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    Good luck with your open house, Lia! Mihani, I hope that you get through a bunch of work so that you don't have anything hanging over you next weekend. Looks like a good meal plan for the day.

    I'm still sick but it is mostly in my lungs now, so that makes it easier to be out among people. I'm planning on a late breakfast so that I can wait until after our open house to come home and make lunch. It was miserable out last night - huge gusts of wind and lots of rain. So far today there's no rain and it is brighter. Would be nice to have sun for the open house!

    Meal Plan
    Breakfast - Dr. F's blueberry banana oatmeal
    Lunch - salad with mushrooms and tahini onions
    Snack - blended orange with fresh ginger
    Dinner - ginger miso broccoli stir fry
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    I should have known about National Wine Day too! I need to mark my calendar for next year, I always miss these events.

    So far so good on ETL, I haven't cheated once, but it's only day 4. I've pretty much just eat the same things, but I did go to Panera yesterday and had a greek salad with no feta and a bowl of garden vegetable pesto.

    I'm still trying to get use to posting on here, but I will get in the habit. I'm working on doing that every night after I get my son to sleep.
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    Carla: hope you had a successful open house and that you feel better soon.

    Lia: wine day sounds delightful. Hope you had a successful open house as well.

    Mahini: hope you really get a whole weekend off. I do not know how you do it.

    blondie: WTG on 4 good days.

    I finished my water fast. I have not eaten since dinner on Thursday. Plan to break the fast this morning with some watermelon. Finished my 2-3 day fast per Dr. Benson's orders. It was easier then I thought. I was expected lots of withdrawal symptoms but I did not have any. No headaches, nausea, stomach pain, just a little bit of growling now and then. Dr. Benson want me to do a 10-12 day fast at some point. I figured I would start with the 2-3 then move on. I am planing on going to True North in Arizona probably in Sept. or October for the fast.

    Now that I am breaking the fast I need to be very careful with my diet and not eat anything off program.

    We are going to see the Boston Philharmonic tonight and plan on going to a vegan restaurant. I will probably just get a side salad so as not to overtax the digestive system.

    Also, we went clothes shopping yesterday. None of my pants fit any more. I have been putting clothes away as they get too big and I do not have much left in my closet :smile:
    Maybe do a little shopping on the way to Boston as well.

    Plan on making for the week:
    herbed split pea soup
    panera black bean soup -Mahini thanks for sharing
    cumin and lime roasted vegetables
    have a few dishes frozen to eat up as well.

    Everyone have a lovely Sunday.


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    Grats on day 4, Blondie! My husband and I eat a lot of the same things over and over too.

    Wow, Terri, excellent job with fasting! Have you noticed that you feel better? Clothes shopping because your clothes at home are too loose...that is the best! Have fun!

    I'm making 'Winter Bliss Bowls' for dinner tonight: fresh spinach and chopped red cabbage topped with roasted carrots and cauliflower, some falafel patties and drizzled with a tahini lemon sauce. My husband is going to make a quadruple batch of chili this evening while I make up more tahini caramelized onions.

    B - pear anise banana raisin steel cuts oats. i keep adding more stuff every time!
    L - good old salad with mushrooms and tahini onions
    S - orange blended with fresh ginger
    D - Winter bliss bowl
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    Doing great Blondie! Eating out during the 6 week plan is always a challenge, but you made great choices.

    Carla, glad you are feeling better. I love bowls... they are such healthy comfort food. I have to get on making those onions. They sound wonderful.

    Terri, that's really interesting you had no real side effects on the fast. What benefits did you notice? Have fun at the concert and shopping.

    I am still struggling... I have great intentions but I am just eating way too much in the way of starchy snacky stuff in between the good choices, like blue corn chips and popcorn and things like that. So not awful, but I feel puffy and fat from too much salt and starch. I realize this is stress eating and I'm going back to my old game plan of fruit to divert bingy behavior. I loaded up my cart at the store today with pears, grapefruit, apples, bananas, strawberries. I wanted melon but they were really expensive and didn't look that great. I hope it's a good summer for melons, I have been craving watermelon and cantaloupe.

