Anyone else having troubles syncing their Fitbit today



  • paigele
    paigele Posts: 123 Member
    I disconnected and then reconnected the apps and it did not update.
  • enderscp
    enderscp Posts: 1 Member
    Fitbit Charge 2 stopped syncing steps with MPF after a firmware update. Could not revoke and reinstate access on the phone app, but was able to do so on the computer at the MFP website. Step syncing with MFP resumed after I reeinstated the access at the MFP web site.
  • smidgebass
    smidgebass Posts: 1 Member
    Same here, did the revoke access then added again. Synced fine once then stopped working. Going to email as well.
  • sae12
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  • dljones2002
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    I don't know what the Menu is....part of the directions said "Then open MyFitnessPal and click Sync at the bottom of the Menu screen". What is the Menu screen?
  • mishley
    mishley Posts: 1 Member
    It's doing it to me as well. On the Fitbit side, I'm getting my calories properly, but no steps show up (and no commensurate calorie adjustment via Exercise) on MFP side. Emailed support with this thread as a link.
  • apatpat88
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    I've been having issues syncing my steps today. I see my food showing up in fitbit. Disconnecting and reconnecting helped earlier today bit then it started again. Sucks cause I like seeing my progress through out the day. Hopefully it fixes itself.
  • twinsmom7602
    twinsmom7602 Posts: 55 Member
    Same here!!! Up to 10k steps, but not syncing to MFP. Food syncs fine. Boo!
    PBELKNAP Posts: 1 Member
    Yes! I've had the same issue today. It was fine until today. I saw some other message saying the problem might be related to the Fitbit Firmware update, but that was a few days ago, not today.
  • Christine_72
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    edited April 2017
    I just did a quick revoke and reinstall on mfp, and it synced straight away. I'm not going to do it every time i get in extra steps though, I'll do it every 7k or so steps. I'm stupid addicted to seeing those exercise calories increase.
  • rsmotivated
    rsmotivated Posts: 92 Member
    I'm having issues also.
  • Christine_72
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    PBELKNAP wrote: »
    Yes! I've had the same issue today. It was fine until today. I saw some other message saying the problem might be related to the Fitbit Firmware update, but that was a few days ago, not today.

    I have an Alta, and there hasn't been a firmware update in months. So that's not the issue for me.
  • amyw423
    amyw423 Posts: 4 Member
    Yes, my husband and I have had the same issues today. Revoking and reconnecting the Fitbit only syncs up at that point and does not continue to sync as it should.
  • DianaPeneff
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    The steps aren't syncing to add those excercise steps to MFP everything else is working. If I disconnect the two apps and reconnect them it works but I'm not doing that every time I take steps. Hoping for a quick fix because this is really frustrating.
  • MrAstro
    MrAstro Posts: 24 Member
    Same here - wrecked my data yesterday and is continuing to wreck it today.
  • 5starshelly
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    5 star Shelley one you've revoked and then it's added the info if you do more steps and synced again does it continue to add them??

    I don't know...I have been out at the movies not getting that many steps! But I did actually link this thread to the support team over @ fitbit so they know it isn't like one person is having problem. And it's downloading info to my WW activity page so I know the issue isn't with Fitbit, it's with MFP. But I can't see where we are allowed to talk to anyone live over here. So I was hoping that maybe the powers that be would be able to communicate since it seems to be an actual problem with the app connection and isn't limited to one or two people.
  • Crosbinium
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    I have been having issues for about a week now. I have unlinked and re linked multiple times. It works for one sync then stops again.
  • Danual_Gordon_74
    Danual_Gordon_74 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm having the same problem
  • PaulaSchlotterbeck
    PaulaSchlotterbeck Posts: 34 Member
    Same problem... and of course on a holiday where I've gone WAY over in caloric intake but managed to do enough steps/activity to stay in my MFP goal range (yet I am seeing a big red number, boo!). =(
  • phoenixx866
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    Same, mine hasn't updated all day.