Workout check-in - May-king big changes this month



  • krokador
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    UBB 2.0 Conquer W1D4 (Yesterday)

    1A) 20 mins to 1RM Deadlift
    195x2, 225x1, 240x1, 260x1, 265x1

    260 was already a PR (previous 1RM was 250) but I had some time left and decided to just give it a try, didn't have much to lose. Slow but steady! Probably hitched the last inch or two (I tried not to but the bar seemed stuck lol). Should've had a video but my phone crapped out on me. :(

    2A) 1RM Push Jerk from rack
    95x2, 105x1, 115x1, 125x1

    I knew I'd done 120x1 2 weeks ago so I went for it. Had to muscle the last few inches.. So I can jerk as much as I can clean. Interesting.

    3A) For time: 22:25
    - 3000m row (13:25)
    - 60 burpees

    I had a good pace with the rowing, but I was so burned out by the time I got to the burpees I cranked them out in sets of 6. At least I get to try to do better again in 2 weeks!

    I spent the rest of the day outside putting together a gazebo, lots of keeping arms up in the air and I had to plank crawl under the deck a few times to recover screws and stuff. So glad today is a recovery day!
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    Lifted super early yesterday morning - hubby bet me that I couldn't lift, stretch, shower, protein up within 70mins BUT I made it! Thank goodness for Deadlift day as it doesn't take as long if I don't add accessories

    Squat 5x5x135lbs - took a deload so this felt good and deep
    OHP 5x5x70lbs - this is slow progress as I'm really working on keep that shoulder safe
    Deadlift 1x5x190lbs then 1x5x210lbs

    Quick workout to end out the week lifting 4 times. We're off to Fiji in a week so really want to max out my workouts until we go as that'll be my rest week eatwhateveriwant week

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    whoa nelly. another one of those mashup workouts following friday's half-assed half one.

    external rotation pull on the cables, 3x12@2.5 on the left, 3x8@ the same weight on the right.
    with 17.5lb cable, wouldn't know what this should be called. it's basically just scapular activation/mobilization, starting with shoulderblade drawn all the way forward and a little bit down by the cable, then using serratus and a bit of traps and such stuff to draw it back into its neutral position again against the cable. felt great but rusty.

    squats: 2x5@45, 2x5@55, 1x5@65, 5x5@75. how the mighty are fallen (again). i've re-read rippetoe, tweaked my toes outwards by 30 degrees and need to give the unused muscles that this exposes a bit of time to catch up. 75lbs was plenty for them, tbh. shoulders fine, i don't think anyone would even guess that a month ago i couldn't get my left elbow up without my whole upper body trying to pretzel forward under the bar on that side to relieve some of the strain on the joint. which explains why my front delt was always having a fit. it's a much happier, friendlier front delt these days.

    bench: 2x5@45, 2x5@55, 5x5@ SEVENTY. this has really been a long time coming. pretty sure it matches the best bench weight that i ever did, and it felt pretty good. key for me was what feels like arching my upper back, but is really just de-kyphosing it and getting my shoulderblades clipped and set flat. i'm excited about bench pressing now.

    rows: tricky today for some reason. tried some 70lb sets but the bent-over stance didn't feel like the best thing for my si joints today and that may have been throwing me off in all the other directions as well. so finally settled on 5x5@65. which means right at this moment i'm benching more than i row. isn't that kind of backwards or something? i also did three or four sets of seated rows with 70 to get my back out of it and really concetrentrate on the shoulder-blade pinch.

    aaaaaanddd deadlifts. actually deadlifts are my exciting story, so i'm going to be boring here. all the way back down to 65lb, but i think i might have found my form fix. my problem has been: soon as i turn my lats and spinal erectors on by pulling the slack out of the bar and rotating my chest upwards, i collapse at the waist and start hyper-extending my lower back. or i'd try to compensate for that and be lifting with a slightly rounded spine. and i just could not tell by 'feel' at the start whether i was in a position that was going to give me that scary little lumbar-zone pinch as the bar cleared my knees.

