Workout check-in - May-king big changes this month



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    @MalineVD - Everyone is a little different on both accounts (the results and the OHP). I could do the bar in OHP after not long on SL back when I was doing it, but I had been lifting cases of water, random totes people stack taller than me and such at work for a couple of years. I stalled after a bit and want to work towards 75 once I get back to a program like SL but the prior work and such helped for me to do the bar and even 50 after just a couple of weeks. And for changes in my body, I started out obese and just am now getting close to the overweight category for my height, so the visuals over the months I've been lifting are probably easier to see than someone else. Then again, people at work (coworkers and customers) noticed my weight loss before I felt I saw any noticeable changes, so it depends on who is looking as well.

    My workout - Late night and long session at the gym. Had today off from work so that was nice but also spent a long time at the computer working on things. I ended up doing 15 minutes on the treadmill as a short warm up, just walking since I hadn't done as much moving around beforehand. Made it through last day A for stage 3 and didn't skip things this time though I wanted to a little bit. Too bad some of the things I don't care for are in most of the stages, lol. Still will be nice to do front squat/push press again on Tuesday when I start Stage 4.

    NROLFW Stage 3 - A4

    warm up squats 3x5 @ 105 - not bad, I'm slowly increasing but only 3 sets keeps it easy

    one arm db snatch 2x6 @ 30 - same as before, I could have maybe done 32.5 but didn't feel up to trying 35 and the increment ones end at 27.5 then it's just 5 lb increases for the dumbbells

    db one leg romanian deadlift 3x6 @ 30 - still struggle with the left leg
    bar bent over row 3x6 @ 80 - so heavy that I barely manage the last rep

    db one arm overhead squat 3x6 @ 12.5 and 25 - tried a slight increase, not bad though tiny bit awkward still
    db incline bench 3x6 @ 27.5 - not bad, getting tougher but still went up fine

    plank 1@75 and 2@60 - still don't like them
    reverse wood chop 3x6 @ 15 - eh, okay

    body weight matrix 1 round at just under 5 minutes. I suck still but it got better compared to the first attempt.

    leg press 3x8 @ 180 - I was too lazy to take off the extra 45 plates so just left it at 4 of them and tried anyways. And I didn't adjust the seat and should have cause could barely move the thing with my toes to move the safeties but still managed.

    good morning 3x8 @ 50 - same as usual

    hip thrust 3x10 @ 30 - still a bit awkward but manage through

    Now it's late and I'm not tired. Good thing I don't have to get up early for work or anything.
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    Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I'm not giving up. I am going to figure it out!
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    MalineVD wrote: »

    I really thought I would finally be able to do the 5x5 starting weight OHP of 45lbs, but failed yet again.. I really don't know what to do with them. Try the 45 lbs every time again? Because even just 10lbs lighter and I can do them easily.. Any advice on this??

    If those are the only two weights available, I would do one of two things. Try doing 3 reps for 5 sets with the 45, then start moving up from there. When you can do 5x3, try for 5x4, then finally 5x5.

    Or, take the 33 lbs and do like 5x7 or 5x8 and work up until you can do maybe 5x10 and then go to 5x5 on the 45.

    Basically, if you can't change the weight, change the reps.
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    @MalineVD I initially started with 28 for OhP and worked my way to 36 then stalled. A deload to 30 (app suggested weight...which was easy for me) and now working my way up. Like @mirrim52 said, change reps. Now I'm doing 34 at 5x8, when I get to 10 reps I'll move up to 36. For me even 1 lb can make such a huge difference! You're doing great, don't let it discourage you.
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    Did the Spring into Summer WOW just now. Ugh, I still hate burpees. But I got it done and feel pretty good now. I don't know how long it took me because I didn't time myself.
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    MalineVD wrote: »

    I really thought I would finally be able to do the 5x5 starting weight OHP of 45lbs, but failed yet again.. I really don't know what to do with them. Try the 45 lbs every time again? Because even just 10lbs lighter and I can do them easily.. Any advice on this??

    Squats: 5x5 83lbs. These went okay but felt suuuuperheavy. The bar is also kinda starting to hurt on my neck/shoulders.

