Workout check-in - May-king big changes this month



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    The radio in the background made me wonder where you were from, turns out you live in my hometown!! I live in Colorado now, but can't wait to go eat une poutine Chez Louis!

    Oh wow! A Sherby native! Hehe. The Louis Poutine isn't what it used to be, though :( Or maybe I just grew past it (fries are just TOO greasy to my liking). The new thing in town is called "Le Snack". They have the most amazing "Poutine du boss" which is a regular poutine with a mix of bacon, ground beef, smoked meat, onions and I think even some peperoni with a bit of their "Texan" sauce on top, which is kinda reminiscent of the Subway Southwest chipotle, only a bit sweeter. It is to. die. for. (No, literally, that much fat will kill you! ROFL!

    Oh! I think I will stick with just a classic poutine since I don't want a heart attack anytime soon!
    I might have to try out that place, it's hard to find good hand cut French fries around here, and fromage en crotte frais du jour!
    Oh I can't wait!
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    Back on track this week. I will try to incorporate some extra cardio like spinning and short runs with the SL program. I miss my cardio too much.

    Today, I did the following:

    SQUATS: 5x5@ 110 lbs. Did pretty well on these.
    OP: 5x5 @ 50 lbs. I finished pretty well, but still think I should stay at this weight until next week.
    DEADLIFTS: 1x5@ 145 lbs. My grip was bad on my last lift but I managed it. I think I need to get some gloves.
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    Cardio day. Went a little later than planned and it was hot out, but managed to jog 28 minutes. I'm doing a shorter run Mondays, middle length Wednesday and longer on Fridays. Good news is that this time the 28 minute one felt easier. Hope to get up to 32 this week and 35 minutes next week.
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    Options I'm new to all of this MFP forum stuff (obviously)

    So I've been doing 5x5 for 1 week now *yaaaaaayy*
    Today was workout B

    Squat: 5x5 @ 60
    OHP: 5x5 @ 50...
    Deadlift: 5x5 @ 105.

    Soooooooooo yah that was me today ......super excited to see my lifts go up
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    So I've been doing 5x5 for 1 week now *yaaaaaayy*

    :D:D:D:D hi. good to see you.

    i did workout b today, which is a stat holiday. it went better than i had expected really.

    squats: 5x5@75. i did do warmup sets but these were the ones that counted. about the only thing that seems to block that little s.i. pinch on the way up is to squat waaaaay more from my left leg than i've been used to doing. so i did that the whole time, and that's why it was just 75.

    ohp: 6x6@45, no rack. there was a meathead actually IN the rack the whole time, working on his Most Glorious Traps. so whatever; by the time he was done doing one or two sets of eentsy-teensy little shrug variations and wandering away to yap for 10 mins to some buddy of is, i was done too. 45 lbs is now easy enough that i think i could move up and do 50 if i did have a rack, but i'm in no hurry for it because i like the feeling of having total control of my form. and extra sets/reps means more ohp, and damn. i just like the feeling of doing this lift :D

    deadlift: working weight 125. i did progressive increases in groups of 3 reps like last time, but i started at 65 and went up in 20lb jumps at first.

    i did some rows super-setted with the ohp, in between whiles. and some of my usual shoulder stuff, some bw glute bridging, and some very lacklustre planks. last time i lifted was just friday, but still it all ahd that 'glad to be back' feel to it.

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    Saturday's workout
    Squats: 5x5 @ 60#
    BP: 5x5 @ 55#
    Rows: 5x5 @ 55#

    Today's workout
    Squats: 5x5 @ 65#
    OHP: failed two sets @ 55#
    DL: 1 set of 5 @ 115#

    Both workouts felt great, even with the failed OHP.
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    Tired tonight, but gave it my best.

    Workout A (Mon)

    Squats 2 x 5 - 175

    Squats 1 x 5 - 195

    Squats 1 x 5 - 205

    Squats 3 x 5 - 210

    Deadlift 1 x 3 - 195

    Deadlift 1 x 1 - 200

    Bench press - 1 x 3 - 80

    Bench press - 3 x 5 - 90
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    Ugh, I forget to check in when I'm not at work.

    Friday: Workout B followed by the Spring into Summer WOW.
    Squats 5x5 at 160#. These felt soooooo heavy, but I was able to get them all.
    OHP 5x5 at 75#.
    Dead 1x5 at 205#. It's kind of funny to lift this as my working set when back in November this weight was my 1RM :smile:
    Then did the Spring into Summer WOW. My shoulders were smoked after this.

