Any Snack suggestions that ACTUALLY want to eaten?!



  • crotou
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    I like the chex mix not a lot of cal. Plus everything inside for a craving
  • phat072015
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    how do you make dehydrated zucchini chips?
  • phat072015
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    I like
    laughing cow cheese
    cheerios wo milk ( yes!!, one full cup is only 100 calories and low on card but very filling)
    almond milk ( only 30 calories per cup) with oatmeal + cinnamon - soak this at night and add banana+ any nut in the morning...really filling
  • lucys1225
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    phat072015 wrote: »
    how do you make dehydrated zucchini chips?

    If you have a dehydrator, just slice them very thin (I use a mandoline), spray or brush with olive oil, season and put them in until they become crisp.

    If you don't have a dehydrator, do the same except bake them at 225 for about two hours, flipping them half way through.

  • robjenmac
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    Thanks for all the tips, I cant wait to kiss these 15 lbs of fat goodbye and now I feel like I have some craving crushers to help me get there.
  • MarciBkonTrk
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    I like to make parmesan cheese crisps. I take tablespoons of finely shredded parmesan cheese, place on a cookie sheet about an inch and half apart, and bake at 400 degrees for 5 minutes. They crisp up beautifully. Sometimes I add a little finely chopped turkey pepperoni to the cheese before I bake and then I dip them in salsa or marinara sauce. They will keep in a sealed container for about a week (if they last that long).
  • mpat81
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    I have found Fiber one has lots of snacks with low cal and lots of yummy flavors. I am eating lemon bars that contain only 90 cal. and 8 sugar.

    I love these too! I also give them to my kids to keep them regular and we all enjoy the taste. Other things I like for snacks are cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs with sriracha, the little tubs of healthy choice greek frozen yogurt, green grapes, cherry tomatoes, pickled vegetables that I make and keep in the fridge.

  • onyxangel
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    I like to make homemade potato chips. You can find recipes all over - but I usually do a thin coat of olive oil and bake in the oven at (I think) 400 for about 10 or 15 minutes (I think....geeze. I may have to look this up again!) and then let them cool - sprinkle with whatever seasonings you want first! You could maybe do it without the oil, but I haven't tried that.
  • Arthanis
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    I like eating fruit popsicles. I just cut the fruit that I want and add a bit of lemon or orange juice and put the popsicles in the fridge! :) If im too anxious I chew bubblegum or eat a low sugar candy.
  • Copper1022
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    I like the Weight Watchers Fudge Ice Cream bars...Mini Quaker rice cakes with peanut butter...and when I really need something indulgent, I toast a chocolate chocolate chip Muffin Top and add a scoop of light vanilla ice-cream . Tastes like a brownie alamode (almost) :)
  • novo24
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    Jello cook and serve fat free chocolate free pudding- made with 30 calorie per cup almond milk-- even at 1/2 the pan ( about a cup) it is very low cal and satisfies the sweet tooth! And the almond milk is good for you :)
  • MarciBkonTrk
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    I found a new snack. Air popped popcorn, dry roasted peanuts, and mini dark chocolate chips. It's awesome!
  • Kimegatron
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    Chocolate ball with sea salt and pretzels, some gluten free snack bars can be really good, peanut butter on apples, nuts, people
  • LaurenNotLaura
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    Roasted chickpeas are high protein and you can make them in so many ways. Its a can of chickpeas, drained, rinsed, and dried. Coat with 2tsp olive oil, and toss any seasoning you want, bbq, cayenne, curry. Or make them sweet, toss with 2 tsp honey and cinnamon, or a little brown sugar. Bake on a cookie sheet @450 for 25mins
  • Purple1105
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    Kimegatron wrote: »
    Chocolate ball with sea salt and pretzels, some gluten free snack bars can be really good, peanut butter on apples, nuts, people

    Peanut butter on people
  • ewoksrule3
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    I love fruit (especially strawberries, blueberries, or pineapple) with low fat cottage cheese. Just mix 'em in equal parts and it's slightly sweet, slightly salty. Super yummy. It sounds a little weird, but low fat cream cheese or cool whip is really good on rice cakes with some berries on top, too.
  • YolliB2014
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    Oven roasted zucchini chips, spice them as you like, they are delicious.
    Roasted chickpeas with salt and some garlic.
    Greek yogurts like key lime with some coconut and pineapple are so satisfying.
    Triscuit thins with a little brie and salsa.
    fudge pops are low in calorie and a great substitute for ice cream.
  • Adventurefrog
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    I like to take about a cup of frozen fruit and put it in my Ninja blender! Add a tiny pour of sugar free vanilla creamer and a little water and you have something that resembles soft serve ice cream!

  • adbhmb
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    If craving something sweet try some dark Chocodates. they are almond stffed dates covered in chocolate, very good and sweet but Only 45cal per piece.
  • KatevinBones
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    For sugar cravings, I like wegmans nonfat vanilla yogurt with cut up strawberries. 1 cup with 4 strawberries is about 125 calories. There's also halo top ice cream for 120 cals a cup (and really, really good.) When my mother used to get pizza, I would make "pizza rolls" to kill the craving. Small, low carb tortilla (80-90cals) + pizza sauce (35) + cheese stick (light, 50cal) + put it in the microwave long enough to melt the cheese = 165-175 cal lazy pizza snack :)