    Today was not as good as it should have been...
    B - whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and a banana
    L - Amy's red thai curry... the last of the Amy's and I won't buy any more, I've just been lazy about cooking lately and buying them for lunches
    D - lentil soup from the freezer stock
    Snacks... good grief snacks galore... some popcorn, a luna bar, blue corn chips, an apple

    I shredded a bunch of raw beets and carrots for salads and have plenty of lettuce so this week I'm going back to BIG salads for lunch every day. Smoothies with frozen berries and greens for breakfast. Soup or some other beans/greens concoction for dinner. Plan to be really strict this week and get myself back on track. Any time I want a snack I will grab some fruit and eat that instead of getting into the office snack cabinet.
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    Good morning!!

    I'm back from my trip (boo!). It was almost perfect. Unfortunately, my son had a fever and was throwing up and him and I spent 2 days in the hotel room. But when he was healthy, we had a lot of fun. My son is a total water baby - he'd stay in the water all day if we let him. My daughter was a slow starter, but once she finally got into the pools, she didn't want to get out either.

    We generally just stayed up too late and slept in every day. :)

    I did gain a bit, but it's not even worth worrying about (YAY!)

    Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I want to juice another 10 days or if I just want to keep eating food. I'm sorta leaning towards juicing one last time, but I don't know if I have 10 more days in me.... I'll sort that out later today...
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    Welcome back, Karrie! Sorry to hear your son was sick, but it sounds like you still had a great trip.

    Mihani, sounds like you are prepared for the week! Hope you are able to get back on track.

    Lia, how is all the house stuff going? When does your husband start at the new job?

    I'm down 2.5 lbs for the week. Not bad considering we had to eat out several times. Still sick and now hubby is too. We were cocooning at home when we got a call for someone to come see our house so then had to race around and prepare! Another appointment tomorrow, too.

    The Winter Bliss Bowls turned out good. More work than I'd like to do for a single meal, but I will roast twice the veggies next time and double the falafel to get another day or 2 out of it.


    Breakfast - pear anise oatmeal
    Lunch - salad w/ mushrooms and tahini onions
    Snack - orange blended with ginger
    Dinner - can't make chili with house showing...time to rummage through the freezer!
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    Welcome back Karrie! Sounds like lots of fun, and excellent not gaining much weight on vacation.

    Nice steady losses Carla... well done. Hope you and your hubby are both feeling better soon. That's all you need with all the house stuff going on.

    Today was much much better. I was able to track down the part I needed for the real treadmill since the manual one really wasn't doing it for me, and the manufacturer sent it to me for free, I was able to swap out the circuit board myself and it worked! I was rather impressed with myself truth be told. There were a LOT of wires.

    B - strawberries, banana, a few pecans
    L - BIG salad with baby romaine, shredded beets and carrots, a tablespoon each of pumpkin seeds and nooch, grape tomatoes, balsamic
    D - OSG 10 spice veggie soup
    S - silk soy yogurt

    And 48 minutes on the treadmill. o:)
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    Karrie welcome back! sounds like you had fun.

    Carla: hope your house sells soon. It sure is a pain.

    So far the fast has done it's job. I am off all my pain med and no pain and swelling. Today, I started the elimination diet phase. I need to take out a few more foods from my diet for the next 3-4 weeks. Then slowly add them back 1 at a time to see if the swelling comes back.
    so for now I will take out: corn, oats, citrus fruit, white potatoes, tomatoes and other night shade plant, nuts, coffee.

    I hoping this works. Day 1 done and my hands still feel really great.

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    Hello Karrie! It sounds like you had a lot of fun, except for the sick son. My son is getting over an ear infection right now. I always hate it when my baby is sick. :( I'm looking forward to the summer and getting to spend hours at the beach with my kiddo, your trip has me dreaming about it.

    Carla: Congrats on the weight loss! Where can I find the recipe for tahini caramelized onions and falafel patties, those sound amazing!

    Mihani: Great job on fixing your treadmill! It's always so satisfying to be able to fix things yourself, I love that feeling. Also, congrats on the elimination of the starch! You're motivating to get my butt back to the gym.

