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    I forgot to check in this weekend. I did an awesome cardio workout on saturday (I had fun and I burned almost 350 cals without even thinking, yay!). Yesterday was another cardio day, but I had to shovel snow (people who think shoveling snow is not a proper workout are clearly not Quebecers ;) ) so I completed with an active stretch and yoga workout from T25. It was nice, but not as effective as saturday.

    Today was supposed to be Workout A from Stronglifts, but I had a crappy night of sleep (went to bed at 9:30, was not asleep until midnight - and not fast asleep - and woke up before 4). At first, I was thinking about going to the gym anyway, but with about 3 hours of sleep, it was probably not a good thing to do. So this morning, I feel like crap and I'm sad because I skipped a workout. Blah.

    Hope things will go better during the rest of the week.
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    crabada wrote: »
    @Krok - What are high pulls?

    The high pull is where you start from either the ground or the hang position with a weight in hand (can be done with the bar, dumbbells, kettlebells, or a single KB) and basically replicate the second pull (and first if starting from the ground) of the snatch/clean, but don't try to 'catch' the bar. It's sort of an explosive upright row but the focus is more on the hip power and putting together the shrug and explosion necessary. It's used a lot as an accessory to oly lifts, but also works well on its own as a trap/upper back builder.


    @canadianlbs Kelly Starret is actually one of the guys that are making crossfit safer by teaching proper mechanics and ways to get better ROM on lifts where being restricted can be dangerous. I've been thinking about ordering his supple leopard book a lot and I might just go ahead and spring for it with my birthday money
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    Newbie checking in, VERY limited equipment (bar 11.5 lbs, weights are 14.3 lbs, 8.8 lbs, 4.4 lbs so total weights doesn't work with app) but trying to make it work.

    Workout B last night
    Squat 4x5 @ 28.5, 1x5 @ 36.12
    OHP 5x5 @ 28.5
    DL 5x5 @ 56.11

    Set up my basement, and entered information on the app last night.
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    Last night was workout B, and I am pretty happy with my progress:

    Squats: 5x5 @ 75# (up 5# from last workout)
    OHP: 2x5 @ 30#, 3x5 @ 35# (only a slight improvement, but I'll take it!)
    Deadlift: 1x5 @ 80# (up 10# from last workout)

    I also increased my weight on Rows to 60# over the weekend, thanks to suggestions in this thread to stack plates to get the bar to the right height on the floor. Previously, I wasn't lifting each rep from the floor, which caused me to lift less weight with poorer form. I still need to work on my form to ensure I'm not raising my back when I pull the bar towards my chest, but it's so much better than before.

    This is the start of my 6th full week of the program, and I am still loving it! The inspiration I'm getting from this thread helps so much to keep me motivated! I need to get my eating back on track now that my guests have left, but I am still happy with the results I'm seeing in the mirror.
  • Hi All!! Yay it's Monday and I get to lift!!! :)

    5 minute bike
    1 minute arm swings
    2 minute kettlebell swings
    1 minute jumping jacks

    Squat 5 6 105
    Bench Press, Barbell 5 6 62.5
    Barbell Row, Bent-over 5 5 75

    Extra Stuff
    Goblet Squat 3 10 20
    Convict Conditioning Pullups Step 3: Jackknife Pullups 3 15
    Convict Conditioning Pushups Step 3 Knee Pushups 3 10

    Think I am going to try the power cleans and good mornings. Thanks @Krokador !!
    Hope you all have good days!!
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    Cardio today. Did 3.13 miles in 51:45 min. It was very cold and windy, and the entire time I was praying it wasn't going to rain and ruin my phone. Other than that, I felt good!

    Forgot to add, since I've been having squat troubles, I've been watching the squatrx videos, and doing about 15 minutes of the stretches they recommend there. I've noticed that my hams and groin are really tight. Hopeful that will help with my form.
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    Squats - 5x5 at 130 lbs. First time at this weight. I will stay here next time as my form may not have been great for a couple.

    Bench - 4,4,4,4,3 at 72.5 lbs. First time at this weight. It was ok. I probably could have done 5 reps for a couple sets in the middle, but it was hard and I didn't want to fail a rep.

    Row - 5,5,5,5,3 at 80 lbs. These are starting to feel better. Not great but better. I may deload to get my form down pat.

    assisted pull ups - 6,4,3 at 55 lbs assist. Definitely harder on bench and row day than OHP and DL day. Also tried a couple negative pull ups. Those were waaayyy harder than I expected :P I think it will be a long time before I do an actual pull up.
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    good ol' monday. i always feel good when i get a lift in on this day, since that's one of the weekly three already ticked off the list. i was just tired today. weird because i had to bring down my bike with the heavy studded tires again, and yet i rode that like i was in really great shape. felt strong on the ride, put it that way. not so strong in the gym. workout x.

