Workout check-in - May-king big changes this month

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i don't have anything to say, but i thought this one up and wanted to get inb4 krok :tongue:

have at it, people.


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    It was the last workout in April but I ended after midnight so sure, why not post it here. :wink:

    Another long gym session and my fitbit is dead (battery) so no step tracking until after pay day, which is just under a week away. Some reason I was pretty slow tonight and with the add ons it made the session around 2 hours. My legs are going to feel it tomorrow during the last 25 minute jog, I'm betting.

    Stage 3 - B2 (halfway done)

    barbell squats for warm up then 55 @ 95 just for fun

    bar romanian deadlift/bent over row 3x6 @ 70 - kept the weight as easy for deadlift but still heavy on row

    goblet squat 1x6 @ 25 and 2x6 @ 27.5 - I switched out the partial one leg squats cause my knees didn't like them
    wide grip lat pulldown 2x6 @ 80 and 2x6 @ 70 - 80 still feels heavy so went lighter on last set

    back extension 3x6 body weight, i don't know if i had it set right as it pushed in my hips more, the equipment

    YTWL 3x6 @ 7.5 - so glad this gym has dumbbells in the different incremental weights

    sb cruch 2x12 @ 25 - meh
    other crunch 2x10 body weight
    glute bridge 2x10 @ 25 - yeah I am falling from the program at this point *shrugs*

    prone cobra 1x60 and 1x90, didn't do it a third time

    deadlift just for fun, 1x5 @ 135 and 1x3 @ 185 - could barely do the three
    good morning 3x10 @ 50 as usual
    hip thrust 3x10 with 30 barbell, struggled with these and it's hard to keep the bar from rolling around

    Long night. Now I need to relax and eventually go to bed cause I have to jog tomorrow and go in to work at 2 instead of 4:30. Fun times.
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    Hello my lovely lifting ladies xx

    Tonight was lifting and a shoulder/back killer superset

    Squat 5x5x130lbs - a deload as suggested by the app, squats are just making me tired these days
    Bench 5x5x90lbs
    Row 5x5x100lbs booyah!!

    Superset 5x5

    Latpulldowns at 90lbs
    Single arm row 30lb Dumbbells
    Single arm thruster things 30lb Dumbbells
    Single arm press 30lb Dumbbells
    Military press 30lb Dumbbells
    Prone jackknife on swiss ball with push up


    Casein, bed

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    The gym was empty when I first got there which was bliss, but it quickly got crowded.

    Squats = 75lbs
    OHP = 35 lbs (Or at least I think. I am assuming the smaller barbell is 30.)
    Deadlift = 80 lbs. Going to stay here again. I feel like my form was failing.

    Did a few other random things because I wasn't ready to leave the gym yet. I tried doing some real push-ups and found I could actually do them! All the push-up in new rules and I still couldn't do any real ones after months.
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    De-loaded everything today after reading all of your posts. Will add for squats and deadlift next time around. OHP will stay the same at 50. Was wobbly on the last set. My upper body strength is so wimpy! Today is a cardio day.

    S - 85
    OHP - 50
    DL - 85
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    Yesterday: ran 1 mile on my lunch break then did yoga for the rest of it. Met up with a friend after work for a 5.65 mile run.
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    Did the SISM base line this morning. Krok, I think you almost killed me :smiley:
    8 minute AMRAP complex I got 7 rounds and 4 highpulls 25 lbs db
    Did the body weight stuff in reps of 5/10/15/25 x 5 I think I should have done smaller reps with less assistance on the pull ups and going full pushups on all of them (push ups where 10 full/5 full/ 5 full/ 3 full /3 full and the rest were from knees. Time for that was 10:41
    400 m sprint was 1:54 I started out way too fast on this and had to claw my way through the last half (what can I say I usually sprint 30 seconds or run 5+k)
    Plank for 1:06 I wanted to get 1:10 but my arms said nope and I landed on mah face.