    Tdh: Good luck on the elimination diet, I had to do one those when my son was 2 months old and had horrible colic. I would be interested in what causes your inflammation, I suffer from chronic pain and I know inflammation is the main culprit. I am feeling better and better everyday I'm on ETL, so I'm hoping the pain will eventually disappear. Yoga also helps a lot when I commit to doing it regularly.

    Today was good although the stress from a 19 unit semester is starting to get to me, I just can't seem to think about anything but school these days and I have so much more going on that needs my attention. I'm beginning to feel pretty spread thin, but there are a few things that are finally beginning to resolve after a lot of hard work.

    I lost a 1.8 lbs in 2 days! Yay!

    B - Typical green and fruit smoothie
    L - Lentil Soup
    D - Large salad with edamame, green beans, celery, radish, green onions, tomato, carrots and raw vegan caesar dressing

    Everyday is getting easier on ETL, the weight loss is a huge motivator.

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    I'm looking forward to the recipe for falafel patties and carmelized onions too, Carla!! :smile:

    blondie, I hear ya! Our babies shouldn't ever have to suffer. They should just be happy all the time...!!

    So I weighed in this morning and I only have to lose 0.6 more pounds to be back where I was before I left - how awesome is that!?!?!

    It's my birthday today!! The big 4-3... My son made me a powerpoint presentation complete with special effects and kitty pictures. :smiley: My daughter gave me some henna tattoos on my hands and let me take her special unicorn pen to work for the day. :wink:

    I might take off work at lunch - I'm totally not motivated to be at work today...
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    Mihani, that is great news about your treadmill and your awesome ETL day yesterday, complete with a treadmill workout! WTG!

    Terri, I hope that you're able to figure out which food(s) are causing the problem. Hopefully it isn't one you're particularly fond of, but I guess at this point, you'd just be glad to know! As for your list, are you taking those out first because they are the most likely to cause problems? How are you liking your new car?

    Happy birthday, Karrie! Hope you enjoy your day. Your kids sound sweet.

    And Lisa, a happy belated birthday to you! I meant to say it on your actual birthday.

    Grats on your 2 day loss, Blondie. That's fantastic!

    I posted the tahini caramelized onions, falafel and bliss bowls under our recipe section so they don't get lost when we move on to the next month. Hope they turn out for anyone that makes them!

    Another showing of our house today and it is a gorgeous day so the lake is all blue and sparkly. Hopefully that helps sell the house, though with the sun shining in all the windows I can see that they need cleaning!! always something to do!
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    Karrie: Happy Birthday! and congrats for your quick return to you weight before vacation.

    Mahini: great job with the treadmill!

    Bondie: Congrats on the loss!

    Carla: hope you get an offer soon.

    Bondie and Carla: I found the elimination diet from this link:

    I bought his e-book which is titled Foods That Fight Pain by Neal Bernard MD. and justimplement his elimination diet but with a Fuhrman twist. Lots of vegetables. I am going to try logging more so anyone please feel free to comment and/or give feedback.

    I did read that a peanut is a bean not a nut. So, I had some peanut butter last night and had a mild reaction from it. So, off the list it goes for awhile.

    So far, since day 2 of the fast my pain and swelling have been minimal. My hands look skinny again :) Maybe, I finally found the answer.

    As for the fast: the theory is that in auto-immune disorders may be caused by a leaky gut.
    From eating lots of SAD food and in particular meat, the gut gets leaky and protein peptides leak out of the gut and our bodies form and Antigen-AB complex against it. Which then attack other parts of our bodies.

    The fasting theory is: you need to give your digestive track a break from digesting to heal the leaky areas. When you are digesting your body is working to utilize the food. When digestion stops the body can then go into repair mode. Lets, use the car analogy. You fill up your car with gas, the car uses the gas to run, when it need repairs it has to not be using gas.

    Also read another fun little fact. When you eat meat that fat type deposit in and around our fat cells. When you eat vegetables, vegetable fats get deposited in and around the fat cell.
    The saying is so true "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT"

    the above also explains why so many people quit a new diet. They start losing weight and your body is burning the fat made up of junk food. All the junk and toxins get spilled into your system and it creates the withdraw symptoms every one of us is familiar with.