    squats: [email protected], [email protected] like i said, tired. and i might have found a sweet spot between pre-dinner and post-dinner rushes so the rack was deserted and i didn't want to pass up that chance. in other words, not a lot of stretching went on and i decided to keep it conservative. i'm not really too thrilled with my form but not really sure if something is actually wrong or i'm just getting disoriented after all these weeks of back/shoulder rehab. anyway, my lowbar mobility with elbows back seems to be improving or at least better these days.

    ohp: [email protected] same thing, staying conservative. there was no getting near the bench today, so i just repeated this lift even though i already did 6x6 at this weight two days ago. not really as magic as it was on saturday, but it got done.

    in between sets of these lifts, i practiced my front-rack mojo by getting the bar out and just standing with it for 15-20 seconds while i tried to make sure i found and released any of the wrong kind of tightness across the left side and just generally tried to get used to standing up straight and clean with the weight. really don't want to develop asymmetrical habits with this one. this went much better just taking it off the pins than it did when i was pulling the bar up myself.

    rows: yeah, meh pah rows. more half-assery just like always. i used the 30lb bar and did sets of 8 and i'm *still* trying to make it so my left side does a fair share of the work. i have this feeling that it probably can't deal with much more than 30, whatever my right side can pull.

    and then stretch and ride home.
  • Apologies in advance for yet another day of mopey-ness from me. Thought I'd end up skipping the gym, but called it quits at the library a little early and made myself go before I could dive into my bed head first (which is what I *wanted* to do). I didn't really help my mood that much, but at least it was a good two-hour distraction and a decent workout.

    Workout A

    Squats - 5x5 @ 145 lbs. (Working set PR)
    - I've got something going on with my right glute / abductor / outside thigh-hip area that's making these less than 100% comfortable. Actually, during squats it's OK, but it aches like crazy afterwards. May need to deload on squats for a while, unfortunately.

    Bench Press - 4x5, 1x4 @ 85 lbs.
    - Missed the very last rep, so will repeat.
    - I may be getting taller (no, not really) because I was able to use only two plates under my feet instead of three today. I feel like that helped me engage my legs and core more, but since I haven't read that chapter in SS yet, I don't really know what I'm talking about. :)

    Row - 1x5 @ 85 lbs, 4x5 @ 75 lbs.
    - 85 lbs. was just too heavy to keep my form nice and tight. So deloaded down to 75 lbs. Felt perfectly heavy and form was nice. May stay here for a few workouts just to lock in this feeling.

    I'd given myself permission to blow off the accessories if I felt like it, but I ended up staying to do a few things.

    Seated Dips (machine) / Bicep Curls (alternating sets):
    Dips - 3x10 @ 110 lbs.
    - Looking at the app, I realized I'm only supposed to be doing 3x5 on these. Oh well - no use going backwards now. Will stay at this weight all week, then bump up by 5 lbs.
    Bicep Curls - 3x10 @ 15 lbs.
    - I'm still at failure by the final set, but these might have felt a little easier tonight? May try for 3x11 or 3x12 next time.

    Leg Press - 1x5 @ 270, 1x5 @ 360, 1x5 @ 450 lbs.
    - When I couldn't do squats, this was my go-to lower body exercise, and 450 lbs. used to be my 5x5 working weight. Ha! Not anymore! I'm going to chalk this up to the fact that I'd done all that other stuff, and assume it's not because my legs are actually weaker. Though they might be -- thankfully my 145 squats + bodyweight does not = 450 lbs., so it's possible I've lost some of that strength. Whatever. These were just for fun.

    Stretching routine.

    <3<3<3<3<3 - that's how I feel about you Ladies!

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    @crabada‌ hugs for you hun xxx feel free to mope around here, but know that I'll go all CAPS on your *kitten* if you need me to x

    Walked 7kms yesterday

    Lifting tonight was a reminder to leave my ego at the door. Scaled down on OHP as I slept funny and as much as I wanted to do 75lbs, it just wasn't happening with my shoulder today. So deloaded and accepted that.

    Squat 5x5 @ 155lbs.
    OHP 5x5 @ 55lbs.
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 190lbs, was supposed to be a deload but just for fun I pulled 1x4 @ 210lbs.

    Tossing up between having a protein shake or chocolate right now. Have hit my protein macro and have calories for either. Chocolate it is lol
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    psych101 wrote: »
    @crabada‌ hugs for you hun xxx feel free to mope around here, but know that I'll go all CAPS on your *kitten* if you need me to x
    Deadlift 1x5 @ 190lbs, was supposed to be a deload but just for fun I pulled 1x4 @ 210lbs.

    I'll let you know when I need the ALL CAPS. Not yet though.

    And WOWOWOWOWOW! Those are some monster deads!
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    Wow, that is some leg press there. I'm still trying to work up to 4 sets of 45 total on that thing. Should probably do it more often.

    Lifted after work, though had easy, shorter cashier shift so wasn't too bad. I do like the 12 reps more than the 15 had to do before. Looking forward to the 8 ones coming up in the future already. Has been kind of odd doing more reps per set on my main lifts than what I usually do for accessories. Had a minor oops in squat so ended up with an extra set to correct it but other than that, not a bad night. Also, the fake nails didn't bother me at all, probably because I buy short ones when I get them from the store. Typing, on the other hand, is a work in progress with them.

