Workout check-in - Juknow you got this!

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'body is required' sez the error message when i tried to create this without making a post. if they only knew how right they are :tongue:


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    sigh, i'm a fool. pretend this isn't here for one more day, okay?
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    sigh, i'm a fool. pretend this isn't here for one more day, okay?

    Hahaha Love this :wink:
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    Well, here's a check-in for a workout I didn't do yet!

    I'll be doing yoga later. Then again tomorrow and Wednesday. Wednesday will test my 1rm's after yoga.
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    Deadlift 3 day
    155 lbs x 3, 175 lbs x3, 200 lbs x3 grip failed half way through the forth rep.
    Sumo deadlifts 135 lbs 5x8
    Goblet squats 25 lbs 5x8
    Still getting used to this volume so I'll probably cut my run to 3 or 4 k at lunch today
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    I'm back from Boston and only got one workout in last week, so stayed on the same weights.

    Squat: :5x5@115lbs. Did fine on these.

    OH Press: 5x5@50 lbs. Did fine on these and the last rep was a struggle, but did it.

    Deadlift: 5x5@155. Having problems with my grip. The last 2 were a struggle for some reason. I need to get some gloves because these callusses do not look pretty.
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    Oh right. June.

    *copy and pastes*

    I'm all moved in except for the unpacking, so time to get back to regular schedule. Today I jogged for 30 minutes at the park.
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    Hi all!

    Yay for June - my birth month woop woop!

    Lifted yesterday and it was FIERCE

    Squat 5x5x135lbs
    OHP 5x5x66lbs
    Deadlift 1x5x190lbs

    "KILL THE LEGS and BUTT" superset 5x5
    - Bulgarian Split squat w 26lb dumbbell
    - Front Squat w 66lb barbell
    - Hip Thrust w 100lb barbell
    - Romanian deadlift w 100lbs barbell
    - Step ups to bench height

    Had my 2 year old in the shed with my during some of session. He stood right in front of me during hip thrusts and watched me, then said ' mummy, what are you doing?' hahahahah
    then when I decided to try out an OHP max at 100lbs he said just as I was pressing up 'mummy you a big man' hahaha couldn't even get it past my shoulders at that point!!

    Moral of the story - I lift alone for a reason lol

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    @psych101 that is hysterical! You should have him join with like 1lb weights. :)

    Back to it today after a rest week. Felt really good.

    SQ: 20# 5x5 - I can finally do a back squat with a barbell instead of a goblet squat. Did those for 6 weeks and worked my way up. Suddenly today my form feels better.

    BP: 55# 5x5 - Probably could have done 60# but after the rest week wanted to be smart.

    BR: 65# 5x5 - Still struggling with form on this one.

    Hoping to get one more in this week before I take off on vacay.

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    Operation stop effing around is underway! I do love the motivation a new month brings. :)

    5x5 / Workout B

    Squats -- 5x5 @ 85 lbs.
    - Felt good, but my arms still bother me some. I've definitely noticed my ROM is more limited again. It'll just take time, I know...

    Good mornings -- 2x5 @ 45 lbs, 2x10 @ 45
    - Did the 2x5 sets as part of my squat warmups, then 2x10 after squats. Still being really careful with my neck here.

    OHP -- 5/5/5/5/0 @ 40 lbs.
    - What the hell? I honest to goodness cannot figure out what is going on with these. How could I have zero progression on this lift in nine months??

    Deadlifts -- 4x5 @ 105 lbs.
    - These felt really good. I had planned to do 5 sets, but my form felt a little off on the 4th set, so I quit.

    No accessories, other than the good mornings and the extra deads. I am going to take Huck out to the trail in a bit for a nice long walk (4 miles). Hoping it's not too crowded.

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    I've been trying to incorporate cardio starting this week and it made me really tired. I didn't feel strong at all today. It was a struggle. Had to go down in weight on OHP and Deadlift and even those felt really really heavy, and I couldn't even sort of get through my last set of squats.

    squats: 4 sets of 5 @ 95#
    OHP: 5x5 @ 50#
    deadlift: 1x5 @ 135#

    I'll have to see if the added cardio effects me the next time as well. I might have to readjust and not be as gung ho about it, incorporate it slower so that I can still lift.
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    A couple of check-ins.

    Sunday: another tri training day. I rode 9.5 miles then ran 2. The ride was great, a little slow because we were riding on trails, but the run sucked (again). I really hate running after riding. Thankfully, I have a few more weeks to train so hopefully this gets easier.

    Yesterday: Workout A
    Squats: 5x5 at 165#. These felt really heavy on Friday, but they felt great yesterday. I'll probably stick here for this week then increase next week.
    Bench 5x5 at 120#. Holy mackeral. I didn't think I had these in me, but I went for them anyways. I didn't want to do 115 again, so I decided "go big or go home." And whaddyaknow, I was able to get 5x5 at the higher weight. The last 1-2 on sets 3-5 were really hard, but I was able to crank them out.
    Row 5x5 at 85#.

    Upright row 9/8/8/8/8 at 70# supersetted with push-ups 5/5/5/5/5.
    Cable rows 10/10/10/10/10 at 90# supersetted with hip thrusts 10/10/10/10/10 at 55#.
    Walked for 15 mins after.
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    First June workout! I took Monday off (other than walking the dog) after my half on Sunday.

    Workout B:

    Squats, 5x5@90 lbs. These felt pretty easy, so I was happy with them. I will go up to 95 lbs on Thursday.

    OHP, 5x5@50 lbs. Felt pretty good, the last set was kind of rough but overall, good. I will try 55 lbs next time.

    Deadlift, 2x5@95 lbs. I did an extra set to lock in form. From what I could tell looking in the mirror (I need to film my form at some point but that was not happening today), I think I was good. I'm only going up 5 lbs at a time on this lift for now.

    Accessory: Good mornings, 3x10@50 lbs.

    Cardio: Elliptical for 45 minutes.
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    Worked out after about 2 weeks off yesterday and it felt fabulous. My body felt like goo before :-D

    Squat 95 5x5 I took some time off and did this at the end of my workout because the rack was taken so had to de-load quite a bit from 125. Might just try 115 Wednesday to see if I can do it.

    Deadlift 150 2x5 (one double overhand). Felt heavy warming up then nailed this. I was supposed to go for 170 so not that much of a loss.

    OHP 45 5x5 down from 60. This was easy.

    Split squats 45 3x8 each side in between OHP sets.

    Stiff-leg deadlift 70 3x8

    Assisted pull-up -62 1x5, -58 2x5

    Goblet squats 50 3x8 while waiting for the squat rack to do regular.
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    Welcome back missholiday
    @craftymommy trying to find the balance with cardio and lifting takes time and a lot of trial and error, good luck
    Ohp day 3 this morning.
    55 lbs x3, 65 lbs x 3, 70 lbs x 4
    Then 5x8 @ 45 and 5x8 assisted pullups
    Then 6.6 k run at lunch
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    No workouts the last two days, rest/clean out garage days, instead unless you count pushing our lawn tractor up the hill when it broke down on Sunday ;-) Looking forward to a workout tomorrow morning.
    xcalygrl wrote: »

    Sunday: another tri training day. I rode 9.5 miles then ran 2. The ride was great, a little slow because we were riding on trails, but the run sucked (again). I really hate running after riding. Thankfully, I have a few more weeks to train so hopefully this gets easier.

    Hey! For what it's worth I've completed a few sprints and would love to relate a few things I learned during training/preparation. If you are interested feel free to pm me.

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    I'm newer to the group, hope it's ok to chime in because I felt fantastic during my workout today and it's nice to share it the women who understand!

    I've decided that my secret weapon for strength is an open-faced meatloaf sandwich. Open-face because there was only the heel left. I ate this right before going to the Y and had one of my better workouts, ever. I felt so energized, yet calm, throughout.

    Ergometer for about 5 min while waiting for the squat rack. Squat warm-ups starting with body weight.

    Squat 5x5 115 I had deloaded a while back because of fatigue. Today I thought the 35 lb plates would psych me out, as I usually just pile on little ones as I warm-up to working weight, but after making it through the first set I was flying high.

    BP 5x5 80 I've been struggling with these, lately, and thought I'd stay at 75 forever! Really struggled on those last reps of sets 4 & 5, but did it!