    but not deadlifting is not a solution either. in the week or two since i've quit deadlifting i've had nothing but hassle with squats and the lower back doesn't feel like it's getting stronger in any of it. so today i spent the time in between row sets at 65lbs just working on this whole problem again, because i need to feel the 'problem', otherwise i don't even know what i'm trying to fix. 65lbs was just about right. so here's what fixed it: i do the whole posterior-chain tightening routine from shoulders down, but right before i settle into my legs and start to open my hips, i turn on my abs in the bikini zone too. that honestly feels to me as if it's doing the trick. it levels everything back to the right place in my lumbar zone, and when i pulled from that form the whole thing felt natural again for the first time in i don't-know how long. i got really excited and really happy and what i like best is: it's not going to be something i'll have to try and work out with my head. when it's right in this case, it FEELS right.

    i did a lot of stretching and such afterwards, and also my two 60-sec planks. AND two sets of 5-8 pushups form my knees, in honour of my most supportive non-lifting friend who is just now suddenly starting to build a bodyweight strength regime of her own.
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    So I was naughty and lifted two days in a only excuse is I really wanted to and I have deloaded squats so they're not overly taxing lol

    Squat 5x5x 135lbs
    Bench 5x5x90lbs
    Row 5x5x100lbs

    Leg day superset 5x5
    Bulgarian split squat 30kgs
    Front squat 35kgs
    Hip thrust 45kg
    Romanian deadlift 45kgs
    Bench height step up

    Dying now
  • awkwardsoul
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    So, I decided to chalk up last session of SL A as lack of food and shark week and do one more attempt at that bench press before I deload it. If I didn't attempt it I feel I never actually went after it, if that makes sense.

    Squats 5x5 215lbs - PR. Wut?! I was surprised myself after grinding through 210, I figured 215 would be a few fails. I barely remember doing most of them, I was zoned out squatting but I got video evidence.

    @)$*!(!*($*()*$()! yeah. Admittedly, these were kinda ugly on the 4/5th rep. Time to deload.

    Rows 5x5 100lbs - ehh, rows. At least it's even with bench now.
  • krokador
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    Nyah, leg and shoulder session of Hell (aka UBB 2.0 Conquer W2D1)

    1A) EMOTM x6
    Snatch + Hang snatch x2 (65, 70x4, 72.5)
    (this is 4 reps of snatches in a minute. 72.5 was somewhat ugly. Hang snatches have a lot less momentum behind them, so they're HARD!)

    2A) EMOTM x4
    Back squat @ 140x3
    rest 1 min
    EMOTM x4
    Back Squat @ 150x2

    3A) Metcon - 20, 15, 10 for time [8:50]
    - DB Squat Clean (25lbs)
    - Knees-to-bows

    My previous time on this had been 8:26, but with 20lbs DBs so I don't know if I really got worse or what. Perhaps I could've pushed a ltitle more. My lats are a little angry about my 50 pull/chin-up negatives over the past 3 days, my hands still sore from working outside all day Saturday, callouses not quite hydrated... So many excuses, but I think i could've bit down and endured a little more either way.

    Then did some hip mobility and decided to "deload" my No Matter What sets and get back to it
    - Recline Rows x15
    - Push-ups x18

    I will need a date with spiky roller again tonight, I think xD
  • Llamapants86
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    I have a 5k trail race on Saturday so I am kind of front loading this week and taking it easy Thursday/Friday.
    Meshed DL day and OHP day together
    150 lbs x 3, 175 lbs x 3, 195 lbs x 3 they all felt good and strong
    55 lbs x3, 60 lbs x 3, 70 lbs x 4

    The 3x8 supersets of
    front squat 45lbs
    DB snatch 20 lbs
    DB rows 20 lbs
    Assisted pullups.

    I want to pump out a couple of pushups throughout the day. I am determined to get my SISM final test with full pushups damnit :smile:
  • Deena_Bean
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    I really didn't do a whole lot of anything over the weekend. Took a few light, slow walks...that's about it. Sunday I did my lifting, so there's that I guess. I have been feeling super tired for a couple of weeks. I'm wondering what's going on - maybe the season change? Not sleepy-tired, but my body is just weak feeling and tired. It's weird. I'm pretty sure I'm eating plenty of food and I take vitamins not sure what else I can do, but it's literally like pulling teeth right now to exert energy. I've even deloaded as a result. Sucks.