    Day 5, A3

    Squat 1x12 @ 100 (lopsided as forgot a plate on right side), then 2x12 @ 105 for the actual set.

    Push-up 1x12 using walkway rail
    Seated Row2x12 @ 60 - went up and it was tough on the last reps

    Step-up 2x12 @ 15 - kept weight but might increase next time
    PJ 2x12 - getting better, though 2 guys were in the little area when I started but they left during my first set of them.

    For fun:
    bench press [email protected] 70, db bench press 3x8 @ 25, and bicep curl 3x8 @ 30. Curl felt heavier this time but still used the fixed, straight bar. Not sure on how to hold the ez curl ones still.
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    And the most I've ever managed on a leg press was like... 90 lbs I think. And I've done close to 200lbs for calf presses, but that's another story. I must not leg press the way it's intended to be done! lol.

    I don't feel like getting to it here but I should be doing my active recovery circuit. I guess I'm posting about it because then I'll definitely feel bad if I don't xD I didn't wake up at 5:30 to dillydaddle on forums before work! Even I, usually so motivated to get my move on, hit a wall sometimes. Just keep on swimmin', right?
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    Forgot to check in this weekend.

    Sunday: ran a 10k in 59:58.8. My goal was to run it in roughly 62 mins, but I'm stoked that I ran it in under 60 (even if just barely under 60)!!

    Yesterday: Workout B
    --Squats 5x5 at 175#. These felt heavy, but very good. I was a big wobbly coming out of the hole on a few of them. I plan on sticking at this weight until next week-ish regardless.
    --OHP 5x5 at 95#. These felt ok. This is the second (or third) time I've successfully gotten 95# for 5x5. The other one (or two) times I had to pretty much have the 3 min rest or I would fail. This time, I only took a 3 min rest between the 4th and 5th sets.
    --Deads 1x5 at 200#. Man, these felt heavy, but I was able to do them. On rep 4, I started to lose my left grip. I was able to (somehow, still not sure how) re-grip the bar and lower down then pull up again for my 5th rep. I felt like a BA pulling these, especially since 3 months ago, 205 was my 1RM weight!!

    Did some accessories afterwards:
    Light deads: 2x10 at 135#. I was going to go for 3x10, but my left arm/grip felt really weak.
    Dumbbell shoulder press 5x10 at 50# (25# each hand). These were hard, but I set out to smoke my shoulders. Smoke my shoulders I did.
    Lateral side raises 5x10 at 20# (10# each hand). This added to the smoking of the shoulders mentioned above.
    Overhead tricep extension 4x10 at 25#.
    Hammer curls 1x10 at 20# (10# each hand) then 3x10 at 30# (15# each hand).
    Rode 9 miles on the bike afterwards and did some hip stretching.
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    Workout B today:
    Squats: [email protected] lbs
    OHP: [email protected] lbs
    Deadlift: [email protected] 105 lbs

    Accessory: Good mornings, [email protected] lbs

    Cardio: 45 minutes on the treadmill
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    Yesterday was rest day but threw in squats (5x5 @ 36.1). I am thinking of adding squats on off days until I progress to my max reps (and/or until I can invest in more plates/equipment). Or should I stick to the 3 days...or squats without weights...??? Thinking out loud but would welcome input…
  • xcalygrl
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    giusa wrote: »
    Yesterday was rest day but threw in squats (5x5 @ 36.1). I am thinking of adding squats on off days until I progress to my max reps (and/or until I can invest in more plates/equipment). Or should I stick to the 3 days...or squats without weights...??? Thinking out loud but would welcome input…

    I'd stick to just three days a week. Your body grows stronger and recovers on the days when you don't lift (even if you're lifting lighter weights). Plus, rest days give your CNS a break from lifting. As you progress, you will need the rest days, so it's better to get in the habit now of taking them.
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    Mixed day:

    Squats: [email protected], [email protected] warmups. 5,5,5,4,4 @115, going to deload to 100 and start working back up again. I just feel like I can't hold the form together at 115 the way I did below it.

    Bench: [email protected], [email protected] These were tough for sure, but I think I will try to push for 80 next time with the knowledge that I will likely stay there for a few sessions.

    Barbell row: [email protected], [email protected] Actually didn't feel like a moron doing these for once!

    3x8 inverse rows underhand grip

    3x10 seconds each just dead hanging off the pullup bar-felt nice as an upper body stretch and hopefully it helps my grip.

    Did day 1 week 2 of 100 pushups but felt lousy so I will be repeating that day again.

    Stay warm everyone! It was -2 when I left the house this AM.
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    workout A today

    Squats 5x5 62.5kg (138lbs)
    Bench 5x5 37.5kg (83lb)
    Row 5x5 42.5kg (94lbs)

    I will stick to the bench weight again next time as I had a break in a couple of the sets for a few seconds so I could get all the reps in.

    Still not 100% sure about row form but I think it is getting better.