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    So technically I guess it's not for May, but yesterday's workout was:
    Brief walk.
    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x85, 2x5x130, 3x5x115 --- I had to deload in the middle, I just wasn't stable. I'm going to stick with 115 for a while, maybe even a little less, and work on form again.
    Bench: 5x5x85 - This was really easy yesterday, finally time to move it up
    Rows: 5x5x85 - Also easy, also ready to bump it up 5

    I was in such a hurry to get through the workout that I cut the rest times by 1/3 - I had to get my kid to a soccer game. It was crazy. Luckily the bench/rows felt pretty easy last night so the short breaks weren't a big deal. Squats sucked.
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    50 minutes of yoga (DDP Diamond Cutter) this AM! I feel much more limber. Honestly, the squats + sprints yesterday, hammies were ouch when I woke up!

    Hoping for a long walk this afternoon. Nothing strenuous because I'm testing my deadlift 1RM tomorrow morning first thing and have to be at my grandma's for some yardwork around 9:30-10 soooo yeah.

    @Llamapants86 that's a pretty good baseline! And now you know why I went for 10 rounds on the bodyweight part ;P Although now I have to come back with a vengeance to beat that time! (But only because I'm aiming for sub 10 minutes for the second go-round)

    Now I need a good epsom salts bath and luuuuunch!
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    Cardio day for me. Day 3 of Week 7 in C25k is done. Made it through all 3 of the 25 minute jogs this week. Next up is 28 minute jogs, starting monday. I should be ready for the 5k since it's in the middle of June. :smile:
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    DawnEmbers wrote: »
    Cardio day for me. Day 3 of Week 7 in C25k is done. Made it through all 3 of the 25 minute jogs this week. Next up is 28 minute jogs, starting monday. I should be ready for the 5k since it's in the middle of June. :smile:

    That's awesome Dawn! Love C25K...did it last year and I've done several 5ks since then...times are slowly getting faster.

    SQ 0# 1x5 6# 2x5 12# 4x5 - will repeat
    BP 30# 1x5 40# 1x5 45# 5x5 - will repeat
    BR 30# 1x5 40# 1x5 50# 5x5
    barbell side bends 30# 1x25 (just upped weight today)
    hanging knee raises 2x5
    hanging from overhead bar (is that called a bodyweight hang?) 2x15 seconds
    walking lunges 2x5 (this is huge...never been able to do lunges before)

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    Still sick, but getting better.
    Our derby home opener is tomorrow, and I am playing. Then practice on Sunday, so I should FINALLY be back at lifting on Monday.
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    I had a fantastic workout today.

    Workout A
    Squats 5x5 at 155#. These felt strong. I actually enjoyed them today and am feeling ready for 160# on Monday.
    Bench 5x5 at 115#. A few of these got shakey, but I got them all. I'll continue to stick here for a couple of weeks probably. I may start adding reps to each set next week just to build some strength.
    Rows 5x5 at 80#. Eh. Got them, but I'm not enjoying these.

    Then I did the spring into summer complex! What was I thinking?!?
    AMRAP: 9 rounds total plus 2 spare sumo deads.
    Body burner: 11:51 total
    400m run: 2:14 (my legs were smoked after Workout A and the two parts of the complex before this. I could hardly walk, let alone run, haha)
    Plank: 1:41 (I probably could have gone longer, but I let my mind convince me that I was tired and dropped.)
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    Workout B (Fri)

    Squats 3 x 5 - 175

    Squats 5 x 5 - 200

    Deadlift 1 x 5 - 210 (go me!)

    Bench press - 5 x 5 - 100

    Reverse curls - 5 x 5 - 110

    Underhand Biceps Curl - 5 x 5 - 115
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    Nice work everybody!
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    I'm either on week 6 or 7 of SL, but I decided to take the rest of the week off (not just because it's finals week or because of work). I've been lifting 3x/week and running 3x/week and have been burned out.

    Just focusing on the running this week, as I have a 5K fun run on Sunday. My boyfriend and I went out for a late run tonight for around 30-35 minutes.
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    Friday Night squat night, yeah!

    Squats 5x5 - 210 - yeah, nailed it!

    OHP 5/4/3/4/3 - 77.5 - First time attempting 77.5. Bleh and typical. In gross, I somehow tore some callous I didn't know I had on these.

