we both retired (tearfully) from the district Feb 1. It was a very difficult "divorce", never actually seemed "real" until this Sept, but we both stay in very close touch and for the first couple months she was back in her classroom nearly as much as before.

    My tenure was significantly shorter, 15 years, in Transportation and Training. Before that, 5 or 7 "mid-life career changes" by the age of 40 - construction project manager, corporate pilot and operations manager, started a custom home construction company and a energy efficient building products firm, and a small IT and networking consulting company.

    Either couldn't "hold down a job", or, "burns out quickly" - take your pick.

    If I had to pick one, it would be a close call but in the end it's my time with the kids - there just is no greater satisfaction than seeing the look in their eyes that says you've made a difference in their lives - nothing else comes close.

    My bride ("Her Sveltness") and I began shortly after retirement with a CICO plan, switched to MFP shortly after and finally found LCHF around March lurking here since shortly thereafter.

    She hit (and surpassed her goal a month or two ago losing 35 or so and now whining about not being able to find "pants that fit". Intended to stop, first at 125, then 120, finally settled in at 110ish - same as when in met in HS and she looks and feels like a million bucks - I couldn't be prouder for, and of her.

    I was pushing 230 when I finally woke up - thanks in part to my cardio who launch the T2 bomb...."....don't get it in check by your visit and we'll be talking meds....."

    After watching my FIL go from "pre" to "full blown" (needles and all) in a little over a year and helping him as best we could but watching the slide, we both said ".....whatever it takes....."

    What it took was LCHF.
    The First Lady's hasimoto's, her arthritis, her years of joint pain - all in major reversal. My impending date with T2D stopped in its tracks, turned tail, and running away.

    So life is good, we can focus on our travels (now that we "finally" don't have to go only on school vacations) and doing what we can to pay back at least some of what we've been privileged to have received over the years.

    Like those who have gone before me, I too am amazed at the number of truly dedicated and committed folks here but if I had to pick one "highlight" of LCD, it would be the incredible "diversity" of the group's members.

    Not just in the "traditional" meaning of that word but also in terms of the numerous variations of LC lifestyles they've adopted or "morphed" to.

    That's what I see as LCD's greatest accomplishment - not only can we accept and support each other's choices despite our differences, but equally importantly, we can (and do) learn from each other about LC things we might (probably) never have even considered if not for encountering someone with a different point of view.

    Many, many, years ago, one of the "room Mother's" in her classroom presented my favorite teacher in the whole world with a poster sized print of a photo she had taken during a summer vacation on Cape Cod.

    5 brown wood ducks, lined up like little soldiers with a white duck in the middle, all paddling ducky style through the salt marsh with a golden sunset reflecting off the glass smooth inlet waters.

    Below the duck parade were the words "Dare to be Different".

    It became the mantra she instilled in each and every of the over 1000 students that had the privilege and just plain "good luck" to sit in her classroom over the years. (and a bit of it even rubbed off on me)
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    Hello, all! I'm CC. I have Type 2 Diabetes (diagnosed May 2014). A low-carb diet (with exercise and 1000mg of Metformin a day) is helping me get my blood sugar in line. The numbers aren't perfect yet, but I'm getting there. My A1C went from 10.6 in May, to 7.0 in August, to 6.3 in November. As long as that number keeps going down, I'm happy! I want to get it down to 5 this year. I think it's really doable. Cholesterol and triglycerides have improved on low-carb, too. My doctor hasn't been involved too much in the treatment plan, other than to say "Keep doing whatever you're doing".