    Saturday: Triathlon training run. Biked 12.4 miles then ran 3.1 miles.

    Sunday: rest

    Monday: Workout A
    Squats 5x5 at 160#. THese didn't feel near as heavy as they did on Friday. I'm glad I decided to stick with 160 for another week before bumping up though.
    Bench 5x5 at 115#. Hard, but I was able to get them all. Again, this was my 1RM back in November, but now it's my working weight. Fistbump!
    Rows 5x5 at 85#.
    Then some accessories: narrow lat pull-down 3x10 at 90# and lunges 3x16 at 35#.
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    So I didn't get my cardio done yesterday like planned (my week off turned into 9 days off!). I did, however, get my booty out of bed this morning and did my first round of lifting after my break! I didn't want to, but I'm so glad I did. It felt good, but really hard. I felt wobbly and disoriented a little, but I think after a few days staying at lower weights and I'll be back in the groove. Yay :)
    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x105
    Bench: 5x5x80
    Rows: actually feels like more work for my legs than my arms/back/shoulders - holding myself in the bent over position is where I'm feeling more 'work' - oddly..
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    UBB 2.0 Conquer W4D1

    1A) Snatch + Hang Snatch x2 EMOTM x6
    70, 70, 72.5, 72.5, 72.5 and 75.

    2A) Squats EMOTM x3 - 3 reps @ 157.5
    EMOTM x3 - 2 reps @ 165
    EMOTM x5 - 1 rep @ 175

    3A) 20, 15, 10 for time (7:59)
    - DB Squat Clean @25lbs- Kneew to bows

    So I spent the afternoon doing yard work after the cardio yesterday morning. Surprisingly enough I was feeling relatively strong this morning regardless (but I did have to do a bit extra mobility work to be able to squat ATG). Shaved 50 seconds off of the metcon, which I am very happy about. I think I'll take tomorrow as a recovery day though, my legs need a bit of a breather.

    Also, random thought: I miss doing pendlay rows. lol. I wanted to get some in on Sunday but once I was done with the WOD I was just done. Maybe on Thursday if I have time. Or once I get to the deload, aye?

    BTW, any of you gals plan on taking on Murph (body armor)? I think I'll take a stab at it
    (recline rows subbed in for pull-ups, more than likely, and I'll partition the bw stuff otherwise it'll take for-eh-ver. I might throw on a slightly weighted backpack for kicks but not sure there because UGH!)
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    I might try the Murph WOD @krokador, but I'm not sure. I have a memorial ruck for a fallen hero at 0100 on May 25 that is going to be about 8 hours. If I have any fuel left in the tank, then I'll give Murph a shot. Otherwise, I'll probably do it one day next week instead.
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    Short one today - got to the gym late.

    SQ 5x5 10#
    OHP 5x5 30#, 40#, 4/3/5/3/3 50# - obviously will redo next time
    DL 5x5 40#, 50#, 75# - will redo since form wasn't perfect
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    Stronglifts B

    Squat 5 x 5 @145 lbs.

    Overhead press 5 x 5 @ 50 lbs. Barely made it on the last so I'm going to stay at 50 lbs.

    Sumo Deadlift 1 x 5 @ 135 lbs. De-loaded to work on form.

    20 minutes of Zumba
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    B Workout to tonight.
    Treadmill warm-up - stayed on longer waiting for the squat rack to free up.

    Squat: 85 lbs
    OHP: 45 lbs still not able to do a full 5 x 5
    Deadlift: 85 lbs felt easy. Was tempted to do more but I held off.
    Assisted Chin ups: -64 lbs

    It was bro-buddy day at the gym today so I didn't get to do the other accessories I wanted because of all the guys standing around by the dumbbells.
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    Squat - 3x5 at 140 lbs
    DL - 1x5 at 170 lbs. This was ok, but I am having issues putting the bar down. I find I am rounding my back on the way down, which isn't good. I am afraid of hurting my back putting it down, so I will stay at this weight until I can do it properly.
    OHP - 3x5 at 52.5 lbs. Ok, but I can't do the hip bounce thing without arching my back.
    Row - 3x5 at 60 lbs - light day
    Close grip BP - 3x8 at 40 lbs
    Barbell curl - 3x8 at 35 lbs
    Cable crunch - 3x10 at 40 lbs
    5 x negative pull ups