    Deadlift 1x5 - 200 - PR! The mental "oh crap this is 200lbs" didn't hit me until I finished the first rep. Then I panicked, hahaha! Got better with the straps, they definitely helped, especially during warm ups my grip was shot at 135lbs!
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    in normal life this would be workout a, but i'm still scared of my lower back so i skipped deadlifts and spent a remedial session instead. i did a - really no other word for this - buttload of squats. and some ohp stuff.

    squats: oh . . . just words. lots of words. and lots of squats. i seem to have forgotten all about how to get my abs in and fight the buttwink. pretty sure i'm just letting my pelvis tip forward and caving in at the waist as i start to come up now, so i was working on remembering how to stop that. the heaviest weight that i used tonight was 65. and i thiiiiink near the end i might have started to solve the problem: monster lower-ab recruitment, monster glutes/upper hamstrings, and (who woulda thunk) much wider hips than i've been using lately. i did very light careful weights and a lot of bodyweight, but i guess i'll find out tomorrow how the volume hits me.

    ohp: i got my 5 sets of 5 in the usual way, with 45lbs. but i split them up over the entire workout, since doing a set or two early on in my squats seems to help me with keeping my upper back tight during the squats. not a hope of getting the tommy suggs hip pop going with 45 pounds, but i did two or three sets each with the 20 and 30lb bar. suggs style seems to give me a better lockout that my shoulders like more so i may back the weight down and start using his form at some point. idk though. i'm not doing too badly at the conventional style with 45 nowadays, so it's hard to give up with the hope of an increase always hovering just over the horizon of the next time i try.

    remedial: 40lb bent-over rows, facepulls, 60-sec plank after a few sets of squats. and something that i invented myself because i'm on a crusade to make my lower abs do their job of keeping my pelvis level. been letting my glutes do too much of the extension work in this zone. basically i just stand with shoulder-width feet and loose knees, and do pelvic tilts using only the sub-belly-button part of my abs. good thing i went to the grubbier gym where there was no one around tonight. they're somewhat graphic.
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    It's so cool canadianlbs how aware you are of your muscle activation!
    Pulled out 3 workouts this week! Yeah! I missed it so much.
    S 65
    OHP 25
    DL 65
    Stalling out a bit on any weight increases because I still don't have my barbell/cage yet but am thinking of adding in extra reps or sets to increase the challenge on the squat and DL. Concentrating on getting form down/engaging whole body and shrugging at the top of the OHP and feels much much better. Should be able to start increasing there again. Slowing adding more jogging time to my walk/jog on rest days. Shin splints have historically been an issue for me so excited to be making slow progress without pain! Whoop!! And oh! Hubbie hinted I may be getting weight set and cage for Mother's Day!! Double whoop!
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    Impressed by you guys.

    Zumba class first.

    Squat. 120 lbs. 5 x 5 plus 1 x 5 @ 360 on leg press machine

    BP 62 lbs. 2 x 5; 61 lbs. 3 x 5.

    Rows. 72 lbs 2 x 5; 71 lbs 3 x 5

    Planks 3 x 35 seconds

    Remind me not to venture into the weight room on Saturday. Had to wait so long for a bench I was tempted to do a barbell workout instead.
    One guy had the nerve to tell me it was his 100 rep day!

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    I had an off night this time. Apparently, I need to eat more than 1200 calories before lifting at 11 pm. Just a longish day with not a lot of time before going in to work since I'm back to 8 hour shifts instead of 6. I had plenty of protein today and even a little candy but still, low on the calorie count. You'll see how it suffered in the report. And tomorrow is rest day but I'm working 10+ hours so we'll see how that goes nutrition wise too cause I may get protein and use some calories on a coffee drink to make it through.

    NROLFW Stage 3 - A3

    I tried warm ups with squat again. Kind of like it but might do 3 sets next time. 5x5 @ 95 tonight

    one arm db snatch 3x6 @ 30 - tougher now but still feels fine

    db one leg romanian deadliest 1x6 @ 30 and 2x6 @ 25 - kept falling and struggling on left side
    barbell bent over row 3x6 @ 70 - still very heavy

    bd one arm overhead squat 3x6 @ 10/20 - not bad but not easy either
    db incline press 3x6 @ 25 - easy enough

    And... I skipped the rest. It was already getting close to midnight and I didn't feel like planks for BWM, so I didn't do them. I did leg press 3x8 @ 140 in part cause it's near the locker room, I hadn't done it in a while and was curious if the equipment had the weight for the set up (minus what you add on). Nothing so I'll just keep listing what weights I add to it.

    Now I'm going to shower and go to bed cause yeah, working a couple extra hours for Sunday. Hope everyone else has a great weekend.