Hey! We Have a Helpful Sticky Called the Launch Pad!

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Some of you probably already know this. But I'm just providing a heads up for the new folks. :smile:

At the top of the group, there is a structured library of all our collected knowledge here at the LCD group.
START here! The LCD Launch Pad

For those wondering where to start:
  • Check out: FAQs and General Low-Carb Info
  • Then, check out our Open Threads (also conveniently located in the sticky section) to find threads on common topics.
  • Diabetic Discussions has a sticky.
  • The Launch Pad has a recipe site library as well.

Please bump this periodically.
I'll bump when there are updates to the post.

And if you find a thread that needs added or find resources (external links) in a thread which need added, remember to tag me or one of the other mods.