Any girls here on 1200?



  • annapannapottur
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    I'm also around 1200 a day. I work out 3x a week and log every meal - I really feel I'm finally making a tiny bit of progress now that I'm logging meals. Exercising on it's own seemed to be adding the pounds :(

    I was at my heaviest ever 20 days ago when I started MFP: 147lb, am now just over 143lb. Yay! I used to be skinny (around 110 - 120lb) and never had any problems (except maybe getting too light) until having kids - with kid no. 1 in 2005 I went up to 130lb and with kid no. 2 in 2010 I went up to 147lb in the years until now. Hoping to go down to around 130 - 135lb as I think any less would be too optimistic and unrealistic as I'm not a teenager anymore! I'm 40 now. Feel free to add me, I don't have any friends on MFP yet and need some accountability ;)

    I think my pound numbers are correct - I'm used to kilos :)
  • Mesemoore
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    My story is very close to yours. My starting waight was 110-115. After my first baby I was 130lb. After the second baby 140lb. After my thired baby 145-147. I have been trying to get back to 130 for a while know. Resently I have changed my birth control method when everything I start was not helping me to stay down. I keep loosing and gaining the same 8pounds over and over. Add me as your friend and we can help each other.
  • faith_suzzette
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    My net calorie goal is 1200. Would love to have more friends with around the same goal. Adding everyone above. :)
  • sweetykc9588
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    hey ladies how u all doing I am 1000-1100 my herbalife coach wants me at I sometimes get to 1200 at times it is very hard to get under 1200 ....
  • toritolbert
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    Trying to stay within the 1200. Today I was 6 calories over :( and did not drink enough water.
  • swirls85
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    I just joined this site last week and today was the first day I more or less stayed within 1200 (thanks to my exercise!). This is going to be so hard. I can easily eat 1200 in a single meal!
  • TrishSeren
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    Yes me! I need accountability as I've just realized that most of the past two months I've been going waaaayyy over!
  • tintinnabule
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    I need to jump back on the 1200 train! I was doing great and approaching my goal weight but then got into a relationship and, well, cue the happy relationship weight :( Would love to be held accountable. I workout twice a week: cardio and weights. Probably going to up it to three times soon. I don't want to eat back all calories burned, but don't mind going 200 over for workout days as long as it's healthy eating. I think some of my weight gain is muscle, at least, so I want to lose the fat covering it all up! :)
  • WallyAmadeus
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    Please include me. I'm focused on eating foods with a high nutrient density.
  • WallyAmadeus
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    Also, if anyone would like to "friend" me, just send me a message. Thanks!
  • _SalmonSultan_
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    I aim between 1,000-1,200 every day!
  • sallyrogers266
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    I am on 1200 calories also and can see that these calories go very quickly! Will have to really make thoughtful food choices each time I eat. No more senseless snacking. The good point is that I have given up almost all cakes, ice cream, cookies, and candies. I only allow one sweet dessert on Sundays.
  • hrush1889
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    Hi, anyone can feel free to add me! I was on 1200 for the last couple months, just recently uped it to 1300 as I am near my goal weight. Definitely hard to stay in limits, much easier with extra exercise calories to work with for sure.
  • MrsJ1210
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    Any of you guys from the UK?
  • elle_bear_11
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    Hi I'm also on the 1200 route. 5'9 and at 137 pounds..12 to go...
    You got this!:)
  • kittybr77
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    My goal is net 1200/day, and I am trying not to eat back all of my exercise calories. I am currently at 136 and I need to be 116 to feel normal again. I am aiming to be there by March or April. Please feel free to add me if you like!
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    I am approaching 60 years old. I am 5'2" usually 108 lb. I am up because of Halloween and now thanks giving. I live on 1200 calories unless I walk 2 miles or do my elliptical. I lost from my high of. 130 when I was 45 years old. I lost to 115 lb. 2 years ago, because of muscle wasting I took it down to 106 to 108. I worked on keeping muscle for a year but it is hard work.
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    I am as well.
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    I'm on 1200-1300, but I also eat back my workout calories *sigh* so 1500 is probably more accurate.
    I'm new to MFP as well, so don't have any friends. I'm looking to lose that last "little bit" and tone up.