Daily Accountability Check-in



  • Scochrane86
    Scochrane86 Posts: 374 Member
    yesterday was good. however I ended with an apple and peanut butter. The peanut butter I can do while keto because it doesn't seem to cause any issues with me, but the apple has lots of sugars, but the rest of the day was good. I haven't had a bowel movement in over a week though... so I am feeling kind of crappy. I increased my magnesium yesterday so hopefully things start moving soon.
    Have a busy weekend coming up, but focused on staying on track!!
  • Alaplum
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    I'll join in, yesterday I was all foggy from lack of sodium. Today started my day with a 1500mcg of sodium laced broth. So, far, I haven't been really tested. I'm sure that's going to come eventually but I hope that I'll be well enough in before that happens. My diabetes scares me, scares me to the point I don't even want to know about it or think about it. I get a bit panicked as I read about it. Knowing I'm doing something to help myself in a really big way makes that fear lessen. Eventually I'll be able to develop more knowledge about it. Believe it or not until I watched Butter Bob, I didn't even understand resting glucose rate. Today I'm making an effort to eat more protein and keep my salts up.
  • mmultanen
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    Im in an interesting space. Work and family life is incredibly insanr right now. We never had a slow season this year. Ive shifted to maintainence for a bit. I hav never been successful when i try to maintain. In this limited time i have been. But, im also making some less than stellar choices. For example I chose 4 mini peanutbutter cups ad my breakfast snd provided I eat no carbs today I'll stay within all my self determined acceptable ranges.

    So I've set the first of May as my reset and back to weightloss mode date.
  • tayusuki
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    I wasn't good yesterday because I was at the fair, but I made that conscious choice and I'm not punishing myself for it. I'm just continuing making better choices today. Tis a new day ^^
  • 1thankful_momma
    1thankful_momma Posts: 298 Member
    So far so good. Day 2 is mostly over and I'm on track
  • SuperCarLori
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    Day two..so far I'm smashing it! I've done five laps around the pond so far, cleaned the bathroom, finished the laundry, put the roast in the crockpot, threw some thighs in the oven and now I'm taking a break on the couch. I've eaten eggs and bacon so far.

    Awesome day girl!!

    Thank you!!
    I had another good day, carb wise. Calories.... Not so much, but shrugs, I didn't eat sugar.
    I'm considering it a win!
  • 1thankful_momma
    1thankful_momma Posts: 298 Member
    Day 4 done and nothing but success. I'm so thrilled. Two dinners out and neither time did I make a not good decision on food.
  • Alaplum
    Alaplum Posts: 169 Member
    Another good day for me. My work has me gone away from home for 36 hours at a time and occaisionally more but I weighed everything, packed it all along and only forgot bouillon. I will just make a couple of salt shots until I get home tomorrow evening. I really felt I'd stumble planning for longer trips away from home. I'm keeping things very simple for now as I get to know this woe and that makes it a bit easier as well.
  • AlexandraCarlyle
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    I went on a fast yesterday, eating below 500cals. I'm a good lb lighter today! Going to celebrate with some McDonalds (big mac large fries) Pizza express double-stack Pizza, and clotted cream banana cheesecake, followed by Buffalo grill sweet and sticky spare ribs, baked potato with beans and black forest gateau!

    Yes, I am kidding.

    Am just having my morning BPC, and won't eat anything again until this evening, when we are dining at Mother's. She's really great - making melon and Prosciutto starter, with coq au vin, and button mushrooms main, and 'cavolo nero' side veg, followed by zabaione - but I will eat very little of that, so she's really doing her best to keep things on a level!
  • laurenj915
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    I had a stomach flu for the past 36 hours. It was brutal but I guess I'll just call it a weekend fast. ;) my hubby is about to give me an IV because I am so dehydrated.

