August LC Basics Boot Camp 2017: Week 2 (8/8-8/14)

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Repeat of the challenge parameters :wink:
baconslave wrote: »
Welcome to the August LC Basics Boot Camp!

One key thing that I have learned in my journey is this:
Consistency + Persistence + Time = Success

Consistently nailing the basics is so important. And consistency creates good habits, routines, and gives you momentum that will carry you through hard times or disruptions to your normal schedule. Forget motivation. Motivation is a fickle thing. Discipline carries you through when motivation fails you.

So what are the basics?
Well, hitting your carb goal, obviously, right? There are other very important basics we need to lock in: staying hydrated, keeping electrolytes up, logging consistently (if you're a logger), exercise (if that's one of your goals), hitting your macros, staying away from trigger foods and other things you know set you back...

You can report your progress to your goal, whether it be ultra-obsessive daily hitting your low-carb plan basics, or working on a fitness goal, or even nailing down other good habits in your life. And if you have problems or need advice, you'll find that here.

Each week there will be a thread to collect your progress that week and to interact with other challengers.
I'll keep links to the weekly threads at the bottom of the stickied post should the thread get buried. 2 clicks, to this post and the Weekly link, will get you back to it.

So go ahead and post your goals in this Thread.
My daily post would look something like this.

Wed 8/1:
Logged: :+1:
Water: :+1:
Electrolytes: :+1:
Calorie Goal: :+1:
Carb Goal: :+1:
Exercise: HIIT :+1:
Prelogged next day: :+1:
No booze!: :+1:

But this is your show. So focus on your basics.

Make this month count! Tear it up!:+1:



  • Chillycatmum
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    Still fully on track with my goals, and adding in exercise too - taking my journey to the next level - am loving being back on track and feeling great
  • Cadori
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    Logged: :+1:
    Water: :(
    Calorie Goal: :+1:
    Carb Goal: :+1:
    Exercise: :(
    No booze!: :+1:

  • realsammysalamander
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    I was gone for the last long weekend did good for the most part until last night. Now I'm working to get back into ketosis for the second time in a week :(

    This week's daily goals are
    1) 3 litres of water
    2) meal plan at the start of the day
    3) under 20 net grams for carbs
  • lpina2mi
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    Aug wk1 & wk 2:
    sleep in bed by 10:30p & end of day practice
    water 88oz/daily & start of day practice
    mineral salt & multi vit-min/daily
    IF 20:4 wkdays; IF 18:6 wkends
    netcarbs 25-30g, fats 50% ttl g, fiber 15g min
    no chips (my current weakness)
    FitBit 12K steps, 18floors, 90 active min/daily
    HIIT 20 min/daily
    increase free weights up 2lbs
    --> aim to loose 4lbs & 6inches
  • YAYA_of_2
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    Log everything: :)
    Macros within 3-5%: :)
    Under calorie goal: :)
    Water intake 80-100 oz: :)
    Step goal made: :)
    Gym 3-4 days a week: :# not today.

  • annalisbeth74
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    Went 0/3 yesterday. Not far off, but not quite on point. Today was better. Being at work keeps me out of trouble, def. Also seems like the initial water weight loss has stabilized, so thank god for that. It gets annoying after a while.

    Under 2000 calories <3
    Under 50 carbs <3
    12,000 steps (8 on the weekend) <3
    Lose 10 lbs by the end of the month (-6)

  • tcunbeliever
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    exercise 230 :D
    calories 1766 :)
    carbs 54 :)
    protein 144 :D
  • tishsmith101
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    Decided not to write any specific goals since I'll be on vacation for the next week. However we are bringing our bikes and have a LCHF camping menu planned. My water intake should be improved on my trip as well.
  • Cadori
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    Logged: :+1:
    Water: :+1:
    Calorie Goal: :+1:
    Carb Goal: :(
    Exercise: :(
    No booze!: :+1:

  • quiltnutty
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    I'm jumping in late.

