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  • ProCoffeenator
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    It's Thoughtful Thursday!!

    Morning everybody!!
    My scale is still in stubborn mode. Which in turn is forcing me into seriously cranky mode! I've got to really sit down and figure out what will make it start moving for me again. Grr.

    My daughter has jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon this week. So after work we went to town and we walked to all the stops for her to get some free items. I can't complain because it's got us both walking together! Bonus! She's also been asking about going swimming. So I'm also thinking that this weekend I will take her to an open swim session at the High School.

    How you all have a great day today. It's another scorcher here. So I'm going to be forcing the water as best I can!!
  • KarlaYP
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    @procolorer , drink the pickle juice from the jar! You will feel so much better, and it doesn't taste different from eating the pickles (and it works faster!)! About a forth of a cup is all it takes! Read about it in the launch pad too as recommended above! Hope you feel better!

    @RowdysLady , I love that you're getting back into square dancing! That's something I always thought I would like, but have never had the opportunity to try! Good for you! It's wonderful that you are able to influence your daughter in such a positive way!! Sounds like awesome "Mothering"!!

    I may be out of it for a few days, but will continue to check in and be inspired by all of you!! Hugs everybody! <3
  • KarlaYP
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    @ProCoffeenator , hang in there, and focus on how you feel! Keep doing what has worked and your body will catch up! The scale will play games with your head (read about the lying scale in the Launch Pad)! Don't ever allow that number to dictate what you choose to put in your mouth!! Hoping for some stress free days for you too!!
  • Kimo159
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    @RowdysLady thats so exciting about the dancing!!! Let us know how it goes! That's a pretty fun/hilarious time when girls start with makeup. At least to start she has stuff that's pretty naturally colored so it won't be too crazy. I cringe thinking about my "smoky eye" when I was 14...aka way too much black eyeliner. I cringe seeing those pics, haha!

    @ProCoffeenator that sucks about the scale! Are you taking measurements though? I always found when the scale stalls is when I lose the most inches. It's weird.

    @procolorer I second the pickle juice comment. I thought it would be icky but it wasn't bad and made me feel so much better! Most people overestimate the amount of electrolytes that they're getting at the beginning, which would lead you to feel crappy.
  • procolorer
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    The hints on the launchpad weren't working for me :( I ended up calling off of two days of work because I couldn't stand. Apparently I can't handle that little of sugar in a day. I need to re work my goals I think to make it a little healthier for me!
  • anewlifeat40
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    It's Thoughtful Thursday!!

    Morning everybody!!
    My scale is still in stubborn mode. Which in turn is forcing me into seriously cranky mode! I've got to really sit down and figure out what will make it start moving for me again. Grr.

    Me too! I was reading up on Butter Bob's website about inflammation, insulin resistance, and intermittent fasting. Going to clean up my diet, cut out the nuts, already cut out all aspartame a few days ago, and stick with protein, non-starchy veg, and fat for awhile and see if that gets things cleared up and the scale moving in the right direction. I tend to do the intermittent fasting thing naturally most days, but haven't really paid that close attention to it, and apparently it really helps with inflammation, so I'm in! My plan is to set my eating window between noon and 8 PM so I'm getting a full 16 hours of fasting everyday.

  • GlitterRayne
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    I can relate with the non moving scale. I did lose 1 pound since yesterday so hopefully this is a downward trend. I started the intermittent fasting yesterday so I am thinking that has helped. I'm on day 2 of it. I'm going to sit down and look at what I'm eating. I may need to cut nuts out and maybe dairy too. I'm going to try one, then the other, then both and see what happens.
  • ProCoffeenator
    ProCoffeenator Posts: 523 Member
    See I'm scared to do the fasting because I have the bad habit of eating nothing all day except for coffee and beverages then going hog wild at night eating everything in sight!
    If I did the fasting it would push on that dangerous slippery slope causing me to fall off the wagon.
  • lodro
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    @ProCoffeenator this is a wonderful thread. I'm coming late to this, but I'll jump in regardless.

    I'm Alex, from the Netherlands, Rotterdam in fact, the biggest European port and 3rd in the world, I think. Been married for 30 years, to someone exceedingly lovely. A son, 19, who's at university studying business administration. He's about to leave the hosue (stays in the same city, fortunately) so that's an interesting change in our circumstances.
    I work primarily in Brussels (heart of the EU, ) in a pan-European program developing data solutions for smart energy grid. For instance, what we develop would enable all european citizens to install solar panels on their roof and sell and buy electricity mutually, with neighbours nearby, in the same street for instance. My specialism is data privacy, and that's why I'm on board there.

