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  • aganey
    aganey Posts: 501 Member
    Pass #3

    So is it that you can pass 3 times but if you pass a 4th you're out?

    Or is it you're out on your third pass?
  • loopydo2017
    loopydo2017 Posts: 628 Member
    Yes x3. Well under calories. Low impact cardio and core work.
  • amichelel588
    amichelel588 Posts: 122 Member
    Pass day #1!
  • Kittu125
    Kittu125 Posts: 360 Member
    Pass day #1. Too too tired to log today. I did so much excercise. Cooked for straight 4 hours and volunteer work.

    Calories under I believe but no tracking today
  • molly3210
    molly3210 Posts: 804 Member
    Exercise: yes, simple 20 min walk
    Tracking: yes
    Calories: yes* I'm still not completely over being sick, i have been feeling so weak. It's clear that I've needed to up my calories until I'm back on my feet, I feel so much better and clear headed when I eat a bit more. Hoping that I'm back to normal next week.
  • RangerRickL
    RangerRickL Posts: 8,469 Member
    It’s a long day
    Yes x 3
  • LoraineGB
    LoraineGB Posts: 926 Member
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? Yes
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? Yes
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? Yes

    Uneventful dog walk and plenty of chores today.
  • Kacens
    Kacens Posts: 15 Member
    Yes x 3
  • puttyputty
    puttyputty Posts: 2,993 Member
    Bah, I put this in the wrong thread!

    Yes x 3, unexpectedly. I was getting ready to rule out today for exercise when I thought about trying out the stationary bike in an unorthodox way. The streak is alive! It's alive!