    Tues 8/8
    Logged - Yes
    Water - No
    Calorie - Goal Yes
    Carb Goal - No
    Exercise - No
    Prelogged - No
    No booze - Yes

    Went out for dinner with friends and made a good choice but it could have been better.
  • jackinorrie
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    Tues 8/8

    Logged: :|
    Calorie Goal: :(
    Carb Goal: :#
    Water: :)
    Macros: :/
    Exercise: :(

    I am stuck in a carb cycle these past 7 days and I am having SO much trouble getting off the ride. Today my daughter and I are going to the grocery store and will be shopping kept style. My issue? I have depression that is preventing me from being active in the kitchen. Does anyone have an tips for me? I know if I could just make a few LC desserts...
  • tcunbeliever
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    I stick to dark chocolate when I get those sweets cravings...sometimes a cheesecake with almond flour crust and splenda as the sweetener to keep the carbs best help when I feel down is walking outside in the sunlight...might be worth a try...
  • Zoemondo
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    HI! I just joined the group yesterday (8/8) so hopping in a week after your start, but I've decided that Mondays and the 1st of the month don't mean I can't start now ;) I've been dabbling low-carb since April, but really making changes the past few weeks and feeling awesome! I don't know my macros yet, but will get those adjusted. Super excited to be able to walk again (ankle sprain set me back a month) so my exercise will be good today.
    Logged: B)
    Water: :neutral:
    Calorie Goal: B)
    Carb Goal: :s
    Exercise: :s
    No booze!: B)
  • SherryRueter
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    Just joined the group:
    Hoping (scratch that negative thought) I will be successful!
    I had be LC HF in May, and again End of June and through July 20. Then....a birthday happened in the family Just still trying to get my carbs back under control. I've been doing a little better at it each day and am confident that I will be there by Friday in the LC group with snacking kicked to the sideline!

    Zoemondo - I do feel awesome today, your post reminded me that I feel much more awesome than I did just 2 days ago! Thanks ;/)

    Wed 8/9:
    Logged: :+1:
    Carb Goal: -1 (but getting close, I count this as a win!)
    Fat Goal: -1 ( I didn't track it, so I'll do a -1 but, I've been increasing it this is a win also)
    Exercise: HIIT :+1
    and Strength Training: +1
    Prelogged next day: _

  • YAYA_of_2
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    Log everything: ;)
    Macros within 3-5%: ;)
    Under calorie goal: ;)
    Water intake 80-100 oz: ;)
    Step goal made: ;)
    Gym 3-4 days a week: :'(
    Exercise: ;) 997

    So I have added "exercise" to my goals. I am counting the extra I get not as a gym day. I hope I'm making sense! Lol. I have a cleaning business and I get big calories burns from work. However my "gym" goal is to actually go to the gym and do some lifting, swimming etc...

  • macchiatto
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    August 8
    Weighed in: o:)
    Electrolytes: Oops
    Calorie Goal: o:)
    Protein Goal: o:)
    Exercise: o:)

    August 9
    Weighed in: o:)
    Electrolytes: o:)
    Calorie Goal: o:)
    Protein Goal: o:)
    Exercise: o:) (YAYOG)
  • jackinorrie
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    @tcunbeliever That's a good idea! A cheesecake would be perfect. What recipe do you use?
  • tcunbeliever
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    Cheesecake recipe...let's see...crust is about 1 cup of almond flour and about 1/4 cup of butter...mix & press into springform pan...I don't usually sweeten the crust, if you bake it near the bottom of the oven you get a nice toasted almond flavor to it - super delish...cheesecake part is 2 pounds of cream cheese, 4 eggs, 1T vanilla (real vanilla is best, not imitation) and 8 oz of sour whatever sweetener...I think I use about a cup of splenda, but I don't like my cheesecake super sweet, I'm more into the rich and creamy, so adjust to your taste...bake at 400 for 20 min then reduce to 350...bake an additional 30 min (edges should be set, but center may still be slightly wobbly), then turn the oven off and crack the door for an hour...refrigerate overnight before topping.

    I got this recipe from my great grandmother, and it totally fills a springform pan - you get a nice thick cheesecake like you would get from a restaurant or bakery. If you are making it in a regular 9" pie plate, then cut it in half...if you are using an 8" pie plate, then I would cut it into about 1/3.
  • tcunbeliever
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    exercise 150 :D
    calories 1894 :(
    carbs 127 :(
    protein 107 :)

    I gave blood, so all the exercise was just walking only!