    Row 5x5 100 I really don't look forward to these, but I seem to be progressing ok with them. The area between my shoulder blades is feeling it right now, though. I think I need an Aleve before bed!
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    Worked out after about 2 weeks off yesterday and it felt fabulous.

    i was just thinking today that i miss you :) glad you're back.

    sad-making workout today in the second-choice gym, but for no really specific reason. *** workout b.

    squats: 90. not great, not awful, but i'm not happy with myself over them. still, i did them and that means they got done.
    ohp: 45. yeah, i did 1.5 sets at 55 to begin with and some more at 50, but 45 was the lowest denominator so i'm calling it that. i had to deadlift first for time/rack-turn reasons, and idk. after that i just couldn't seem to get it [snrrrk] up.
    deadlift: 120. i'm not very happy about these either. i think i should do workout b at the other gym that has the big training plates and mirrors where i can see myself properly, and a couple more bars.

    *** edit: oh, maybe that's why. 1046 calories ingested, probably >200 spent on the bike. and nothing eaten after around 2pm.

  • awkwardsoul
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    Pretty late lifting session since I had to go do errands during dinner time, bleh. I got an early start tomorrow too, so fingers crossed I'm not all stiff in the morning.

    Squats 5x5 - 210lbs - 4th attempt. Warm ups 2x5 45lbs/ 1x5 135lbs / 1x3 175lbs. These went really well. Figure I could of just did 215 but decided to play it safe and did 210lb again since most of 210 was ugly shark week tired form.

    Bench 5x5 - 100lbs - warm up 2x5 45lbs / 1x3 75lbs. I kept feeling like the force I was using was half repping, though turns out I had my shoulders so back I had t-rex arms going on. Yoga has really opened up my shoulders as this is just nuts. I've even had to widen my grip on the bar since my shoulders are smashed together now. Big difference since last time I did 100lbs as my form feels great on my back. Next time 105lbs, which was what I deloaded from weeks ago - hopefully I can get past it!

    Rows 5/3/4/3/3 - 115lbs - no warm up. My arms were tired, my back was tired. I tried thumbless grip and it didn't go well. Ah well I'm just going to deload, this is 3 fails and rows annoy me.
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    I got my new lifting shoes today :) Got to try them out. They are ridiculously stable. When I was getting ready to squat, and I went to adjust my toe angle, I actually couldn't slide my toes out without lifting my feet. They are kinda ugly, but I like them :)

    Anyhow -
    Squat - 3x5 at 145 lbs. These are still feeling pretty hard on the 4th and 5th rep. Might be here for a while.

    OHP - 3x5 at 55 lbs. Going to do this once more before moving up 2.5 lbs.

    DL - 1x5 at 170. Better! I warmed up with 5 at 115 and 5 at 135 to work on form, especially putting the bar back down. It was much better today. The bar went down much more in control, I didn't notice my back curving, and the bar went down straight (I was hitting down with the left side before the right the last couple times). Once more them I will try 175. Thinking of trying chalk.

    Row - 3x5 at 65 - light day, good.

    Close grip BP - 3x8 at 45 lbs. Good weight I think. Getting a little hard by the 8th rep. I could maybe go up to 50, but that might be pushing it.

    Barbell curls - 3x8 at 40 lbs. Still hard, but good hard.

    Cable crunch - 3x10 at 50 lbs. Really challenging! I had a hard time staying kneeling and had to wedge my feet up against the weight stack. Need to work on these. I liked the way they felt though.

    8 negative pull ups. Working my way up to 10 :)
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    Made it back to the gym at last. Not a bad day overall with work and such, but first time having to do the long drive to new apartment from the gym. Takes me over 20 minutes cause not much traffic after midnight. At least I got there and back, so I could finish stage 4.

    NROLFW Stage 4 - B4

    low bar squats warm up 3x5 @ 100 - getting more challenging

    wide grip deadlift from box 3x8 @ 135 - wasn't sure at first but they weren't as hard as I thought they would be

    bulgarian split squat 3x8 @ 27.5 - little bit challenging
    underhand lat pulldown 3x8 @ 80 - still feels heavy and bugs my elbow a little

    reverse lunge from step 3x8 @ 25 - okay but still a little heavy feeling
    db prone cuban snatch 3x8 @ 10 - meh, glad to be done for now with those

    bent over row 3x8 @ 70 - challenging with last reps
    shrug 3x10 @ 30 - not too bad but the 30's feel awkward to hold

    Onward to stage 5.