    One of these days I would like to get certified in Dr. Fuhrman course but with all my paper work at work I am not sure I will ever have time for that.

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    Blondie, great job on the loss! Especially when you are dealing with lots of stress. Thanks for sharing the caesar dressing recipe.

    Karrie, did you take off from work? Sounds like you really needed time to unwind from your trip.

    Carla thanks for posting those recipes! Good luck with the showing.

    Terri, great info as always. Thanks! I have been thinking about trying just a one or two day fast for a while. I read an article Dr. F wrote about it some time back and found it intriguing.

    I got 20 minutes in on the treadmill. Hoped to do longer but I am really under the gun on a few things at work, and my ankle also hurts a little so I thought I’d better not overdo it. My goal is to do at least 30 minutes every day, but I will take 20 on my second day of getting back at exercising.

    Menu today was exact same as yesterday except swap out the 10 spice soup for some split pea soup.

    Still some work to finish tonight so I’m off!
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    Thanks for the bday wishes. :smile:

    I did take the afternoon off, but I just went home to more work (laundry, dishes, cleaning), so I'm not sure it was a huge benefit for me to do that... But at least I got out of the office...

    I'm still staying up too late - vacation mode - and getting up with the alarm is hard. It's catching up with me. I'm exhausted today... Gotta get into a healthier sleep routine...
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    Terri, I've read that fasting is very good for giving your digestive system a break. I should try it again I suppose! I'll check out your diary for sure and see if anything strikes me.

    Mihani, nice job getting in 20 minutes on the treadmill.

    Trying to get back on the straight and narrow today.

    Breakfast - green smoothie (blueberries, 1/2 banana, almond milk, 3 oz spinach, chia seeds, flax seeds)
    Lunch - same old salad with mushrooms and tahini onions
    Snack - apple
    Dinner - chili
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    Doh, I missed saying happy birthday Karrie... happy belated! :smiley: Mine is tomorrow... 52! How did I get to be 52? Hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Smoothie sounds really good Carla. It always surprises me how well a smoothie will hold me to lunch.

    I was at the office really late. I am getting a bit freaked out about some deadlines, but I also really need to figure out some sort of work/life balance. I am not going to treadmill tonight, but I should be home on time tomorrow and will get in a good long walk tomorrow. I did snack on some blue corn chips and soy nuts today, and I knew I was just eating from stress and it made me mad at myself. Oh well, I am logging my food again and my calories weren't much over, so just gotta move on.
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    Off to New York City after work today. I am so excited for my daughter.

    Already, slipped up this am thought I bout buckwheat cereal but it had oats in it. Oh, well I will put that away for now. Other than that my diet has been pretty tight. I did have trouble with pain and swelling all day yesterday and last night but I assume it should take time for my body to clear any allergens out of my body. If this continues will do a 1 day fast this weekend.
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    OK, some of you might remember that last year I was running with the Zombies, Run! app...?

    I am about to start running again, so I downloaded the updates for the app. It looks way cooler now - they've made a lot of changes, and I'm excited to get started again!

    BUT even more than that, they're having a virtual race at the end of March. So that means that you do your race wherever you are, anytime during race week. When you finish, your results are compiled against all the other participants so you get your rank, just like a normal race. I think that's so cool! I pretty much signed up immediately!

    So you choose whether you are going to run 5km or a 10km run during race week - whichever you prefer, and then you get a special race storyline - so cool! And, just like a normal race, you get a finishers pack, complete with a medal and a t-shirt. So much fun!

    It's training time. Gotta whip myself back into shape!! :smiley:
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    Doing well Terri... I hope that the pain and swelling gets better quickly. Have fun in NY!

    Run Karrie Run! :)

    B - banana, soy yogurt
    L - big salad same as yesterday
    D - not sure yet, some soup or stir-fry veggies from the freezer stash
    Going to have a glass of wine for my birthday. Very rare for me to drink during the week, but today sucked and wine sounds really good.