    I'm sleepy :P It was an early morning plus the gym means I am exhausted.
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    I was gone for a bit camping. Ate too much, wasn't as active as I had hoped to be, kind of what happens when you spend one full day holed up in a trailer because it was just nasty out weather wise. Oh well I got back on it on Monday with Deadlift deload day (95 lbs x 5, 115 lbs x 5 and 135 lbs x9) and my long run (11k) that I had skipped on Sunday because we got back late. Monday I ended up with 30,000+ steps between my run and all the chores that had to get done.
    Today was OHP deload day (45 lbs 3x5) pushups, inverted rows and DB rows for accessories (5x8) and a half km sprint, then 5.89 km easy run at lunch. I have so many km to make up for my week of slacking...
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    Booo, had a really crappy lifting session today.

    Squats 5x5 - 200lbs, deload from 225lbs - I was crazy and decided since I've deloaded that I should get ATG, which made this much more difficult since there was no bounce at the bottom. I don't know if I will keep striving to do ATG, it's not necessary and I typical do a wider stance, but it was interesting to try.

    OHP 4/3/2/1/4 - 80lbs, first attempt - So, my first 4 reps looked really good but apparently that's all I had left in the gas tank.

    Deadlift 1x0 - 215lbs, first attempt - UGGGG, so... I couldn't get the bar off the ground at all. I tried adjusting my hand placement, feet, double checked my starting form and nope. Sucks as warm up went really well, I was flying on 135lb and 175lb. This made me really sad, I wish I at least got the bar off the ground and then failed from there. Thinking I need an accessory day and I'll just bang out more lower weight deadlifts.

    Ah well, time to torture myself with casein.
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    Hi All -- I've missed you gals!

    Now that school and graduation and the chapter are done, I can finally get back to real life. Jumped back in today with the incline hike with Huck. Even though I did the ascent in about the same amount of time, it was way harder than I would have liked. :( But it was beautiful out, Huck was in heaven, and it felt good to be doing something -- even if I was audibly panting most of the time. Good thing I was the only person out there! About 90 minutes total.

    Tomorrow I meet with a potential personal trainer -- I just don't think I'm going to lock down or improve my form on my own right now. My regular gym is LA Fitness, and I don't have a lot of faith in their trainers, so I called a local lifting-oriented gym near my house, and spoke with the owner. He asked me lots of great questions about my current routine, was totally straightforward, did not give me the hard sell, and wasn't even remotely condescending. So tomorrow afternoon is more conversation and probably an initial workout. Fingers crossed he's a good fit. And that he doesn't tell me to look at the ceiling while I squat. (Don't do that, you fool!)

    Sorry I've been MIA. Looking forward to getting caught up with all of you!

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    Have fun Crabada!

    I had a busy day at work even with a shorter shift and got a lot done. Then lifted weights after work. My knee bothered me yesterday at work but it was fine today. The right elbow got a bit achy during the rear lung and prone snatch sets but wasn't too bad. Overall, an okay night.

    NROLFW Stage 4 - B2

    warmup with low bar squats 3x5 @ 85 - okay though shoulder still aren't fans of low bar

    wide grip deadliest from box 3x8 @ 125 - I want to try 135 at end of stage

    bulgarian split squat 3x8 @ 25 - okay but tad rough on last reps
    underhand lat pull down 3x8 @ 80 - managed but heavy

    reverse lunge from step 3x8 @ 25 - eh
    db prone cuban snatch 3x8 @ 10 - tough cause elbow

    bent over row 3x8 @ 70 - heavy but managed
    db shrug 3x10 @ 30 - okay but grip issue on one set
    assisted chin up with slow decent 2x5 @ 10 - not bad

    Now to finish things up and sleep so I can make myself get up earlier to jog.
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    Dayum. I had skipped friday and monday due to being sick, so it had been a week since I last lifted and I had to deload almost everything. Was already planning on doing so to focus more on form but still..
    I have this feeling everything is harder for me, considering I'm really tiny. Barely 5' and 120lbs.. Don't know if it has something to do with it :)

    Squats: warmups with empty bar - 5x5 77lbs Went good, though I still have the feeling I'm doing goodmornings when I come up..

    Bench: 2x5 55lbs, then deloaded 3x7 44lbs for form. My gympartners told me I don't go straight up. I do this weird turn when I go down and when I'm up.. So going to film this with empty bar before I increase again.

    Rows: 5x5 66lbs. These were toughhhhh!! But got them all.

    I really wonder how long I should stay at a weight or if I should try to increase everytime...