    OHP: 2x5 45lbs (though not very pretty) and 3x5 33 which was too easy, but there were no other plates available..

    Deadlift 1x5 77lbs. Superdupereasy. Felt good and strong!

    I'm now doing Stronglifts for 3 weeks. Feeling of getting stronger? Yes. Noticing any changes of my body? Nope. Not that I really mind. I know it can take quite some time.
    When did you guys started seeing you were firming up/losing fat/noticing more muscles etc?

    I agree with mirrim52 to lower the with the empty bar until you can get to 5 x 5 then you can move on. The OHP has been very challenging for me as well....I am stuck at 50, but hope to conquer this soon

    Thanks for your responses. I just found it weird that, on my cardio days, where I expel about 700 cals in total, I am less hungry than on the days that I life (where I expel about 150 cals.) :smiley:

    I am off every other Friday, and today was one of those. I slept for 10 hours, and felt so refreshed at the gym!

    Squat = 95 lbs. (I will stay here a while, to try and get lower, and use glutes rather than quads to come out of the hole)

    BB Row = 70 lbs.

    BP = 65 lbs. (making a bit of progress; will stay here a while making sure the bar hits mi chest)

    Tomorrow...I ride.....aahhhh!!

    TGIF ladies!!
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    Last night lifts:
    Squat: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x115
    OHP: 2x5x45, 5x5x75
    Dead: 1x5x140

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    Cardio Day

    I should not jog on a hot day at 1 pm with no sunscreen. I had a hat but still. So hot and tired. Plus, I think I need to move glute/hamstring accessories to Saturday night so that I'm not trying to jog the next day. After the heavy leg press and such last night, it was a rough attempt. I almost didn't make it the 28 minutes as I nearly stopped jogging a few times, but in the end I powered through. Done with week 8 of C25k.

    Now to get a bunch of stuff done and shower before work.
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    holy cow you guys!! Where have I been - this thread erupted!!!

    Been away for work so lifted Wednesday, ran around the city on Friday morning (4km including massive hills) - lifted this morning

    Squat 5x5x140lbs
    Bench 5x5x90lbs
    Row 5x5x100lbs

    Superset 5x5
    Latpulldowns at 90lbs
    Single arm row 25lb dumbbell
    Single arm overhead thruster thing 25lb dumbbell
    Single arm press 25lb dumbbell
    Arnold press 25lb dumbbell
    Prone Jackknife using swiss ball
    Pushups using swiss ball

    Yep -killed myself as last lift until I get back from Fiji in a weeks time!
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    Hoping this might be one of the last or the last dumbell workout...
    Squat 6x5x65
    Bp 5x5x55
    Row 5x5x40
    All felt really good. About back to where I was before slight deload after traveling. Wishing I was was further along but have been appreciating the practice on form and hoping it will help/transfer well to the barbell.
    Running is coming along. I've been adding a minute each week to my run walk intervals. This week was 3 minutes run 1 minute walk for 2 miles on the treadmill. So pleased to have no shin pain. Whoop!
    Rack and barbell shopping tomorrow. Hoping to find something!
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    Took a few days off for a long weekend vacation trip for a wedding. I did workout on Wednesday, mostly deloads and was just an awful day at the gym because my allergies were horrible as well.

    I am always staaaarving the day after too. The day I work out I have trouble eating enough but the day after I feel like I could eat the entire kitchen.

    Yesterday's workout:
    Squats: 75lbs - going to stay here again working on my hip drive a bit
    OHP: 45lbs! I decided to try the bar instead of the baby bar because the gym was light. I had a couple of failures, but I'm happy I was able to actually do the bar!
    Deadlift: 80 lbs. Crossfit side had a class so I couldn't use the bumper plates. so I did have to stack some plates. At what weight do we not have to do that anymore?

    The gym was so quiet that I really wanted to stay and do more, but my allergies are still bothering me so much and I didn't want be dead for all the yard work I want to do this weekend. It almost makes me want to switch to a Friday, Sunday, Tuesday schedule just have some more quiet time at the gym, but I know I wouldn't be able to keep that up every weekend.
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    Hello ladies. I'm new here, but not really new to SL. (Quick-ish background: I did SL5x5 for 1.5 years (I got up to: squats 180#; bench 95#; OHP 75#; rows 120#; deadlifts 205#). I loved it, loved how strong I felt, but I was not happy with how my body looked. Decided to focus solely on weight loss and stop lifting. It's been nearly a year and I lost over 55#s through walking and counting calories. I miss lifting like crazy and I always planned on going back to it - started again two days ago! And here I am. Yay!)