    I enjoy reading the discussions in this group!
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    Hello everyone!
    My name is Crystal.
    About 8 years ago I did Atkins and lost 100lbs. 7 years ago I got pregnant and gained it all back plus some. In July of this year I was gonna take my daughter to an amusement park and realized that I probably was too fat to ride most of the rides. That was a huge eye opener for me. I want to be healthier. I want to bike ride with my daughter, go to amusement parks and ride all the rides. I want to look good again.
    I started low carb back on 8-06-14 and since I've lost 44lbs. I've got a lot more to lose but I will.
    I'd welcome any new low carb buddies and good luck on your journey.
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    Hi everyone, I'm Karli. I am just starting to transition to low carb again. I did it for a while this time last year and lost 30 pounds. I stopped and have gained 10 back. I have 30 to lose at this point and think this will help. I have found since eating a high number of carbs again, I am much more sluggish, my skin is breaking out more often, and I am retaining an insane amount of water. I work full time, go to school full time, have an incredible husband that works and goes to school as well, and a wonderful 9 year old son. We have very busy lives but being healthy is important and needs to take priority. I am always looking for quick easy meals, or freezer meals that can be defrosted and baked, or thrown in the crockpot.
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    Hey, I'm Becky. I just started Low-Carb again recently, but have done it in the past. I lost 65lbs in 2013 and slowly gained 20lbs back in 2014. So, here I am again :smile: I just have to accept the fact that this is a way of life! Everyone feel free to add me!
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    Hi all, I"m Chriss..I've been on MFP for a few years now, off and on. I have slowly come down in weight.. I think my highest may have been 225.. then down to 216... and now I'm finally under that 200 lb mark. But its a struggle maintaining that! I'm T2 diabetes (full blown insulin by choice & meds for diabetes/high blood pressure) and I'm trying to get off that stuff!! My AIC has gone down, then up, then down.. no real balance there. Its' probably in the 7's now, just depends on what I eat! how much I exercise during the time I get that lab test. I know my triglycerides are up too high (300's), but no high bad cholesterol, which doesn't make sense to me, but that's what the numbers say. Still I want those tri's to come down and I want to get rid of this belly fat! My daughter recently found a group on facebook that supports the WOE (way of eating ) of the HFLC lifestyle and she told me about it back in December, joined it and has lost over 15 - 18 lbs so far...so I decided to do it too. I'm clueless on a lot of things about it, so I'm learning and would like the support / advice of those here who have done this and succeeded. My first goal is to get to 175...then to 150.. if at all by summer. I want to be stronger, healthier in 2015. That's the goal...and if this HFLC is the way to do it, I"m in. Please feel free to add me as a friend as this is my first week doing this. thanks.
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    Day 2 -- wishing I had no carbs in the fridge/freezer, especially baking from Christmas. I think I will give it away :-) I have been trying to be relatively low carb (except Christmas) for about the last year. I have been mostly off wheat and grains (again except Christmas - you see common thread here lol) I just watched my oldest sister lose almost 30 lbs in 12 weeks on ketogenic diet without exercise. I have 16 lbs to lose, but this is as much about health as it is about weight loss. Love the fact I can read your posts online to keep me motivated and inspired! Add me if so inclined!
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    My name is Cherie and I've been a low carber on and off for years.. My first experience was in 2008 when I reached my heaviest weight of 206. I started Oct 1 of that year and by new years day had lost down to 144. (62 lbs) when I leveled myself off I was about 155. (I'm 5`9 and 35) For several years I maintained at around 160 just staying away from breads, sweets, and potatoes.. But in 2012 I started pursuing my nursing degree and its all gone down hill. I'm currently 185. (I started at 195 in november.. Lost to 180 then took a few days off for Xmas and gained the 5 from the dreaded water weight.)

    Currently trying to reduce my carbs below 30g (minus fiber) a day and reducing my calories to 1200-1500. I monitor my protein intake and try to maintain 100+ grams a day. I watch my vitamin consumption and thus far only have to supplement 50% of my calcium. I have a portable pedal that I use at least 60 minutes a day. I log the exercise as leisurely biking but I don't eat back the calories.

    I love to read from the forums and to post.. I feel like I know how to lose and I know why I gain. I have a passion and addiction for food. I grow it (I'm an avid gardener). I process it (I raise chickens and dehydrate/store meats and veggies). I love to cook and I love to eat.. I weight all my food.. And I enjoy snacking. I hope mfp can help me stay passionate.
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    i am Jen :) i lost a bunch of weight since my NY resolution on 1/1/12 but it was mostly by calorie counting. i kinda hit a wall and started researching and doing Atkins and eventually keto in 8/14! i was doing good but had a rough Holiday season (i always do). But i am back on track :) i love this group because i never, ever go to the main boards over there. People there are (not everyone) mean. People here are very knowledgeable and supportive! Thank you Frob (a/k/a Goat!).
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    I'm Jen and I'm doing low carb again and feel so much better. Not sure why I ever stopped. I did low carb two years ago and got down to 140 and have let my weight creep back up to 157! I am trying to get a handle on it before it gets completely out of control. Love this group and the support. I hate the main boards as well and therefore hardly ever post. Good luck everyone. Happy to be friends with any here too. Love to get more ideas for meals/snacks etc. I tend to eat the same thing over and over again.
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    Hi, I'm Maxine, I've done LC on and off for the past few years, it seems to be the only thing that works for me. I have tried all the others but LC is the only one that I don't seem to get carb cravings. When I am losing I try to keep around 25 a day but I just need to work out how to do it to maintain. Not worked that out yet...................I started again today and need to lose 26lbs (again)
    I agree with you Jen, on the main boards people can be unkind, if it's not their way it's not right
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    I'm Michelle. I've been a low-carber for a long time, but I have problems sticking with it. Most of last year was me low-carbing/carb-cycling. I've learned that my body just LOVES low-carb. I don't have a gluten allergy, but am sensitive to processed wheat (white things). Last year I lost about 25 pounds doing low-carb and walking, and I am looking forward to continuing this trend into this year as well. Feel free to add me, love having friends and support!
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    Just signing off at the end of day 3... for a day and a half I felt sick, now I am feeling out but my mouth stinks almost as bad as my wee!

    I am actually feeling great tho...

    oh and in the immortal words of Peter Kay

    "I can't poo"

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    If you're having trouble with poo, eat more fat, cut back on the cheese, and drink some coffee and extra water. That combination will usually take care of things. Of course, at the start, things are funky because your body is adjusting to the change.

    The start is always a little weird for everyone.
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    So, a question. Does my fitness pal count carbs for you like it does calories or do I need to do that myself. I tried playing with settings but am stumped. I would rather see carb counts than calories.
  • dawlfin318
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    oh, and does anyone have trouble falling asleep during induction? I swear it does something to my brain. I could not fall asleep last night and remember this being a problem in the past when I tried to re-start a LCD
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    Just make sure you have it set to show carbs and fiber. I have {Protein, Fat, Carbs, Fiber} as the four main things I make sure I can see from the main screen.

    It will count them. The only thing is sometimes people don't include the right numbers when they input items.