    Squats: 2x5x45, 1x3x75, 5x5x115
    OHP: 2x5x45, 5x5x75
    Deads: 5x5x130

    I hope I get out of this seemingly permanent state of exhaustion soon. Sigh... :/
  • DawnEmbers
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    Cardio Day

    Jogged 28 minutes for Day 1 of Week 8 in C25k. My legs ached during but not too bad considering I worked just over 10 hours yesterday and only took a 30 minute lunch break during it. I had to tell my legs on occasion to keep going and my path is too short so I had to loop around part of it but overall, not bad. Just over a month until the 5k so I should be able to jog the whole thing by then.

    Just wish it was nicer out cause I haven't done much jogging in shorts but middle of June will be short weather even though the event is at 9pm.
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    Dang awkwardsoul!!!! 215 squat!!
  • indianarose2
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    Of course it didn't put my entire post but I copied it before posting so there dumb MFP!!!....
    Dang awkwardsoul!!!! 215 squat!!
  • indianarose2
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    Dang awkwardsoul!!!! 215 squat!!
    Congrats Dawn on your running!!
    Everyone else you speak a foreign language (liftese?). Sounds/looks great though!
    My 5x5 was a bit more challenging today perhaps because I did the baseline workout yesterday.
    Squat 65 (again, thought of more reps but tired)
    Bench 50 (felt good!)
    Row 35 (felt tired from yesterday's 50 reps @ 20)
  • ScientificExplorerGirl
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    Okay, the gardening and biking finally caught up to me. I wasn't able to do my 105 lb squats. I stayed down at 95 lbs so I could achieve full depth. I am learning that form always trumps weight...

    Today's lifts:
    Squats 5x6 95 lbs
    OHP 5x5 51 lbs
    DL 1x5 95 lbs.

    I also did 20 minutes of mobility today for SISM!!
  • parkerpowerlift
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    I took a week off from lifting, partially due to having a 5K to prepare for. But also because lifting 3x/week and running 3x/week has had me DRAINED.

    Saturday, walked around a downtown district with my sister for 2 hours.
    Sunday, had my fun run 5K race.

    Today, I have been back at it. Did warm-up sets for squats for the first time:

    45 lbs (1x5)
    95 lbs (1x5)
    135 lbs (1x5)
    145 lbs (5x5)

    I haven't bought the $10 pack from the app, and won't. So I need to figure out a good way to warm up without exhausting myself for later!

    Then overhead press. I had to deload last time and went down to 60 lbs (5x5). I've been stuck in the 60 range for quite a while. SO frustrating! But I got through 5x5 VERY slowly for OHP.

    I think I did a bit too many warm up squats, because my legs were EXHAUSTED by the time I got to my deadlift. I've been able to progress every time I've done a deadlift. I was supposed to do 175 wasn't gonna move. Couldn't even get an inch off the ground! So I went back to my previous DL weight of 165 (1x5).
  • mirrim52
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    Finally back at it.

    Everything is a deload after 2 weeks off.

    Assisted pull ups - 3x8 at 40 lbs
    3 negative pull ups while waiting for the rack. I like these :) I haven't tried them since I started trying for pull ups, and they were nice and smooth.

    Squat - 5x5 at 125. Sometimes felt easy, sometimes hard. I assume form tweaking.
    Bench - 5x5 at 65. Pretty easy.
    Row - 5x5 at 80. Meh. Form was either great or horrible depending on the set. I think I will do 80 once more to make sure I remember good form before moving up.

    Then 1x5 power cleans with just the bar, cuz I wanted to try them. They were kinda fun, but my gym has no space to really do them if it is busy. Floor space is limited.
  • TravelsWithHuckleberry
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    45 lbs (1x5)
    95 lbs (1x5)
    135 lbs (1x5)
    145 lbs (5x5)

    I haven't bought the $10 pack from the app, and won't. So I need to figure out a good way to warm up without exhausting myself for later!

