Keto straight talk

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I just read a fantastic and "charged" blog post by Amy Berger that I think is absolutely necessary for everyone to read that is eating keto for weight loss.
It's going to be upsetting for some people. She declares that right from the start but it's absolutely true what she's saying and there's an aweful lot of "keto crazy train" going around out there.
It's lengthy but do yourself a favor and read it and really keep your mind open. Forget whatever you've been told on your favorite facebook forums or chat rooms. This is the real deal. I know everyone says that but this lays it out in cold hard undeniable beauty.
I love keto and plan to stay keto forever. Hopefully my body continues to approve of my plan. If it doesn't, I won't be concerned as I'll simply try to figure out how to eat veggies without being sick all day... sorry, I'm actually zero carb because I just can't digest the dang things or something.
Anyway, don't chase "magical" ketones 'just because.' It's ok to aim for keto for whatever your reason. You don't need a reason to be validated by anyone. Just know that it's not necessarily necessary if your only reason is weight loss or performance.
Just please read the whole thing. I won't do any of the points any more justice than Amy did in her writing.


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    I'm having trouble sleeping, so I leapt right in. Very, very good read. Thank you for sharing!
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    Saving this for when I'm NOT at work lol. Then I can pay better attention.
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    Cadori wrote: »
    Oh my goodness, I'm only on point 3, but YES!!!!!

    LOVED this:


    And TIL: I'm "casual Keto"

    I loved that too! I didn't follow through to read the link from it yet. But I'm pretty sure it's along the same thinking. I'll have to check it out
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    Thanks for posting. Great read.
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    Excellent read. Thanks for posting it.
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    Wow! Good rant....Some definite good information there. Thanks for the post Sunny Bunny
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    Thank you for posting this! I lose weight on LCHF, but I have to consciously add fat to get my ratios up. Something to think about.

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    fatblatta wrote: »
    Thank you for posting this! I lose weight on LCHF, but I have to consciously add fat to get my ratios up. Something to think about.


    The only reason to add fat is for hunger. If you stay satisfied with less fat, that's fine. You don't need to add more to meet any ratio
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    Thank you for posting this! It makes me re-think my macros and approach in general.
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    Great link @Sunny_Bunnie and one I think is very much needed.
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    Great article! Thanks for sharing. I would probably classify myself as casual keto. I try to keep to keto levels as it seems to help my RA but I'm not adverse to going over now and then and experimenting with what does and doesn't make my joint pain worsen. Now that I'm at a healthy weight I tend to have a few extra carbs. I might have beans in my chili or a small portion of a higher carb dish at a special dinner. Last night I had one sushi roll with rice and one without. If I encounter a favorite food that I can't just get any old time like homemade peanut butter balls at Christmas then I'll grab a couple.

    In general I think almost everyone can benefit from lowering carbs but I agree that not everyone needs to go to a keto level. I also agree that you should eat fat to satiety and not just for the sake of getting your % up. On hungry days I eat a lot of fat on not so hungry days I'm pretty moderate.