Any Snack suggestions that ACTUALLY want to eaten?!

Samer4 Posts: 5 Member
I find I'm constantly trying to find snacks that kill a craving. Healthy snacks can be so dull! And even sometimes really calorific... Hummus/ guac two of my fave 'healthy' snacks are loaded in calories. HELP!!!!!


  • sthoma13
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    I always eat string cheese - the weight watchers brand is only 50 calories per stick. If you're at home, sweet potato chips are super easy to bake. Just cut up, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and bake at 400 for 25 min or so and you can make a great dip for those by mixing plain Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard.
  • olif2011
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    Beef jerky is high in protein and doesn't raise your insulin levels meaning you don't store any more fat... Check to find some with a low sodium content! It's not all about the calories, so long as you have the right calories it can aid weight loss. Eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at night and try to eat 5 smaller meals a day! You'll be fuller, feel like you're eating more! Typical diet... Oats in the morning, poached eggs on whole meal toast, chicken and broccoli for lunch and loads of veg with Turkey/chicken/beef/fish for tea... Snack on fruit and if you fancy some nuts or something have it in the morning oppose to the afternoon. Stick with it for a week without any cheats and hopefully the results will hope you fight off the cravings and you won't want them ;) hope this helps p.s. I'm not a nutritionist just had a few years training and my mum keeps asking me how to lose weight so that's what I tell her... Nothing is guaranteed and take no responsibility for any advice given... This is just advice! Best of look and hope it helps ;)
  • melissarickman2
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    I usually crave sweets and I find drinking some Crystal Light Iced tea helps me.
  • fifty6ford
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    I tend to go for savory snacks. As an alternative to potato chips, I make microwave chips. I do them plain or I dehydrate jalapenos, grind them to a powder and sprinkle them on. I can control the sodium, there's no fat and I'm very satisfied. I also love dehydrated zucchini chips.
  • IvytheEpic
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    Homemade popcorn with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper is a good way to kill a craving!
  • clareelaine05
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    Carrot sticks and homous.. always works for me ☺
  • diane1223
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    great ideas! I love hummus.
  • phiguru
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    Popcorn (homemade) or roasted chick peas (salty, crunchy, high fibre) or pickles. For fast in the heat, I love a dill pickle spear.
  • Kali_Leptos
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    Fat free Greek yogurt with sugar free cherry preserves
  • countrycutie408
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    If it's something sweet that your craving, myself I always have caramel chocolate chip rice cakes in my cupboards only 60 calories each and one does the trick with a bottle of water :)
  • girl0816
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    Frozen banana ice cream
  • jenway9
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    If it's something sweet you crave I like the 1-2-3 cake at only 81 calories
  • amillenium
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    I make little zucchini chocolate protein muffins and keep them in the freezer. Pop them in the microwave for a quick snack. They also satisfy my sweet tooth.
  • jean_rennolds
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    I have found Fiber one has lots of snacks with low cal and lots of yummy flavors. I am eating lemon bars that contain only 90 cal. and 8 sugar.
  • Jdavis6491
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    Check out the WatUSee Chickpeas! The Tomato Basil are my favorite, but the Rosemary ones aren't too bad either. You can find them at Whole Foods and a few other stores.
  • moondrake
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    There's a company called Lesser Evil that makes amazing snacks, organic, healthy ingredients. I am a kettle corn addict, and the Himalayan Sweetness is seriously the best salty-sweet popcorn I have ever had. My only complaint is that it's very hard not to wolf down the whole bag. You can read a useful review of their products here: I buy mine at Sprouts, but you can get them on subscribe and save on Amazon.

    I have trouble getting enough protein, so I keep Pacific Gold beef jerky and Planters Nut-rition single serve packs on hand.
  • louubelle16
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    Air-popped popcorn or rice cakes with cottage cheese and pineapple are two of my current favourites :)
  • bmchenry02
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    What kind of craving? Here's my list of snacks I work into my day:

    -Sweet potato pop chips (LOVE)
    -Trader joes dark chocolate espresso beans (just a few not a full serving does the trick for some chocolate)
    -plain Greek yogurt with a bit of honey and pistachios or 1tb granola or if I really have the room in my day I mix in PB and mini chocolate chips...cookie dough!!!
    -trader joes graham cracker with low fat strawberry cream cheese. I pair this with a vanilla protein shake or eat alone for something sweet and not overkill.
    -cottage cheese with cinnamon or fresh pineapple, raspberries, or mandarin oranges
    -popcorn (which I usually save for when I want a beer ;))
    -mini peppers with garlic herb laughing cow cheese

  • supahdupahfitness
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    Mixed nuts with a bit of dark chocolate sort me out.
  • lyndseydargan2015
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    Frozen grapes are delish