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Hey everyone i am starting OMAD tomorrow. I have done this in the past and LOVED it but somehow fell off the wagon. I have lost over 60lbs so far on my journey and I am ready to get to my goal weight of 120. I plan on eating one meal between 5-7pm everyday. It will be larger than normal 1200-1400 calories which is a lot to eat in one sitting since I am vegan and eat pretty healthy. I will probably include some wine/chocolate to get my calories up. I am very active since I am a runner and very passionate about it. In the past when I did one meal I would eat about 800-1000 calories a day since thats all I could really fit in but I know that I need to really push myself to get in more calories for my runs.

Lets see how this goes. I weigh in everyday so I will update here :)


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