Anyone else having troubles syncing their Fitbit today

cldb77 Posts: 33 Member
MFP is stuck on 235 steps with the Fitbit today when I'm up to 5145 steps. Anyone else having any issue?


  • buhller
    buhller Posts: 28 Member
  • lornaholgate306
    lornaholgate306 Posts: 14 Member
    I'm having issues
  • lornaholgate306
    lornaholgate306 Posts: 14 Member
    More specific it's the steps that it won't calculate
  • stephwalker311
    stephwalker311 Posts: 9 Member
    Yup I'm having issues too. Started last night.
  • cldb77
    cldb77 Posts: 33 Member
    I'm able to sync my food from MFP to Fitbit but not able to sync my steps from Fitbit to MFP. Ha this happened to anyone before, does it just sort itself out?
  • chrislee1628
    chrislee1628 Posts: 305 Member
    Yep, 0 steps, syncs fine with the steps done according to the iphone
  • lornaholgate306
    lornaholgate306 Posts: 14 Member
    Does it just sort itself? Do we report??
  • lornaholgate306
    lornaholgate306 Posts: 14 Member
    My Fitbit blaze and phone are correct it's just steps in MFP this isn't correct
  • CoachJen71
    CoachJen71 Posts: 1,200 Member
    Hubby had trouble with MFP not reading steps earlier this week, and now it seems to be my turn.
  • michaelputz
    michaelputz Posts: 25 Member
    Similar Problem
  • SezxyStef
    SezxyStef Posts: 15,268 Member
    same...I am going to leave for a bit and see if it sorts itself out.
  • MiSsTaKe101
    MiSsTaKe101 Posts: 3 Member
    MFP is still not syncing my Fitbit activity, I had to log it manually! smh.
  • FabianMommy
    FabianMommy Posts: 78 Member
    Mine won't sync either.
  • liveirin
    liveirin Posts: 2 Member
    Same here! Hope it sorts itself out. X
  • scottwendy111
    scottwendy111 Posts: 2 Member
    Same here. Tweeted to MFP Ops. There was a problem a couple of days ago as well. Food from MFP syncing to Fitbit Reinstalled MFP as well didn't do the trick.
  • GSV3MiaC
    GSV3MiaC Posts: 22 Member
    Same here in UK .. does seem to happen from time to time. Other apps getting data from fitbit seem to be receiving it OK, and fitbit is getting MFP food data OK, so I guess the issue is the MFP end (again!). Great when it works, but just isn't anything like 100% reliable.
  • RosieRose7673
    RosieRose7673 Posts: 438 Member
    Yup. It started happening to me last night as well. I can't get it to sync regardless of what I do.
  • Saffy4ever
    Saffy4ever Posts: 14 Member
    Yes me too I went for a big walk so I can eat Easter egg but I can't till I see the calories on mfp
  • lornaholgate306
    lornaholgate306 Posts: 14 Member
    Hope it rectifies itself soon x but glad I know it's not my end