    My new first SL workout was Thursday. At first, my body was like "What are you doing?!?" By the middle of the workout, my body remembered the lifts and how it felt and I started to feel good and the movements felt natural. I've been sore the past two days, but I expected that. Today I will do workout B. I tried a couple body squats. I felt the soreness, but I was able to do them so I'll see how this soreness feels under the bar today.

    Thursday's workout:

    Squats: 5x5; 45#
    Bench: 5x5; 45#
    Rows: 5x5; 45#
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    Holy crap today was a burner. I feel like it was the first workout this week I really gave it more than the bare minimum, so there is that.

    1A) EMOTMx6 -> Clean + hang clean x2 (so 4 total reps down to ATG!)
    warm-up @ 65 and 85
    work sets 95x5, 100x1 (and I actually failed a clean in the bottom position where I basically fell on my butt from being off-balance lol, but I managed to get the 4 reps within the minute anyway, so yay!)

    2A) Push jerk
    95x3, 100x3, 105x2x3
    2B) Good morning (arch back as much as possible)
    85x10, 90x10, 95x2x10

    3A) Kardio King - 20 min AMRAP 9yup, 20 minutes of practically non-stop work) ...
    A fly just flew RIGHT into my ear... I'm inside. WTF?! Anyways, interruption over:
    - 100m sled push w/ 25# plate
    - 400 single jumps
    - 400m rowing

    I was a stumbly mess on the jump rope so I only made it to 2 rounds + 50m of pushing.

    I took a break and did some hip mobility and bit of core work before jumping into the SISM WOW
    - 10, 9, 8, ... 2, 1 KB Swings 40#
    - 1, 2, 3, ... 9, 10 burpees

    All in 8:33. Pretty sure that,s my best time ever (not sure I ever went sub 10min on it actually). Considering how trashed the KK finisher left me that's pretty good. I then sat on the ground for a good 5 mins catching my breath before I went on with my day.

    nothing quite like feeling you gave it a decent effort. I missed that feeling :)
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    Anniel88 wrote: »
    Deadlift: 80 lbs. Crossfit side had a class so I couldn't use the bumper plates. so I did have to stack some plates. At what weight do we not have to do that anymore?

    135lbs is when you'll be at 45lb plates, so no stacking needed at that point if you don't have bumpers. You could pull off 115lb with 35lbs plates, but they'll be harder since it's lower to the ground, but I pulled it off.

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    Ugly ugly ugly 5km run done this morning. Now packing and cleaning the house - Fiji here I come!!
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    135lbs is when you'll be at 45lb plates, so no stacking needed at that point if you don't have bumpers.

    this is assuming the standard-length bar which is 45lb in itself. but if you can find the shorter 'women's' bar, they only weigh 30 or so. so you're at the right height already with 120 pounds, with that one.
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    5k race ended up being 6k with a last minute venue change. It was hard and I started too fast on the first hill. Spent the rest of the time trying to recover from it. Final time was 40:35 and being trail/hilly and an extra kilometre I'm quite happy with it.
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    Went out and ran 3 miles this afternoon. My first mile was faster than normal, but the next two were slower and slower. Got done in 36-38 minutes...grr...I wanted to do my full route of 5-6 miles, but my boyfriend wants us two to run together later tonight, so I wanted to preserve my energy. Therefore, tonight is two runs total.

    I've lost only 1 pound, but 5.5 inches total and an entire pants size since March 23rd (1 inch off my thighs, 1 inch off my chest, 1 inch off my hips and 2.5 off my waist). I gained half an inch on my arms, haha. Ladies, PLEASE take progress pics and take measurements! I've fluctuated with the same 3 pounds, up 3 and down 3 for a LONG time. The scale has been ticking me off but measurements don't lie!