    Last year I was one of the founders of a communal bakery (but withdrew from that, the load was just too much to deal with) and I'm pretty active in a communal kitchen garden where we get most of our vegetables.

    I've always struggled with metabolic syndrome, most men in my family die young from its effects, and I decided to heal myself through keto. That was a year ago and I never looked back. Going keto enabled me to do the thing I love most in sports at a fairly high level: ultra-cycling. I'm training pretty hard now, putting in 400km/week and have entered my first really long event on september 1st: Borders of Belgium, 1000 km in 75 hours. The time limit means it is primarily a mental game, very interesting.

    Some questions:

    1. Go to exercise: cycling, and yoga to strengthen my core
    2. Friends: only in real life do I call them friends. I've been a Hare Krishna for about 20 years now, and I've made wonderful friends there, met some amazing people who I wish would be friends
    3. Animal: the humble and patient, yet strong and sensitive donkey
    4. Recipe: my way of making ratatouille
    5. Motivation: staying healthy well into advancing age
    6. Country/City: I'm a village boy who came to the city, and although sometimes I become a bit nostalgic in the country, I know that only "city air makes free"
    7. Go back: to when I was about 25 and sure I would never fit in anywhere, in terms of work. I could have been a bit more relaxed, because I landed pretty well, it turned out.
    8. Move: Funnily enough I'm starting to like Brussels a lot. It's got a great vibe, really interesting!
    9. Fave LCHF Veggies: did I mention I make a mean ratatouille? ;)
    10. Fave book: all time: Middlemarch by George Elliot; at the moment: Hell On Two Wheels by Amy Snyder about 2009 RAAM
    11. What is your favorite season/month?: summer, even though here, at the moment, that is more like fall.
    12. Improvise or plan? I always thought I was an "improvise" kind of guy, but I turned out to be a pretty meticulous planner. Surprise!
  • ProCoffeenator
    ProCoffeenator Posts: 523 Member
    It's Funnybone Friday!!
    All work and no play..... It's been a long week and I think we could all go for a laugh. So let's bring some fun and humor to the thread.


    Enjoy the day!
  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Replace the ice cream with meat and this was me yesterday!
  • ProCoffeenator
    ProCoffeenator Posts: 523 Member
    Morning everyone!
    I had a good and bad day yesterday. It could have been an all good one except for annoyances that kept rolling at me. I had started packing multiple day lunches in my bag and leaving it there to save myself time in the mornings. Well the previous day I took my daughter out with me on my lunch break to go walking. So I never pulled my bag out. When I went to go get my am snack it was sitting on the counter. After asking a coworker it had been sitting out since the day before!
    I had to throw ALL my food away!
    Totally pissed me off. When you are struggling to keep food going for two kids and yourself and have to throw things away like that it's a total waste! I just wanted to cry. So I pulled my big girl panties on and had to go from breakfast to dinner without. People just don't have a clue sometimes.
    Now that I'm done with my rant.....

    It's Suck it Up Saturday!!!
    Lol. (Still trying to get over the lunch thing).
    It's raining this morning but my goal is to hopefully go walking with my daughter today. She wants Pokemon and I want my 10k steps. Going to drive to the next town over against my better judgement. (Trying to save on gas). I just know that neither will happen without leaving our place.
    I've also got to do some things for work but I can put that on hold for now. Tomorrow is another day.
    Hope you all have a great weekend!!
  • Phrick
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    Suck It Up Saturday...I have some mental health housekeeping I need to suck it up and get done today..
  • kpk54
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    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! To both!
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    So I am at the IA State Fair and had decided to cheat and let myself have some donuts on the way and then stay with low carb foods at the fair. I always seem to underestimate roller coaster effect with carbs. Unlike normal people, who have the same drop after carbs, I find it difficult sometimes to estimate insulin and end up way higher (BG), panic, then dangerously low. I was kinda worried about stumbling around and getting arrested for being drunk (if cops didn't know the difference) because I went from being high to nearly fainting in such a short time. Then I treated with cookies and pizza, so I know I will go high again and hopefully not over-correct the other way again . I love the taste of carbs, but the effects suck. :(