    Hi there -- Nice numbers!

    I do have the full app, and the recommended warm ups are:
    2x5 @ 45 lbs.
    1x*3* @ 95 lbs.
    1x*3* @ 115 lbs.

    While you don't necessarily have to adhere to that religiously, it does look like perhaps you're going heavier and and doing more reps than necessary for warming up.

    Sometimes I'll do 1x5 @ 95, just to get into a good rhythm with a bit of weight on the bar, but I usually try to keep the next set to 1x3, to conserve my energy for the 5x5 working sets.

    Obviously, these numbers will scale up as your working sets weight gets higher. I just put in 175 lbs, and here's the app's recommendations:

    2x5 @ 45 lbs.
    1x3 @ 95 lbs.
    1x3 @ 135 lbs.

    At 200 lbs. working sets, it recommends the above, plus a fourth warm up set - 1x3 @ 175 lbs.

    Hope that helps.

    :) Courtney
  • MalineVD
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    @Deena_Bean I'm experiencing the same thing! Eating good foods, working out, drinking loads of water, trying to get enough sleep, taking vitamins and still my body's feeling exhausted..
    Yesterday skipped lifting, because I was still sore of moving house last weekend and my legs were killing me (carrying heavy boxes filled with books to the second floor for hours). Wish I knew what to do to get more energy.
  • xcalygrl
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    Basically took a rest weekend so I could help out with an endurance event. Basically, I got to go sit out at a campsite for several hours and drink cider while I waited for groups to come by and check in. I was exhausted afterwards because I was awake for close to 24 hours straight.

    I did Workout B yesterday. I didn't think it was going to work too well, but I actually hit most of my reps (which surprised me since my body was exhausted from the endurance event).
    Squats 5x5 at 160#. These felt stupid heavy. I almost didn't bump up the weight, but I decided to do it. If I failed, I failed. But I got them all.
    OHP 7/7/6/5/5 at 75#. Ugh, I feel like I'm not progressing at all on this stinking lift. I'm going to stick with 75# for a bit, then try to go to 80# for 5x5 and see if I can do it.
    Deads 1x4 at 205#. By the time I got to these, I was wiped out. I couldn't get that last rep in. Oh well, I've gotten 205 for 5 reps before, so I know I can do it.

    Ended up swimming for a while afterwards since triathlon training officially began yesterday.
  • Deena_Bean
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    Just under a 2 mile walk last night..lifting later today. Nothing too exciting, still feeling really body-tired and considering taking a few days to a week off.
  • krokador
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    Pshaw, so today sucked. Wasn,t really feeling it, and I'm mighty sore from yesterday. But hey, I did get some pretty hefty numbers so not all *that* bad

    1A) EMOTM Power cleans
    100x4x2 (100lbs, 4 sets, 2 reps)
    1 min rest

    2A) OHP
    60x10, 65x2x10, 67.5x10 (pretty sure that's a rep PR)
    2B) Pull-Ups
    ~50lbs assist (red and blue bands, knee in) x 4/1 (pull), 5 (chin),
    ~60 lbs assist (red & black, knee) 3/1/1 (wide)
    ~100lbs assist (all bands, foot in) 11 (chin) -- submax

    3A) 3x3min AMRAP
    - Clean & Jerk x2 @85lbs
    - Muscle-up progression x3
    - Burpee x4

    I managed 2 rounds + 2 clean&jerks on the last 2, and just 2 rounds + 1 on the first round because... *********drumroll**********
    I smacked myself in the chin on a ?%*?% Jerk! Paused and tended to it a bit (there was blood :/) and got back at it. I finished. I wil always finish. But ow. Now I speak with a bit of a list and my lower teeth kinda hurt? I swear... I don't wanna stop doing these things. I'm DONE lettig my clumsiness get in the ay of what I love doing! But daaaaaaam I'm so sick of banging myself up as well! *sighs*