Living it up for 2 days



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    That's right, @canadjineh! For some reason, it was just much sweeter to taste than I remember. I think my taste buds are changing. I LOVE sauerkraut, including this meltingly-cooked style, and was so sad to leave it behind.

    OMG Dumplings, sauerkraut and bratwurst. They were staples in in our house when i was a kid :heart:

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    Not Thanksgiving here in the Uk but I went off plan, drank 8 beers and ate a whole 12 " pepperoni pizza myself! I'm a bit cross with myself as I would not have normally eaten the pizza before I started keto! I was sitting in the pub guzzling my beer and all I could think of was grabbing a pizza on the way home. I did and I devoured it. Can't remember if I enjoyed it or not! Was a good blow out however and today im back on the wagon. Just hope I haven't done too much damage!
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    The reason to plan NOT to cheat next time everyone else is stuffing their faces - the risk of stirring up your carb addicition. (Not wagging a finger, I'm one too....)

    I'm hoping that after the feast might be a better time to, er, digest this, than when the feed is just about to start.

    Dr. Bernstein puts it something like this...
    I get asked often, usually by parents, "What's so bad about having some sweets once a week/month?" The problem is that carbohydrate craving is an addiction, a problem that did not exist before high-carbohydrate foods became available. But now that they're here and people are exposed to them, they become addicted, so that they have cravings. As with other cravings, like cigarettes, you're off cigarettes for a year and you have one cigarette - you're hooked. And the same thing applies to carbohydrates.

    Here's a recent thread on carb addiction: