Any girls here on 1200?

I'm aiming to eat/net around 1200-1500 per day and would love to have some friends with similar goals to keep me accountable.


  • ganival
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    will add you both, my diary is open and i also need more accountability to get back on track
  • AngelineTheBaker
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    I am! But I eat back my workout calories so it averages about 1500
  • Kullerva
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    I would probably die on 1200. 1500 net is typically about what I go for. (Very, very active though.)
  • agingwithfitness
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    That's what I eat unless I have a carb day.
  • BananaBite
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    Yes, I try to stick to 1200-1400 a day. I don't get hungry and I am maintaining my weight lost so far on about 1300 a day. I don't eat back calories I eat, or try not to. I am only 5'0, so any calories lost are pretty valuable ;)
  • jayeless
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    Yep, I'm on 1200 net a day (and my diary is open, too). I find that so long as I make sure to get enough protein and fat it's satiating enough. It's easy to go over if I succumb to a tasty treat though!

    I'm only 148cm so this amount has me losing pretty slowly... I'll probably be on 1200 for a while!
  • Mesemoore
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    I am on 1200-1500 calories as well. I am having anhard time dropping the waight though. I am 5feet 6 inches and waigh between 141-145 fluctuates. My normal waight was 125-130. Is anybody having the same issue. If so What did you do to start dropping the waight again.
    Thank you for the feed back.
  • crystalgulliver
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    Hey I'm on 1200 calories with an open diary. Add me x
  • anabet88
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    hi I'm just getting back on, so please add me I need encouragement! Also with a 1460 goal.
  • madkidz27
    madkidz27 Posts: 3 Member
    me! I am on 1200, except on weekends. LOL, my diary is open too.

    I am 45
    CW: 124
    GW: 115-120

    I was following a Low carb diet until i developed gastric ulcers (too acidic ), so now i am doing the old fashioned way, counting calories. I basically eat what I want, i just practice mindful eating and portion control.

    I TRY to work out 3xweek - I do a Barre class and then if i cant get to the gym i do Piyo or Leslie Sansone video.
  • sweetykc9588
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    [hi girls I'm at 1100 per day It can really hard at times but someday I get to 1200 days I try to do cardio three to four times a week I count my calories everyday...
    I am 28
  • MaryOves
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    I feel great on 1200, but someone suggested I must be eating more than that if I feel great, so I should weigh my food. Something to think about.
  • sweetykc9588
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    my goal is to weight 108lbs I started at 125 I'm now 115
  • knmorris85
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    MaryOves wrote: »
    I feel great on 1200, but someone suggested I must be eating more than that if I feel great, so I should weigh my food. Something to think about.

    Weighing is super helpful but I don't think you have to feel bad on 1200 a day! a lot depends on how you eat as well as how many calories you burn in a day (if you are super super active or super tall or heavy it would be harder). I work out 5 days a week pretty intensely and eat 1200-1300 calories and I don't suffer (most of the time, hehe). (I'm 5'4, 118lbs).

    Also hi! I'd love new friends that also eat in this calorie range. :)

  • gbtx79
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    I am in the same boat...I've only really started utilizing the MFP app recently, so I'm hoping this will help my accountability. I've not lost weight over the past year, just fluctuations. So now I'm dealing with nutrition side, since the workouts alone aren't getting me anywhere (I completely blew my weekends). 1200 a day is my goal, with daily exercise. Whatever I burn off by working out I will now consider bonus calories and not an excuse to eat more. Currently I'm at 140.8 but feel like 130 is my ideal weight. I'm focusing on trimming my waistline
  • cjoycewms
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    Hello all. Im eating on 1200 and doing fine with it. I go off of it every once in a while but have managed to get back on track. More a will power than anything else. Work out between 2-3 times week and find it helps keep me on track on what goes in my system. Losing the weight is nice but mainly interested in staying tone. Nice seeing the support here :)
  • allaraarden
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    I'm right around there too, anyone can add me