    I have been doing SL at a calorie deficit and I've also been doing cardio 2-3 days a week. People on a SL Facebook page and others IRL have been telling me that I've been doing too much. I have to admit, it kinda does burn me out, but I have come to really enjoy lifting.

    My school's gym and campus that I get free access to is unfortunately getting remodeled after Tuesday, grrr, so I will have to take a bit of a break from lifting until I find a squat rack of my own or an affordable gym. I've got 9 more pounds to lose before I go to maintenance!!!

    It'd be stellar if I lost another pant size once I hit goal weight. It's been on average one pant size for every 10-15 pounds lost :) Fingers crossed, I'll hit my 45 pound loss mark this week!
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    yay physio! it got me out of the house for a 10am appointment, which put me into the gym by 11am. workout b.

    squats: 2x5@45, 2x5@55, 3x5@65, 2x5@70, 3x5@75, 2x5@85. had a little trouble finding my weight for this one ;-) i am working so hard to roll back that tendency i've developed to cheat my face off once i get to a certain depth by letting my spine cave inwards, and all the extra sets were like troubleshooting. 75 was about my comfort-zone weight but i felt okay enough by the third set to push it up for the final two sets. i'll see how this goes with the next workout but i'm hoping it might be easier than i expected to get my form back.

    post-squats i faffed around for a while doing 50lb rows, and various external-rotation things that the physio assigned me for my shoulders, and a few experimental tries at deadlift with 50lb. and also my 60-sec plank and some hip thrusts.

    ohp: 45 lbs yet again. i did one set for warmup right when i stepped into the rack, before the squats. the real ohp workout was 5x5, actually with an extra rep in most of the sets but not consistently enough that i'll count them that way. i'm still 'stuck' at 45, i.e. not even thinking about adding weight. but it's much smoother and easier now than it used to be. i just kind of stand there and crank the bar up and down for the set, except when i have to stop and shake a cramp out of one of my quads. after deadlifts, i got the bar down to 50lbs and started out intending to try power cleans. but by the time i had the bar up i'd lost interest in trying to get it racked right, so i did a few presses again in a kind of face-saving la-la-la-meant-to-do-that type way. actually i guess i looked even sillier standing around with a 30lb bar and two huge bumper plates held up over my head, but i was just trying it out. got to three and then i overdid the lockout behind my head and pulled myself backwards with it, so i quit. 50 wasn't unbearably hard, so i may try for it for real next time.

    deadlifts: *happy* i'd just remembered this thing about muscle memory that i picked up from a pitcher's parent during my son's baseball years and i've been trying to use it. she told me that neurologically, your brain holds onto the memory of an action for 6 to 10 seconds or something after it's done. so if you repeat any action within that window your brain will try to groove your muscles into doing the same pattern again. without remembering that i remembered all this, i must have decided to leverage it - it kind of came back to me as a conscious memory during the session.

    how it works is: if i do a bad rep, i do like a pitcher who's thrown a bad pitch, and go for a little walk around the barbell before i come back and try it again. if i do a good one, i try to do the next one within a few seconds before the pattern fades out. three good reps, and i add some more weight and repeat it again. with deadlifts, it felt like it worked. to make sure i'd have enough oomph to repeat anything good right away without fatigue being another factor affecting my form, i started out at 50lbs and went up in 10lb increments. i ended up at 100 for my formal 'real' reps this time, which i'm really encouraged by given the mess i've been in for the past couple of months with deadlifts. and i be'd not-greedy, and stopped it at that.
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    First off, this crap -
    really? 205 warm up?!?! UGGGG

    Squats 5/5/3/3/1 - 225lbs - First time at 225lb! 2 full plates (if I owned two full plates). My form was just not there. Later sets I'd get 1 or 2 good reps, then start leaning to the right adding too much weight to my knee, which made my knee angry. When I got knee pain I decided to bail than continue the set. Last set I was just too tired. It seemed I had this problem the last time I had to add an extra set of warmups with just getting burnt out.

    Bench 5x5 - 90lbs - first time benching after a deload. Meh easy.

    Rows 5x5 - 1005lbs - easy, probably because bench was easy. I was even throwing down the bar at the last rep. Hate rows.