Workout check-in - May-king big changes this month



  • DawnEmbers
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    Woot. Some awesome lifting going on here with 50 OHP's and breaking that 100 barrier on other lifts. You all are doing awesome.

    Yesterday we moved the bulk of everything. So two of us lifted boxes, bedding, a small couch and two wooden dressers down a flight of stairs to U-haul (that I had to drive so glad it was a small one) and then unpack them into the new apartment that is on the first floor. Just me and my mom have done all the moving. But that was close enough to a workout. Still have some boxes and stuff to move, then arranging everything. I have work tonight and tomorrow so won't lift until Tuesday after move is done and mom is gone.

    Have a fun weekend, everyone.
  • indianarose2
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    Congratulations Dawn!!! An awesome example of functional strength! Hope you enjoy your new digs!! If I was there I'd give you a housewarming plant or something. Lol! Thanks for the kudos btw. :-) (blushing smile because I can't add an emoticon here)
  • mirrim52
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    Was running late this morning, so my workout was a little rushed.

    Squat - 3x5 at 145. I had twingy muscle pain in my upper thigh, so these were meh. I think leftover DOMS from Thursday.
    Bench 3x5 at 75. Got it, but barely. I might be here for a bit.
    Row 3x5 at 75. ok. I can probably go up.

    Skullcrushers - 3x8 at 35 lbs. Much better weight for me.
    Barbell curls - 3x8 at 40 lbs. Woohoo. Got it :)
    Shrugs - 3x8 at 50 lbs.
    Hyperextensions - 3x10 with 15 lbs.
    Cable crunches - 3x12 at 40 lbs.

    No pull ups today, was already late.
  • krokador
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    Buh! Now that the initial adrenaline rush has worn off and i've taken a nap and eaten (way too much. Because I,d barely eaten anything at all over the rest of the day after breakfast xD) my body is starting to just hurt all frickin' over o.O

    5km, 35 obstacles race in a ski resort. temp outside reached like 33 in the sun + humidity, but thankfully most of the race was in the woods. 2h15min time, last I checked I was 23rd women and 76th overal. Kept ahead of most of my wave the whole time and was only passed by like 5-6 different people. And only skipped 3 obstacles (all hanging stuff) and some halves here and there.

    I'm really, really happy with how I did. but ow. lol. And I'm doing it again next week.
  • Llamapants86
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    Did the WOW and then hit up my long run. 12k is what I had planned, 9k is what ended up happening. It was hot out because I went out a little too late and I still have me some doms from increasing my volumes on my weights this past week.
  • indianarose2
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    Krokador you are a superwoman! Love it!

    Repeated last workout so I could be insynch with my husband so:
    All 5x5
    Squat 100
    (repeated to make sure my core was staying strong, will stay here I think till I only need 90 sec rest and feel as perfect as possible form-wise: core, knees, not leaning forward too much)
    OHP 45 (did not progress here, tried one set of 50 and said nope - last rep at 45 felt some back arch so staying here again next time)
    Deadlift 115 (did progress here - thought at first my grip would fail but I took off my gloves and told myself to do it and it went fine.) I have a habit of trying to talk myself out of my abilities. I could tell stories ... Maybe lifting and overcoming my self-doubt will cure this?
    Did the wow for the spring challenge. I love trying new things! My single leg Romanian deadlift was pretty hilarious. I have terrible balance apparently. I had to repeat several reps so they would count, took a while! Lol! Hope all had a good weekend. Tomorrow will be my first 20 minute run in like forever. Building up 5 mins per week.
  • canadianlbs
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    krokador wrote: »
    I'm really, really happy with how I did. but ow.

    i took a 3g creatine pill and a ton of water an hour or two before i set out, and i couldn't help simultaneously fearing i was going to come over all incredible hulk (i.e. green and with Teeth), and being disappointed that i didn't seem to have turned into incredible hulk (monster squat-king style lifts). i did discover a few rips in my favourite (and ancient) workout pants though, so there's that. workout a.

    squat: 90. they weren't easy or anything but then it's 5lbs up from last time, and last time wasn't too easy either. so i'm feeling like that's pretty good.

    bench: 75. well, just check me out. i'm gonna tell you that these ones were HARD, but i liked my form a whole lot today and there was never any real doubt at any point that i'd get them all. i took every rep as slow as i had to to make sure it went up, and i kind of like that feeling. however, i did not do any thing extra or fancy for bench press today.

    rows: were the disappointment. we'll just say that i did them at 70lbs, because i went up and down and back up again and then down again. and (if i'm truthful) couldn't really get the form properly right except when i was way way way down with the weight. however, my '70' here was a full 5x5 and doesn't count all the other sets i did first at 80 and 75 and and so forth. do idk, extra reps if nothing else, i guess. right at the end it dawned on me that i was forgetting to get my collarbones set before i started, so i got one set with much better form but was too gassed out by that point to keep on going.

    accesssory: i did a set of around 10 deadlifts with just the trainer plates and the small bar at the very end of the day, i.e. 50lbs today. and i did i-think 3x5 of the overhead press with 45, and various in-between points of my rows.
  • awkwardsoul
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    Last lifting session of the month! And my shark week is still killing me.

    Squats 210lbs 5x5 - working back to 225lbs - warmup 2x5 45lbs/ 1x5 135lbs / 1x3 175lbs. Did it but I want to repeat it yet again as I wasn't happy with form on the last two sets. Mostly fatigue and feeling faint again.

    OHP 3/1/3/1/3 80lbs 3rd attempt - and fail again and deload. I was really hoping to get one full rep set at least but was a no.

    Deadlift 1x0 215lbs 3rd attempt - and I couldn't get the bar off the ground again. I can't video myself deadlifting either since I don't have enough clearance. Form check was I needed to get lower, and I reattempted and still no luck.

    I could probably do 1 more attempt on OHP and Deadlift since today I'm still running off shark week weakness but since both 80lbs OHP and 215 deadlift haven't been going well for all attempts I'm just gonna deload than drag it out.

    I'm debating to switch to Sumo for deadlifts too. I dunno.
  • canadianlbs
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    ^^^ sigh. i quoted krok upthread because i meant to say wow or yay or lol or something like that. all those reports about creatine sharpening the mental faculties? i'm no argument for that idea.
  • MalineVD
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    Was supposed to lift this morning, but yesterdat evening I cut my thumb while cooking.
    I was actually convinced I'd cut it all off! That's how much it hurt! It just kept on bleeding and there's no way I could put pressure on it for an OHP or deadlift :(
    I'll try again tomorrow!
  • DawnEmbers
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    Ouch. Careful with that thumb MalineVD. I hope it heals fast.

    I'm all moved in except for the unpacking, so time to get back to regular schedule. Today I jogged for 30 minutes at the park.
  • cherisseb96
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    Did workout A yesterday
    Squat 5x5 85#
    Bench 5x5 70#
    Rows 5x5 80#
    I definitely feel sore today from that bench and my squat speed is starting to slow as the weight gets heavier. I'm really loving how short stronglifts workouts are.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
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    Please join us in June, Ladies. :smiley:

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