    My three year old had it too. It is ridiculous to think a three year old should throw up into a toilet I guess. #laundryallday

    Hopefully today is back to normal.
  • me_ona_diet
    me_ona_diet Posts: 71 Member
    I'll join in!
    Had a great 8 months on low carb and lost 70+ lbs, then plateaued for a year, and then the last three months I was really lax and creeped back up 18lbs, so started back on the weightloss plan last week. Down 8 of the 18! Now just 10 and then another 70lbs to go!!

    Starting today with toastless French toast (egg, 1 Splenda, 1 cinnamon, maple extract) and 2 slices of bacon, with 2 tbsp cream cheese!
  • SuperCarLori
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    Yesterday was fabulous!
  • elize7
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    Starting a 4 week keto challenge on another thread, but am always looking for accountability stations.
    Day one yesterday was great with an unexpected, totally thrilling 3.8 pound woosh. Man, I luv it when i actually do it!
    That said, my plan is to lose 16 -21 pounds overall back down to a new, more realistic goal for me, then desl with the mystifying maintenance issue again. I hope to make a big dent in the loss part during the challenge.

    Another thing i want to accomplish is to make doing 60 minutes of very varied, enjoyable activity part of my lifestyle. Yesterday, I did 2 minutes of stretching...not exactly stellar...but this is harder than weight loss for me. SO MUCH RESISTANCE! just dont like doing it...would love to hear others' strategies and mindset to break through this mental barrier.
    I have tapes, l bought cute clothes, I have machines and gadgets galore, joined planet fitness......
    Crickets. Nada. No wee-oh.
    Any suggestions for this perplexed couch potato?
  • 1thankful_momma
    1thankful_momma Posts: 298 Member
    @elize7 I have to do one thing at a time and because weight loss is 95% what I eat, I started with food. I am breaking the emotional eater dysfunction and know that if I set up too many 'goals' at once that I won't be able to succeed... and then fail... feel like a failure... and am forcing myself into a situation to emotionally eat crap. So, I set myself the most important goal and only do that.
    So, can you break your goal down to more obtainable steps? With each success, you will feel better and be more motivated to reach the next one.
  • Cadori
    Cadori Posts: 4,810 Member
    This weekend was not so good. :/

    Today I have coffee with heavy cream, coconut milk/chia pudding and egg salad (our chickens and mayo I made with avocado oil) over spinach with pickles. Not sure for dinner yet.
  • tayusuki
    tayusuki Posts: 194 Member
    So far so good! Was kinda bad yesterday but it was a rough day overall. I mixed up my shifts and turns out I was 2 hours late for work!! So of course I rushed out without eating and had to work that way.

    The result?? There was some cereal at work I had, about 350 cal with milk. And I had 2 burgers and an ice cream cone from McDonald's. The plus side is while my macros were garbage, I don't think my calories were terribly above goal (maybe 100-200 over).

    Plus side is I have the next 4 days off!! I can solidify my eating better. I don't cave when I have access to good food. (being hungry with no good choices to turn to is awful!) I've been insanely on point today and going strong.
  • MzLazyBones
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    So far so good on induction, sort of. It's not without temptation, and it's only been two days...so who knows. Both days I was below my set calories and set carbs, so that’s something. Though I think I need to increase my fat levels and decrease my protein on days when I’m not doing weight-stuff at the gym.

    Today when I walked home from the gym I actually gazed so longingly at the pastries in the window near the crosswalk that I missed when the lights changed and had to wait longer. UHG. An overweight person staring at pastries, how cliche. Well done, me.

    Had spicy chicken wings for lunch (one of my favorite meals), and a bite (7g, so really a bite) of super dark 92% bitter chocolate to soothe my sweet tooth a bit.
  • 1thankful_momma
    1thankful_momma Posts: 298 Member
    My husband is making dinner.. he is cooking rolls... I want one so bad my mouth is watering.. evil evil evil...
    I am doing the head game.. justifying like an addict... I'm sure someone can relate.
  • pitbullmamaliz
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    Don't do it. It won't be as good as your head is making you think it will be. Truly.
  • MzLazyBones
    MzLazyBones Posts: 63 Member
    Tell him he can eat it in another room, @food_lover16